About Dolby Atmos

First of all, this problem started after updating my phone to android oreo 8.1.

About Dolby Atmos

Cat Cat
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First of all, this problem started after updating my phone to android oreo 8.1.

When i enable dolby atmos, everything is good when play songs with jetaudio, but when it's enabled, all system sounds (ringtones, messages, notifications, even gboard typing sound) volumes are all drops.

I wish to keep dolby atmos enabled all the time but this problem prevents me to do so.

Also, when dolby atmos enabled, some songs suffering this "pumping" effect. Especially songs with low dynamic range (like DR8 and below...)

And i don't like it at all. It ruins the whole experience... I suppose dolby's algorithm applies sidechain compression or something to max out the volume.

I don't know what you can do about how it sounds but i think  you can fix volume drop issue for sure.

Other than that, i'm really enjoying my new phone. Thank you...


  • What "Dolby Atmos"? The TA-1025 only has Dolby surround sound only [impossible to do with only 1 speaker though] which is really nothing more than 'Dolby sound' which is nothing more than an equalizer setting. But be assured there is NO DOLBY ATMOS on this budget, slow phone.

  • Cat Cat
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    Nokia 6 (2017) has Dolby Atmos as you can confirm at Dolby's official site :Dolby Atmos

    And as far i know, and from my personel experience with my own phone; when Dolby Atmos enabled, phone earpiece acts as second speaker. I can clearly hear sound coming from it.

    I really don't know what Dolby Atmos does. I know it sounds like a gimmick when it comes to fancy features like this but i'm pretty sure that Dolby Atmos is just more than an equalizer, because i hear this compression thingy. (I'm into recording and mixing with DAW's as a guitar player, so i'm familiar with this stuff.)

  • May I ask how you "enable Dolby Atmos" on the TA-1025? I have the option for 'surround sound' but only 1 speaker ever plays.



  • You can't really appreciate or notice what Dolby surround sound can do if you listen to it with the loudspeaker. Even Dolby Laboratories themselves always mention 'earbuds' when they talk about Dolby Atmos on mobile devices.

  • That still doesn't answer the question of how to actually enable DA as there are no settings for it. Nothing.

  • Dolby surround sound option found on the settings is Dolby Atmos.

  • LOL. As shown in the picture above, no it isn't.

  • Muser Muser
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    The surround sound option is indeed for Dolby Atmos, the phone never shipped with the dedicated Atmos app so we just have to rely on the two presets in the surround sound menu.

    The Nokia 6 also has two speakers, one at the bottom and one in the ear piece.

  • And just where is this "surround sound menu" you speak of? And yes, there are 2 speakers. The bottom is for all sound other than phone calls. Phone calls go to the ear piece speaker. There is no "stereo" using this phone other than using headphones or bluetooth.

  • It is indeed stereo. The secondary speaker has just a rather low volume. You'd have to pay attention to the sound to notice it.

  • No, that is not stereo. Stereo has equal volumes from both speakers. If one must strain to discern the upper speaker is playing, that isn't stereo. That is mono with maybe noise coming out of the ear piece [there is NO noise or sound that comes from the earpiece unless on a call]

  • Muser Muser
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    It's in Settings -> Sound -> Dolby surround sound

    The Nokia 6 uses both the earpiece and bottom speaker for stereo.

    "The Nokia 6 reuses the earpiece as a second loudspeaker - the left channel in a stereo setup. The bottom firing driver is more powerful, but the two work well together to create the stereo effect."


  • It doesn't necessarily must have equal volume. It is stereo, although one I personally could never enjoy through the loudspeaker.

  • OK, weak but thanks for the link. Now, what about this dolby atmos ?

  • I hope this answers your question...


  • Muser, if you didn't know you could actually find a working Dolby Atmos app from the web. As a matter of fact, I'am using one right now. I could show you some screenshots, but then it seems that it doesn't go through the moderator review.

  • I found it on XDA.

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