Heating issue in Nokia 8

I have a Nokia 8, and I'm facing heating problem while using the phone ( normal usage), camera & and while the phone is in standby mode in my pocket.

Heating issue in Nokia 8

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I have a Nokia 8, and I'm facing heating problem while using the phone ( normal usage), camera & and while the phone is in standby mode in my pocket. I am using original Nokia charger supplied with the phone. A nano SIM provided by Vodafone but still the problem exists. Please provide a solution for the same.


  • Just format it once this issue will get solve..but did check your sd card cant be use as internal storage..its disable in nokia 8..waiting for moderators reply on that..
  • I also have heating problem while downloading files larger than 1 GB is it ok?
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    There's been some discussion about this on the forum and there's an FAQ about this. 

    Basically, some warmth during charging and extensive use is normal. However if the heat is significant (makes it unpleasant to touch) and persists even after you've closed apps and taken it off charge, it might be worth taking it to a care center. 

    Hope this helps,

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  • My phone is heating too much, I had chat with the care support they told me to go to the nokia care but it doesn't seem to help as the care centre people are very rude and they told that the phone is absolutely fine. As per them the phone does overheat and they can give a replacement only if the phone heats above 75 degree centigrade (which is crazy hot). And I am not going to go to them again ever as they are very rude & arrogant it's better I sell this and buy OnePlus 5 which has no problem at all.
    Thanks nokia for this humble experience and shaming your old image of a very very trusted brand.
  • I had this same issue but got sorted by just doing factory reset..and now there is no issue..just do it once you will see improvement..
  • I have formatted it 4 times and also the service. Entre guys did reinstall the software but still no improvement.
  • Then try oreo beta its working fine and very smooth on my nokia 8..this may fix your problem..
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    I have heating when only brightness at 70% with camera shooting in sunlight. I think it's normal if you do many power consumption.
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    The Nokia 8 naturally gets warm because it has a heat pipe on the CPU along with a aluminium body, so what you are feeling is the heat drawn away from the CPU and instead into the unibody so it can be dissipated, a good thing for performance!

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    My phone is warmer when it was in the pocket.

    Is that normal ?


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    That's normal, aluminium has high heat conductivity, so it will get warmer in your pocket from your body heat, also because of this in summer the phone will be warmer as well, nothing to worry about, this high conductivity is also what is helping draw the heat away from the CPU via the heat pipe into the aluminium. So even though your phone feels warm, your CPU will still be cool, it's how heatsinks work.
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    Tear down of Nokia 8 reveals the biggest heat pipe ever found in a phone, great job Nokia! You can be sure that the cpu, battery and circuits will always be cool, because the heat is being drawn into the heat pipe, then into the aluminium case for dissipation!

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    I have heating issue. When I use my GPS navigation (Google Map), After 30 minutes, the phone heats and lost it's GPS signal.



  • My 8 heats up when chargin + wifihotspot on. IT feels too hot and some app says IT goes to 50 degrees. IS that normal?
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    If the ambient air temperature is very hot then yes it is normal, if the ambient air temperature is cool then no it is not normal.

    How hot is it when you are seeing these temps on the phone?

  • Normal room temperature 22-25celsius. Just now cpu momentarily were 47-52 celsius and battery 39 celsius. 

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    That doesn't strike me as particularly alarming if i am honest, when i was in Spain the other week my battery was regularly in the high 40's

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