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  • There's a Nokia for everything, there's a Nokia for everyone. (coming from my Nokia Lumia 1020)
  • 1.Let us know what your favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018 was?
    - My dad had recently bought the latest Nokia 8 (at its launch) and was really content and excited with his latest tech gadget. He has always been a loyal Nokia customer using phones like the 8110, 6110, 3330, 6630, 7610, 6230i, N70, N73 Music Edition, N97 (which he still uses), E72. He and I were waiting at restaurant to pick up our order. He pulls out his phone and says let's try the "Bothie" feature, which we did. The photos came out very well.

    2.Let us know what makes the moment you chose so special
    - This moment was special for me as it made me really happy to see him with such enthusiasm and liking for this new Nokia 8 phone. He was beaming with joy and that moment made a very special father-son memory for me. Also, made my mom smile when she saw those photos!

    Thank you,

  • This is my stack of Nokia!!! I love my Nokia 6 device....my Nokia moment was the launch of Nokia 6.1 plus. It has great features and a competitive price.
  • The best moment for me was launching Nokia 8.1 because it's starting to remember me about the old good Nokia Lumia phones. I find a premium design, finally the long awaited OIS it's here and makes me remember about the awesome Lumia 925 commercial which made me fall in love with Nokia. OIS plus Carl Zeiss lenses, Nokia PureView are back again and makes me proud. I can see progress in every new launched phone.  I hope that the clear black display will be used again. For me Nokia is connecting people not only through phones but through photos as well. One captured image with your friends might remain for a lifetime and when you see that picture it will reconnect you with your friends and your Nokia phone.
  • This is the clear vew of Kampala the capital city of Uganda.am the number one Nokia fun from Uganda!

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  • My favorite Nokia's phone at 2018 was the Nokia 7 Plus. It was definitely the best smartphone ever I had. It's faster, durable and the battery life it's really awesome. Finally, the cameras optics and software it's one of my favorites features.  Thanks Nokia for bring us real devices.

    One of the best moments of 2018!
    <img src="https://us.v-cdn.net/6031042/uploads/editor/zc/z3gkxl4ju38v.jpg" alt="">
    Vallter 2000, Spain.
  • I waited for my Nokia 6.1 plus for 3 months . I love it . No words to express its design nd performance
  • My favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018 I am in MWC
    My special Movement is I enjoy a lot with Nokia phones
  • The Nokia 8 Sirocco is favorite phone. I think this is a luxury phone. And it is very good hands phone than the other models of Nokia phones.
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    </b><div><b><i>1.Let us know what your favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018 was</i></b></div><b><i>

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    Hi Everyone,
      Usually i have used Nokia Lumia for 4 years i have impressed with the Quality and since that i have waited for a year to buy Nokia Android and finally got Nokia 6 which has supreme outfit.
  • I just love what u gave me with my Nokia 5. When I bought this in 2017 September it was running #Nouget after I got #Oreo my battery life improved as well as my UI last week I got android #Pie. My 1.5 year old nokia 5 improved against getting bad over time. Thanks for your #Android one. Your phones are getting better over time.

  • The best Nokia phone moment of 2018 was my pre-ordering of first ever notch display Nokia phone, Nokia 6.1 plus on 23rd August 2018 once it was launched in India. I was so excited to get back my favorite brand after 10 years time.
    It was so special that the phone was in my hand on the day when online sales was started and gone out of stock within a minute.
  • My favorite moment of 2018 is nothing i am the poor guy but i have one hope one day i buy new brand new Nokia phone.
    Why because I am happy to be part of the Nokia family thanks to HMD Global. Because i am tech blogger and i review most of Nokia phones and i really notice one thing Nokia always provide since 1865.

    The world’s first mobile phone call was made on April 3, 1973, when Martin Cooper, a senior engineer at Motorola, called a rival telecommunications company and informed them he was speaking via a mobile phone. The phone Cooper used if you could call it that, weighed a staggering 1.1kg and measured in at 228.6x127x44.4mm. With this prototype device, you got 30 minutes of talk time and it took around 10 hours to charge.
    In 1983, Motorola released its first commercial mobile phone, known as the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. The handset offered 30 minutes of talk-time, six hours standby, and could store 30 phone numbers. It also cost £2639 ($3995).

    In the very early days of the mobile space handsets weren’t designed with consumers in mind. You’d need a couple of thousand pounds to get hold of one, and even then performance wasn’t great. Back then, mobile phones were designed with the likes of Gordon Gecko in mind, businessmen-types that drove big Jags and flew Concord.
  • My first and favorite phone was Nokia and will always be. And I bought Nokia 5 in 2018 and its designis very good and in 2018 when I purchased Nokia, it was my Nokia Moment.
  • When I was in the fourth standard, my father brought a new Nokia 1100. That's the time I was fall in love with technology currently pursuing Computer Engineering. I was always searching for a new feature on the phone. After some year new camera phones were launched when I was in the fifth standard. My father brought a new Nokia 3110c. This phone was, where we are used to taking pictures, listening to music, radio, watching videos. it was awesome. Still, this phone is in my home. Why this phone was special for me because I was able to play Java games. I am still a die-hard fan of gaming now mostly on PC. After two later, we brought a new Nokia 2690 for my mother. I was making the new experiences on phone to know how they work like What memory card formatting or installing themes, apps, games, restoring factory reset, setting pin to SIM Card and lot more. I was used to UC Browser to big files on the phone. and the best thing about Nokia was over Samsung phone, Nokia feature phones were supported YouTube. After when I was in 11th 12th. I used my mother's Nokia 2690 and you know we were brought the new laptop in 11th. but we have not internet broadband at that time because of money. but I was using the internet via Nokia PC Suite. Connecting my Nokia 2690 via Bluetooth to PC and this feature only supported on only Nokia phones. Nokia PC Suite was the best software. I was able to take a call from PC, send messages. You know I used this phone as a remote control to my laptop using small JAVA Applications. I missing those days were 4MB RAM based phones are doing such great things. When I see this phone, my childhood remembered to me.
    After my 12th, I brought the Nokia Lumia 535. Last year I have replaced this phone with Mi Phone my next phone will be a Nokia.
    My father now using Nokia 5.1 Plus. Best thing of all phone is build quality. Because my father is a farmer, While doing farming work, phones are not safe but really Nokia phones are always keep supported without any problem.
    It has 3GB RAM is enough for my father to do work. 3000mAH battery enough for the whole day. Talking about camera's Nokia phones have a great camera.
    In Journey of childhood. I only used a Nokia phone. In family and relatives using Nokia phone at that time.
    Now Nokia is back with new power.
    I love Nokia.

    Thank you!
  • I am 17....
    I am using Nokia 6.1 plus my black beauty , .so when I heard Nokia launch Nokia 6.1 plus at only 200$ I was shocked . Because I have not to much budget...I can buy a good phone more than 250$ so I was happy. After one year of launched this phone I bought this phone because I love the name of nokia it's not a brand it's a emotion of heart. It can't be express. And let me share you a little story
    Between me and my father
    I said father I want Nokia 6.1 plus father said Nokia is not a good phone. Now Nokia is not the past Nokia. Than I tell him Nokia give us now best phone in cheap or affordable price
  • My favourite nokia moment of 2018 is the bothie moment which you will never get in any other smartphone except NOKIA the king of innovations in mobile and technology love you NOKIA.
  • My favourite Nokia moment was that i bought nokia 6 (2017) first in my friend circle and all friend were impressed by build quality. And when oreo update came and other can't got in their phone they felt jealousy 😅😅😅😅
  • My favorite nokia phone is 8 sirocco. Hi is pretty and looks luxury. I love ozo audio. Hi has only one big problem. If you brake screen, you will pay a lot of money.
  • The best 2018 Nokia moment for me was the Nokia 6.1 release, because this phone have all that I need, a Good camera, an excellent perfomance thanks to pure Android experience and the most important the quality guarantee from the Legendary Nokia's phones.
    <img src="https://us.v-cdn.net/6031042/uploads/editor/f7/r52bnkt3ibw4.jpg" alt="">
  • The day I brought my Nokia 8.1 in my hands, it was a great moment. The brand I saw after 10 years in my hand. As being a photographer camera quality matters me a lot and by this fab it is undoubtedly awesome. Nokia truly optimized its back camera with Zeiss Lens so that it can give us such a great detailed and perfect result! And not to forget this beast's durability which always runs in the vein of this brand. The RAM management, sound quality is damn too good, Display quality is very descent and can't forget this phone is equipped with HDR 10, which gives a true video quality display!
    My favorite Nokia is through its lenses. Sharing a picture from it
  • Favourite moment with nokia is when we got complimentary wireless earphone from draw ... Actually the phone i bought was a surprise gift to my mom ... She was really happy seeing tht.. i would like to put a photo  but i never took her photo with that surprise and happy face... I think i can make that face when i won dis one... #Savage 😉😎✌️

  • 1. The most memorable moment, When I bought the NOKIA 7PLUS and after 2 hours of purchasing, I went on a road trip and I think that was the best lifetime experience for me. I clicked some breathtaking shots and captured some Classic HD Videos. I & we always love NOKIA phones because like many of the people's childhood is attached to this phone. Whenever we heard the Name NOKIA, it sounds like FAMILY phone, Once in my childhood, we were 12 members and 8 of them was having a NOKIA phone. So whenever I grab my phone I feel nostalgia.

    2. So let's Start with Nokia Phone, so in 2018, I got my first job and when your first salary comes, its a special moment of everyone. For me also, from 2017, I have made my mind, that from the first salary I will buy NOKIA phone and I don't know how much it will be, but I will purchase it. My first salary came and the amount of Phone was much higher than the salary and so i was a little confused, how to do that. So I purchased it on EMI and but still, the decision was strong. Today my salary is much higher than phone cost(no showoff :wink:). But, still I am paying EMI and I am proud of having a NOKIA phone.
  • Poem :)
    Whose Nokia is that? I think I know.
    Its owner is quite happy though.
    Full of joy like a vivid rainbow,
    I watch him laugh. I cry hello.

    He gives his Nokia a shake,
    And laughs until her belly aches.
    The only other sound's the break,
    Of distant waves and birds awake.

    The Nokia is year, 2018 and deep,
    But he has promises to keep,
    After cake and lots of sleep.
    Sweet dreams come to him cheap.

    He rises from his gentle bed,
    With thoughts of kittens in his head,
    He eats his jam with lots of bread.
    Ready for the day ahead.
  • moja Nokia 8 od 28 marca 2018 roku jest moim najwspanialszym telefonem ❤️💗❤️
  • My best moment was buying my Nokia 8 because when I needed to buy a new phone everyone was telling me to buy iPhone or Samsung or something but I resisted everyone and bought my Nokia 8 and I didn't regret it because it's a great phone and I made the people who told me to buy another brands buy Nokia also , so 2018 was the year I returned to Nokia after along wait.
  • 1. Generally i love nokia but when nokia launched Nokia 6.1 Plus .i was like yaar maza aa gya then  wait for 1st sale and bought Nokia 6.1 plus still running like a  new smartphone so my favourite smartphone is nokia 6 1 plus 
    2.nd i love nokia for its build quality and trust already dropped on surface many times but still very good &  in my family also we have nokia 3 which is still good 
    Always love you for sending update on time to time.
    Also i am a youtuber still my all time favorite is nokia 6.1 plus 
    Always waiting for the nokia for come back  then finally like " Nokia Jo launch Hua Saans Me saans Aayi " 
    Always be like this  because we all trust in nokia Brand and build quality like nokia 1100 whuch is my first Phone in 2004 

    Here is my picture 

    "  nokia Jaan hai Meri love you Nokia  
  • To answer I have to make a small premise!
    I own and love Nokia since 6630! Despite some difficulties sometimes, I have been lucky over the years to own also Nokia N8, Nokia N9, Nokia 808 and Nokia Lumia 830, all jealously guarded! When there was the presentation of the Nokia 808 at the MWC in 2012 I followed the live and I remember how many "WOW" unleashed among those present in the hall (and among us that we followed from home)!
    It was difficult to accept the "disappearance" of Nokia from the mobile world .. When I heard of his return thanks to HMD, like so many others, I rejoiced! Long last!
    2018 was a fantastic year! I saw that passion that Nokia has always had, both for its products and for its users! At the MWC last year, at the presentation of the Nokia 8 Sirocco, I felt again an indescribable emotion!
    Yes, that was my favorite moment! The excitement of seeing a new product, the wait to discover every detail, the many videos seen and the comments read of those who had it in their hands! I love it!
    I already know that this year will be just as incredible, the previews and the rumors make me crazy! It would be the crowning achievement of a dream to be able to participate personally in the MWC!
  • My best Nokia moment was in the summer 2018 when I bought my first Nokia smartphone  <3
    Why it is so special for me? Because since that time I got more system updates than for all my previous smartphones together.