48 Hours in Barcelona - MWC 2019 Competition - Competition now closed

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Hi everyone! The competition is now closed. We will be announcing the winners later today!





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    kushnok6 said:
    1. My most favourite Nokia Phone moment is being lucky enough to share my moments with other fellow Nokians and enjoyed the great reunion of the Nokia Family in the Nokia Fan event..and i was able to capture those moments with the First Nokia Android Device..Nokia 6 (2017)..

    2. This was the special moment to me because, ever since Childhood i used to play games on Nokia 1100..I always wanted to be a part of the Nokia Revolution..I am literally crazy about Nokia and it's Technology..I still feel proud to convince lots of people into Nokia Brand by saying..Nokia will never let you down whether it's about Performance or Durability..and still Nokia Lumia 1020 is the best Camera Phone ever made..Joining the Nokia Community and Sharing Moments will be my best treasure..i share my thoughts and reviews in my Blog and Groups in different social media platform to spread out the Facts about Nokia..feels good..after all its all about "Connecting People" and we all like to #Unite 
    Same here Nokia 6 series tank  . 
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    My Favorite Phone In 2018 is Nokia 6.1 4GB/64GB.I like its build quality i.e.Aluminium 8000 Series Block.Its built like Tank.I share you my experience on build quality i.e.Once my father walked out on Nokia 6.1 at home on tiles but my device is capable to carry my fathers weights i.e.Nearly 85-90KG(Not a Fake Story).My First Special Moment is when Juho Sir,Nokia Mobile and Nokia Mobile India liked my photos which is share on Twitter which captured by Nokia 6.1.Another Special Moment is runner up Dubai Contest On Nokia Community.Sorry to say but I still like my Nokia 6.1.

    Told you Nokia 6 and 6 .1 series are True winners. Like tanks in Army Nokias Army. . A stunning device I ever seen
  • 1. My favourite Nokia phone moment of 2018 was when I took a photo with my friends Nokia 7 plus.

    2. What makes the moment special was it's a photo of him, his wife and their new baby, the baby was their first after 8 years of trying.
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    1.My favourite moment of Nokia in 2018 was with my Nokia 3 (2017model) which I have bought on 16Feb2018 is pure-secure & up-to-date, & especially want to tell about its built quality in below story, if I owned Nokia's entry level device, I am so happy with it, because it given me more than what I expected from it,
    2.Once I kept the phone on balcony, my sister's 3 years old baby picked up it & started to play with it & I suddenly rushed to bring the phone back from his hand, but the phone suddenly falld down from his hand, when i gone & picked up the phone, nothing happened with the phone, just a small scratch on its aluminium frame & phone yet working in good condition,
    And see my twitter activities for more moments with Nokia, username
  • Mon téléphone préféré en 2018 est Nokia5.1 j'ai vraiment aimé ce téléphone  grace au design il est facil a transporter 
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    My Favorite Device in 2018 is my Nokia 2 which is purchased in April 2018.I am simple user not a gamer so i want 2 days battery back up with watching videos,calling, messages,basic camera usage so Nokia 2 is perfect for me.
    My Favourite Moment is I went for Exam in Hyderabad and I have used my mobile for reading my pdf files and internet for some gk and again returning on next day my nokia 2 battery is 60%. Remaining and i went for latur for another exam on same day used some internet and watching videos after returning at home my Nokia 2 had 10% Remaining.I got Surprised by battery back up.During this 3 days I went to Hyderabad and latur from Nanded.Used Some Internet,Read Pdf, Watched Videos (Switched Off Device On Exam Time) and Not connected my Nokia 2 to charger in my traveling period.
  • Abdooon
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                 Nokia ,nokia, nokia it  is not a just a brand itis more than brand it's rootage, philosophy, resistance, and perfection..
    A brand that every father,  mother , child knows it. Nokia a name that survived a lot of obstacle's and went through huge challenges and know it's BACK AGAIN!!! 

    I started using Android on Nokia with Nokia 6 2017 and the secure of the system and spontaneously updates and how the phone built sturdy and strong bring to my mind old days of the legendary 3310 . Nokia phones now are my only choice , and in the 2018 Nokia 7 plus just stool my heart i like every single aspect of it it's shows the perfection of smartphones and i hope Nokia to complete it's legacy as we want it sitting on top of all smartphones brands and i hope to win thanks for all of you guys working really hard behind scene making this company back again better than ever.....
  • 1. Getting a Nokia 8 (TA-1012) for free
    2. It was a testing promo from an electronic retailer in Germany (MediaMarkt).
    I was using a Nexus 5 as daily driver and just felt I could need a new handset. I was in searching of a new handset and found the application form from the electronic retailer. I was filling up the application just for fun. It was one day in November 2017, I was with family on vacation as I received the email that I got accepted as one of the Nokia 8 tester. Really good, stable. Still using it until now as reliable daily driver. Kinda stuck in Pie Beta, but no problem so far :wink:

  • matteo.m said:I became a Nokia user since Symbian, Windows and now on Android, after a long time using Windowsphone I moved to Nokia Android, Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and Nokia 5.1plus now, Nokia has never played a product, I am very proud, and I look forward to Nokia 9 is very extraordinary ... and many of my friends and friends are moving to Nokia after following in my footsteps and leaving other brands 😊😊😉 and I'm sure Nokia will dominate the world of mobile phones in the world as they once did

    Hi everyone!

    Following the success of our 48 Hours in Dubai competition, we wanted to pay it forward to our fans and invite 3 people to join us, on the field in Spain, this February for our launch event at MWC.

    Participating to our competition is easy. Reply to this thread and:

    1.Let us know what your favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018 was
    2.Let us know what makes the moment you chose so special

    What format you can use for your submissions? Video is preferred, but images or text responses are welcomed too! The authors of the best messages will be chosen to join us at our next unveiling in Barcelona!

    Competition ends on 7 February 2019. Our top three runner-ups will win a new phone each.

    Hopefully we’ll see you soon in MWC!

    T and Cs apply

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    I became a Nokia user since Symbian, Windows and now on Android, after a long time using Windowsphone I moved to Nokia Android, Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and Nokia 5.1plus now, Nokia has never played a product, I am very proud, and I look forward to Nokia 9 is very extraordinary ... and many of my friends and my family are moving to Nokia after following in my footsteps and leaving other brands 😊😊😉 and I'm sure Nokia will dominate the world of mobile phones in the world as they once did
  • Hani-xp
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    I like the Nokia 7 Plus phone because it has the right dimensions and a wonderful screen. I also love the raw Android system, because it receives regular security talk, the shape and design of the phone is great, the camera captures the coolest pictures and there are many reasons why I took the phone.
  • Every moment with Nokia is a memorable moment!
    Multiple time last year my Nokia 8 made me proud and I am very very happy with this phone.
    I am a Nokia fan from the beginning and that with the stock android is the bonus...
    Thanks HMD and Nokia!
  • Well , my favourite moment was with my Nokia 6 (2017) , entering in the 2018 with the new Nokia with great joy and best quality pictures of the celebration of New year taken from Nokia 6 . 
    Nokia is trustworthy company . From playing Snake game on Nokia , upto playing PUBG on Nokia 6 , there is always nokia in my hand . Nokia haven't break my expectations . I suggest nokia mobiles to every people who ask me about buying a new phone . 
    Nokia never let me down . Its performance is superb . I accidently dropped my nokia 6 from about 5 feet , but it is still working very fine .
    Nokia mobiles are stunning with their performance , camera quality , security , battery performance . 
  •  When I was getting a chance to attend the launch event of nokia 6.1 and nokia 5.1 on 21 Agust 2018 at JW Marriott Delhi  as A Nokia Fan. It was the first time I ever attend the launch event I am very nervous at the event because I don't know anything about it. But at the launch event I met Juho Sarvikas  and Ajay Mehta very great people they are so much concerned about the fans and the take  feedback form all the fans those who were in the launch event. At that moment i was impressed by their way that a company how much concern about their fans. I never show the CEO and CFO of the company directly interact with the fans that moment was very impressive for me. The Juho Sarvikas  and Ajay Mehta both were very down towards to their fans. I like them very much. I want to be a great person like them.

  • My favorite moment was when I picked up the Nokia 6.1 in November. This stuck out because it is the first Nokia device I've owned since my 1520 back in the day. Having moved to Android and using the Galaxy s8 for about a year, I was fead up with the durability of Samsung and bought the 6.1. It may not be a premium device, but it has been a great device, and I would recommend it to anyone looking into Android one.
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    أنا أحب هاتف نوكيا 7 بلس لأنه يحتوي على الأبعاد الصحيحة وشاشة رائعة. أنا أيضا أحب نظام الروبوت الخام ، لأنه يتلقى الحديث الأمن العادية ، وشكل وتصميم الهاتف عظيم ، تلتقط الكاميرا أروع الصور وهناك العديد من الأسباب لماذا أخذت الهاتف.
  • Faiza Kulsum SJ
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    My favourite Nokia moment in 2018 is.. Loving a brand so Immensely and getting a job in that "Dream company NOKIA" . I feel like it's all 'Nokia' around me . . What more can I ask for now😅 Living the dream in my dream place.. bestest Moment ever ..! N by the way .. I'm walking around this dream place with my Two Nokia phones.. my first mobile phone Nokia Lumia 730 and my current mobile phone Nokia 6 (gifted by my Brother as he could not bear my longing for that particular phone 😍) 
  • The Nokia 8.1 announcement was my favorite Nokia mobile Moment in 2018, a phone with HDR display,, latest Android, very good camera,
    A phone worths its price 
  • The announcement of Nokia 7 plus at MWC last year was my favourite Nokia mobile moment because I was looking for a phone with stock Android and good build quality and it had both
  • My best Nokia moment. I have Nokia 6.1plus and i always was looking for great phone style look and great features. Now here is Nokia 6.1plus which is beyond amazing. 
    I click pictures i can enjoy listening to music and with great shear experience it is outstanding