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  • My Nokia 8
  • Back in early 2000's its the first time I see a mobile phone the classic 3310 hailed as the invincible.from that moment the main technical crush was Nokia mobiles.
    There was these N series mobiles and  E series which I wished to own one day. The first mobile I had is Nokia c5. So coming to 2018 what make it special is like after Nokia c5 I tried a couple of Android devices and hope to get back to a Nokia device asap. When Nokia relaunched under HMD global I wished to own one. So in the midst of 2018 I got one I wished for it's Nokia 6.1 plus. Trust me guys it's like a coming home moment. The brand which you adored is in your hands now. Thats kinda a favorite moment.

  • Got my first phone 10 years ago which was nokia express 
    Then moved to nokia e7 most fav with symbian os having fabulous camera quality and most stylish desing still having in my collection
    Then used microsoft lumia good quality products 
    Now using Nokia 5 satisfied with all of them yet.

    This moment is still going from previious10 years and will go on with nokia by my side
  • its great memories for me..... amazing pic for my life.....😍😍😍😍🥰
  • My favorite nokia moment is the moment I received my nokia 6;.1 last year. 
    I was so glad to have a new nokia phone. I was using nokia phones back in the symbian days with a nokia 6630 and a n95 phone.
    As a fan of pure android, I am glad about all nokia phones being under the android one program.
    It is the best combination between nice hardware and the pure android experience from google.
  • Nokia The ancient Best company in the world My Nokia 6.1 is the best phone I have ever seen I admire these exciting designs Nokia remains the number one in the world 

  • Top class security that you can't Hack🤘
    Reliability and performance is all Set👍
    Wanted every Nokia phone in my rack😍
    6.1 Plus is in my pack❤️
    Updates are getting back to back😎
    We still have the headphone jack 😉
    The days of #NOKIA are back✌️
  • Hello , Keerthan here 😊 .. there was a on spot documentary making comeptition in our College . I had particiapted in the event and i was shooting videos in cinematic style with my Nokia 8 and Nokia lumia 1020 , some people asked me all are using DSLR what will you do in Mobile ? .. i was quiet and after few days the result was announced and i have won the competition and have uploaded the video to youtube and have got 13k views from all over the world NOKIA ROCKED PEOPLE SHOCKED 😎 ..  i was happy and it was my Nokia Moment of 2018 and i am Happy to continue the same in future 😊
  • I love NOKIA bcz i so happy with my nokia phone always giving MEE good New... I hope fully I again received good news... I love u NOKIA##
  • I have always loved and sold Nokia phones since 2008. But my best moments in 2018(april) was working for a brand I love, then Nokia7+...phone that stand out in design;6000-series aluminium unibody with the diamond cut edges, Stock android operating system, with amazing camera quality; ZEISS OPTICS.❤️
  • My best Nokia moment of 2018 was the purchase first and foremost , i was incredibly delighted by the build quality and the screen , but the Software is a whole other story , coming up from a Nexus smartphone , i was right at home , incredibly delighted by timely software updates.
    But what marked my year is the Camera of my Nokia 8 which is incredibly underestimated , shot Thousands of pictures with it , shot amazing moments of family , school , friends , landscapes , and managed to learn a lot about photography in the process , my friends are always blown away by its camera which is remarkable , i'm gonna attach some pictures here while you can see more on my instagram here : https://www.instagram.com/otmanefettal/
  • Make Nokia Great Again #NokiaMoment2018
  • My favourite Nokia phone of 2018 was Nokia 5.1 because of its durability and speed 
    And my favourite moment was doing video call with my mother after 6 months of leaving home for study .
    Google duo great feature and perfect front camera made that moment so real that I was about to cry , just controlling my tears 
    Thank you
  • TLDR in video (a link to google photos shared album) :)

    As you will see, there is a recurring theme of 9 here, so bare with me for a minute.

    Very long story very short, I’ve always used Nokia phones and as a finnish person and a child of the 90’s you kind of grew to them as there really wasn’t better alternatives at the time. My Nokia enthusiasm really started when my godmother gave me the best phone I had ever held, the Nokia N900. It was so complex and intuitive at the same time. 

    Few years flew by and I saw how Nokia started to lose it’s momentum. I’m currently reliving those memories through Risto Siilasmaas book #TransformingNokia. I was still really happy with my N900 tinkering with the linux command line and overclocking my cpu. And then came the mighty N9. I watched every single video where Marko Ahtisaari (@moia on twitter) was telling about the design philosophy of the N9. I knew I had to get that phone. 

    Luckily again my godmother gave me a hand and I got to hold my very own N9. It was the best phone I had ever held, again! I knew the phone was DOA, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the phone to the fullest. Linux, command line and scripts all over again. 

    Then Windows Phone came. I was sad but a bit excited for the future of Nokia phones. I bought the Lumia 1020 with my own hard earned money (620 €). It was a very good phone, but it wasn’t the best I had ever held. The camera was super amazing, but it didn’t have that excitement behind it like the N900 and N9 before it. It was just a phone, a very good one, but still just a phone.. I had to find something else to satisfy my hunger for tinkering. 

    Nokia phones stopped existing for awhile and I had to get a new phone. An old friend of mine gave me an invite to buy the Oneplus 2. Very good phone, but nothing too special.

    I applied to study Computer Science at the University of Eastern Finland. I built my first pc.

    Nokia phones are coming back! HMD and Nokia Mobile launch the Nokia 8. I buy it immediately when I see it in verkkokauppa.com. Fells like the Nokia identity is back with the industrial design and strong build quality.  After the N9 and N900, this is the best Nokia I’ve ever held. The best Nokia moment I had in 2018 was that it was the first full year of using a Nokia phone since 2015.
    Waiting for Nokia 9..

  • Legends are back. My favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018 is the announcement of Nokia 3310 at MWC18. It made me so sensitive because I remember the time when I fell in love with my partner. #nokia #year2018 #MWC19 #bestwishes

  • My favorite nokia phone moment of 2018? probably the time when my mom bought her first smartphone, the Nokia 2 and she was new to the internet thing and still learning about social media app. stock android makes it easy for her to understand and the build quality? a huge plus for a budget friendly phone.
  • My old friend with a new friend
  • My favorite moment was that when Nokia 8.1 🏆 "Best Mid-range of 2018" on GsmArena. This was very special for me because in that moment I was very happy to share this news with my colleagues and friends! Now, I think is right to say "Nokia is back!" :)
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    My favourite moment was when Juha Alakarhu joined Nokia again. The co-founder of PureView tech used in Lumia 1020 is an absolute genius. I still reminisce about my Lumia 1020 and Lumia 950XL and have clicked the most stunning photos with it. This photo is straight out of a Lumia 950XL with minimum adjustment of contrast.

  • This is the best Nokia moments I have.. the best 48h in dubai .. When I heard that Nokia is coming back I decided to buy its flagship phone Nokia 8 thanks HMD to give us this way to make Nokia back in our lives thanks a lot <3 

    This video have two funny moments in the event https://photos.app.goo.gl/xy7RLDGNfH7ni2828 
  • #GetSmart #Nokiamobile

    48 Hours in Barcelona - MCW 2019 Competition Entry...! watch and verify my entry team.

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    My best moments of 2018 it was comes on 22 aug 2018..when this event is live..video clip insert.

  • Oh mon nokia quel fut ma peine lorsque l'on t'a volé à moi alors que je séjournais à l'hôpital toute les photos que tu me gardais , tout mes contact qui grâce à toi je pouvais appeler toutes tes applications donc je me servais envolés comme neige au soleil comme tu me manque comme mes photos me manque tu étais on plus grand amour nous partagions tellement tout ensemble mon NOKIA comme je te regrette  

  • I am Akash Khamaru from Delhi, India. Before starting my expressing my thoughts, i want to start with a small poem.

    “”Since 2017, Nokia starts travelling,

    In mean time, it achieves many numbering

    First Nokia 1 which is a small candy,

    2 and 2.1 is a power handy,

    3 is sleeky quicky,

    3.1 is smarty biggy,

    5 is my mickey,

    5.1 is a 18:9 screeny,

    5 plus is gaming dummy

    6 has three brothers,

    First 6 is hard as shutters,

    Second 6 is 16mp captures,

    6.1 is for affordable matters,

    7 plus is all-rounder,

    7.1 is HDR render,

    8 is dual sight mother

    8.1 is great trigger

    8 sirocco seems as warrior

    Expected a great Range of Nokia ahead years

    I support Nokia always without any fears..””

    So this poem describe how Nokia is favourite to me. Nokia is not only mobile manufacturer or brand, but Nokia is a sign of good build quality, nice camera, and many more things. My family is a Nokia lover. From the beginning era of mobile phones, we only bought a Nokia device and in future we promised to support Nokia until my life, Now I have a Nokia 5 which was one of first phones released by Nokia in 2017 by HMD Global. 

    My favourite Nokia Moment is when I came to know that I am the first buyer of Nokia 5 in New Delhi as noticed by the Croma Staff. Because this phone is released in India in 15th August. I ordered this in 16th August in Croma Store and bought in 17th August. The Croma Store staff clarifies that this is the first box of Nokia 5 in New Delhi. I am very happy.

    My Nokia 5 is my best companion. As my first phone is Nokia 5 which I buy for me. Before Nokia 5, I use old Nokia phones of my family like Nokia 206, Nokia lumia 720.

    If i tell about my Nokia 5. My mobile is best of all other mid range smartphones.

    First, I want to appreciate my camera performance. The selfie camera is quite better than other 16-20 MP camera segments smartphones. This sounds impossible but this is the reality. I give u some evidence also for prove my words. The low light photography is also wonderful.

    Second, the build quality is stronger of all. My phone currently running in android pie. My phone is so fluent. Thanks to HMD Global.

    Third, RAM usage is quite better than other 2 gb RAM segments.

    And many other things which are uncountable.

    Nokia deserve a great future ahead. I am always with Nokia. The come back of Nokia is one of the happiest moments for me and my brother. He is also a die hard fan of Nokia. He has a Nokia 8 with stunning camera performance with zeiss optics. More than 2500 pictures are clicked by my Nokia 5. I am very happy that i get a chance to deliver my story to you. If i am not selected for MWC at Barcelona, I don't feel sad because I complete my task that to express my story with you. My main motive is to prove me as a Nokia lover...

  • This phone is bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!! 🍌
    Favourite NOKIA moment of 2018 has to be the release of the 8110. For me, this rekindled an old flame and got me reminiscing about the amazing phones I had back in the day like the NOKIA N-GAGE, The N95, my first smart phone: the n97, followed by then the amazing N8 in metallic orange 🧡 and then the best camera phone ever, the Lumia 1020 which was another banana phone in striking yellow.
    So this launch gave me pause for thought, remembering many memories with NOKIA by my side, which sent me bananas for a new NOKIA in my life 🔵 🍌🔵 🍌🔵 🍌
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    I grew up using Nokia devices as a kid, so when I heard in 2016 that Nokia was coming back with the help of HMD Global I couldn't hold my happiness any longer. Fast forward to 2019, Nokia is back and have been slowly slowly going to the top again. I hope in 2019 Nokia makes a flagship that competes with the big dogs and make great mid-rangers aswell.

    Lastly, I hope to win it as my Birthday is on the same day as the event which is Feb 24. I would love to spend my birthday with the brand I always loved since growing up and it would be the best birthday gift ever!  :)  <3 

    This is my contest entry video explaining which one was my favorite Nokia phone moment of the 2018 and why it was so special:

    Here are some of my Nokia phone I used while growing up:

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    "Nokia- Connecting People", this is what makes my Nokia moment so special. It has definately connected every user to each other in different ways, but for me it has also connected me to the natural world. 
    It has many unique features and one of them is "Bothie" which gave me an experience to stay connected with the real beauty of the nature. 
    These videos were shot by 'Nokia 7 plus' while enjoying the wildlife safari in Rajasthan, India. Through this feature, I was able to capture the view as well as the enjoyment of me with my family. 
    Thank you Nokia for being different and the best! 
  • 1. My favourite moment with Nokia was Nokia 7 plus mobile phone.
    2. Nokia 7 plus has all those qualities of a Nokia phone has the best build quality, best hardware with Carl Zeiss lens with Android OS which used all the capability of Nokia Hardware. Best thing is a rumour regarding Nokia 9 with Penta camera. I was jobless since 2017 and now I have the job and thank you to delaying the release of Nokia 9, now I will buy this device which will be releasing in MWC Barcelona.
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    I've Nokia 6.1 Plus.
    1. My favourite Nokia phone Moment of 2018 is -  First of all i want to say i bought my favourite Brand Nokia in 2018.
    My Dad is Fan of Sony But when he saw my Phone he just use whole day my phone and continuously watching the design of my phone. His smile is the best moment of my 2018.
     When i introduce my phone with my Friends they are became fan of the Design and quality of My phone.
    I love to click photos but many people saying about the Nokia 6.1 Plus camera is not good but i don't think so. Because i clicked lots of photos and i also tweet my photos and the best moment is @nokiamobile liked My tweet and i also post on Facebook, Instagram and best thing is Nokia always support there customer or Fan.
    2. That Moment when Nokia Called me for Fan Event In Kolkata. I just Love the event and they treat us like a celebrity that's the best moment I chose so special. ❤️ Nokia.
     Humility, Lots of Love. 
    These photos Clicked with My Nokia 6.1 Plus.
  • In 2018, I bought my 5th Nokia phone and also the best so far! The Nokia 7 plus is still surprising me with it’s power and functionality! Nokia is being on my side since my first mobile experience back in 2008. We’ve both been through a lot of changes but the 10 year anniversary in 2018 made me realize Nokia will be on my side for many more years! 🎉🥂📱