January Update arrived!! Share bugs and improvements

(Image) January update came...share any bugs or improvements if you found anything

January Update arrived!! Share bugs and improvements

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January update came...share any bugs or improvements if you found anything


  • yeah battery again starts discharging rapidly
  • Regretting to update the phone to January security patch. It got stuck in dowonlkade mode, when troubleshooting didn't work out, I took the phone to Nokia service centre and they formatted the phone. Unfortunately, the phone didn't start and now they have kept it for 7 to 10 days raising concerns over possible motherboard damage. 
  • Bought new Nokia 6.1 plus phone and after January update I am not getting any SMSes onto my phone .. Did not expect this from NOKIA .. No proper resolution for this .. Totally struck .. No SMSes from Banks, OTPs, .. etc .. :'(
  • battery is draining very fast
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    The automatic software update for phone make the phone to run into problems... My phone stuck in logo... I gone to service centre to restore it and lost all my data... However back data got restored... Make an option to manually chrch and update software and make an option to off that automatic update...
  • Known Bluetooth problems since update to pie are still present. Google supplied fix hasn't been applied by nokia like it has with pixel and other stock devices.
  • Dogs over Humans Dogs over Humans
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    @Fazz1977 can you reply with some links to read upon for the fixes to Bluetooth done by Google??
  • Recommendation - Include an audio notification, when the device is fully charged.
  • please solve a problem my phone most of the time start making an emergency call how to stop it
  • Front camera takes foggy images even when I use gcam still front camera takes foggy images
  • Drishik sharma Drishik sharma
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    bukanteza said:

    Still charging when the battery is full..
    Model: TA-1116
    Build number: 00WW_3_45D
    yeah  ,  it ll charge for 20 mmoreminutes   , it's  trickle charge
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