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    I started out my career as a promoter for Nokia in 2017*, and over the years I can tell I have used a lot of Nokia phones E72,E53,Asha305,Lumia520 the new 3310 and Nokia 7 plus(currently using)and if you ask me my favourite phone It will be difficult for me to give an answer to be honest,all the phones have had a unique characteristic to it for an example I love my new 3310 it is sleek,cool and the best one to digitally detox,and coming to my favourite I think Nokia 7 plus takes the spot,the phone is just killer in the segment,battery backup,camera,pure android and I feel words are insufficient to describe the phone,A true piece of craftsmanship,few more months and It will be almost a year since I purchased Nokia 7 plus and I can assure you I still feel like using a phone purchased yesterday.True to its name.Pure and Always Up To Date.Attaching a glimpse of my favourite Nokia moment<img src="https://us.v-cdn.net/6031042/uploads/editor/es/dp8wrc3i5gmo.jpg" alt="">
    *P S : I just read the T&C ,currently I am not associated or affiliated to HMD Global Oy or any of its partner companies. :smiley:
    I really really really really really really can't wait for the MWC showdown
  • My Nokia moment :-
    Had many Nokia mobile moments last year from buying and using range of new Nokia phones and old ones too BUT the best ONE WAS when JUHO SARVIKAS replied to one of my post on twitter
    It fells soo good that I can't tell it may be a normal thing for others but for me it was the best thing happened to me in the year ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • My favorite phone of 2018 was Nokia 6.1 Plus. It was a different approach from Nokia: their first notch phone, with glass back, so different from the classic aluminum but almost as resistant as it. It's a beautiful phone, with a premium loom and great performances overall. When I saw it, I immediately fell in love with the look of it, the price/performance rating and the Android One feature ( which I hope Nokia will stick with). Those 3 things motivated me to buy it. I don't regret my decision and would do it again. 
    Moreover, I'm writing this comment from the phone. 
    To conclude, I think Nokia is back among the greatest phone producers in the world and if they keep up the good work, they will remain there for a long time ^_^
  • My favorite Nokia 8 😎

  • I  trust Nokia with its build quality, as all my old Nokias as far back as 2007 are still in service now and my new Nokia 6.1 is another strong bearer of that Nokia hardware quality (so far so good). And software-wise, who would like to contest Android?
    I am a shopkeeper who sells mobile recharges through Nokia phones and my Nokia 1100 are faster than iPhones I bet because,
    1. Open dialer directly,
    2. One click messaging
    3. Almost negligible boot time
    4. Light on pocket.

    Now I am using Nokia 6.1 since past 6 months and it has great build quality, good battery life, good value for money as well as it has got great Connectivity,that picks up signals even with thin broadcasting and the best part is that Nokia phones perform minimal radiation damage to the owner/user. And yes I would admit that Even before the era of fast charging or wireless charging , Nokia already made very strong batteries that last days in those cellular phones.
    Last year at December , I got a fully paid trip sponsored by @GingerGoa which was my favourite Nokia moments of 2018. I clicked the beautiful pictures of Beaches ,Beers,Sun and lots more through the magical lens of Nokia 6.1 which are just mind blowing !

    I am in love with NOKIA as she is the one for whom I met my fiancée and we are getting married this October ! If I won ,I would feel myself much fortunate to be the craziest fan of NOKIA !
  • My most favorite Nokia moment of 2018 will be the announcement of Nokia 6.1 plus in India. To be honest, before 6.1 plus, Nokia phones were good but were so bland in looks. Yeah, the internal specs were good, if not the best, in their respective price segments but were not appealing enough for me to buy one at that time. But through a friend of mine I came to know that Nokia has launched a phone named Nokia X6 in China. I was really excited because that's what the kind of phone I always wanted from Nokia. Trendy and beast in its own terms that's how will I describe Nokia 6.1 plus. After the launch of Nokia X6 in China, I was eagerly waiting for it to launch in India. But how unfortunate I was, I had to buy another company phone because my old phone got broken and I was in dire need of a phone and it hasn't been available in India at that time.
    I was the proud owner of Nokia 5233 in my school days, and I really wanted a phone like Nokia 6.1 plus from Nokia in their second innings in the mobile market. So yeah, for me the most memorable Nokia moment for me in 2018 was when Nokia announced Nokia 6.1 plus alongside Nokia 5.1 plus in India.
    I would like to add drawing I have made of Nokia 6.1 plus to express how much I really like this phone. In the drawing, I have tried to turn it into a suave person who's riding his bike.

  • Soban Sz
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    <img alt="" src="https://us.v-cdn.net/6031042/uploads/editor/la/dkvh49lxh4bf.jpg">
    1. Mostly favorite moment with my Nokia 6.1 was once my phone slipped from my hand and hit very badly on marble then I thought it was broken but I picked my phone and nothing happened but a little bit scratch. And other moment is I never need protector and a pouch for my Nokia 6.1 because the material quality of my Nokia and a scrach less screen. And I always tell my friends it's like to put mouse skin on lion. And I get Android Pie on my Nokia before my friends phone. Mostly I got everything in my Nokia is latest in economy price.

    2. I like these moments because it feel me happy to have Nokia. Also my Father was told me when he was young he also only use Nokia mobile. And I also don't feel shy to recommend Nokia to others.
  • Definitely introducing the 6.1 and 7.1 here to the U.S. Nostalgia and quality will definitely give us American consumers another choice other than Apple and Samsung. We are Apple and Samsung tired.
  • <i>my pride moment for Nokia 7 is that when ever my mobile device fall from height and I feel relax that my device is strong and hard like a man that can bear every thing I love to be a Nokia family love you Nokia 📱 </i>
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    My favourite Nokia phone is Nokia 5.1 plus... As in just look at the phone it's too good for it price.. The phone is Android one device  which made it to be receiving updates regularly it has triple camera that made me love the phone even more cos I love snapping and it has a strong processor. Talking about the shape, it's one of the best premium shape out there.... Like seriously I feel like using the phone forever because I haven't used a smart and lovely phone like Nokia 5.1 plus and to be precisely this phone has everything I need in a smart phone thank you Nokia for making us enjoy this type of phone at this price I will be forever grateful #one_love_one_family 😍 😍

  • This is the best Nokia moment I have when I participated in the 8.1 event ... when I heard that Nokia came back again I decided to buy its Nokia 8 flagship phone .. HMD Thanks a lot for giving us the way to make Nokia in our lives again ..
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    </p><p>Hi everyone!</p>


    </p><p><b>Following the success of our 48 Hours in
    Dubai competition,</b> we wanted to pay it forward to our fans and invite 3 people
    to join us, on the field in Spain, this February for our launch event at MWC.</p>


    </b></p><p><b>Participating to our competition is easy.
    Reply to this thread and:</b></p><b>


    </b><div><b><i>1.Let us know what your favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018 was</i></b></div><b><i>

    </i></b><div><b><i>2.Let us know what makes the moment you chose so special



    </i></b><p>What format you can use for your
    submissions? Video is preferred, but images or text responses are welcomed too! The
    authors of the best messages will be chosen to join us at our next unveiling in
    </p><p>Competition ends on 7 February 2019. Our top three runner-ups will
    win a new phone each.</p>


    <p>Hopefully we’ll see you soon in MWC!</p><p>T and Cs apply</p></div>
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    My first phone was Nokia 6300...I like his slim design, quality of the materials and performance and a clear sound, good battery. I have it some years and after i have another phone, but in 2014 i returned to Nokia. This time at Nokia Lumia 930. I wanted this phone...i search on the internet many detalis about him, i like what i saw and in time, i convinced about quality. I think that it's one of the best phones. No major bugs, no issues... Nokia never dissapoints! I attached a video with my Nokia moments of 2018. Just I <3 Zeiss lens of camera..very good photos and cinemagraphs :) and a short poem
    * Nokia is the top, front and back,
    I'll give u reasons, enough.
    Between me and Nokia, was a connection,
    With myself, mu passion.
    I played with my creative side,
    I take shots and i edit some.
    Stable and powerful, Make the moments delightful.
    sometimes, applications are crushing,
    But exist the refresh or reset buttons.
    With my eyes and my hands,
    I gave a shape of my vision and my content.
  • Poem entry

    "Nokia is back"

    Creating phones like a tank
    It is worth spending money in the bank
    Even though my Nokia 6 has already a crack
    And on Android Oreo it was stuck
    I know it will never receive a flack
    Because the legendary Nokia is back
  • 1. My favorite and special nokia mobile moment was taking pictures and make video of snowfall at Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India at new year with my Nokia 7 plus. 
    2. The reason why it makes so special is that, i capture the ultimate images with great great quality like capture from DSLR camera.
    It was so beautiful and amazing!
    One could not describe it by words how special was my trip. I decided to take my Nokia 7 plus and recorded the whole moment because, I really didn't want to forget that experience in my life.

    Because of it's OZO Audio Tech, it makes us feel like we're there while watching those videos. A great way remember our memories. 
    Such a great great Package.

  • Bilzy
    Bilzy ✭✭
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    More than the release of new and updated Nokia smartphones, my favorite Nokia moment of 2018 was HMD living up to their promise - Secure and Up-To-Date Android experience for all Nokia users. For me, I have been receiving monthly security updates and now, I am so happy I am experiencing Android Pie with the current security patch level. I believe they started rolling out the Android Pie update last year so that is what my favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018. 

    It just goes to show that there is a bright future ahead for Nokia in the smartphone industry and I can't wait what HMD has in store for us all!

    *photo shot using my NOKIA 5 ♥

  • I love Nokia phones . I am using Nokia phones last 10 years
    In 2008 i used Nokia 1100
    In 2010 I used Nokia 1600
    In 2011 I used Nokia N70 
    In 2012  I used Nokia 6110 
    In 2014 I used Nokia Lumia 
    In 2015 I used Nokia Lumia 620
    In 2016 I used  Microsoft Lumia 535
    After july 2017 I am Using NOKIA 5.
    In Nokia 5 Alumini 8000 Series Block.Its built like Tank. My Nokia 5 droped from my hand more than 100 times</span>
  • user1524931784737
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    Built well.Best Nokia Phone moment in 2018 was May 2nd, when I received the Nokia 7 Plus in hand. Just why because, it was a lot more than just a wish to get a Nokia phone in hand. Moving 2.5 years when Nokia Phones were missing in the world, all phone I have used was only Nokia. And I am pretty much glad and more over satisfied with what I have in hand now. So, this is why Nokia Phone moment of 2018 was special. We trust Nokia, we are happier for the complete Android One line up, and a lot more, especially the build. I loved the windows phone - the Lumia series, when I used that. I loved the trend setters from Nokia from the snake game to the torch phones like 1100 and the E series and the N series and the X series which bought the youth of that time. Man, you can do much more!!
    Styled well.

    And, no performance compromises!
  • I am an old user for Nokia mobile phone first phone was ( Nokia 3410)
    As I remember. 
    And I still have it and its still working until now .
    From that time until today I know that the Nokia devices is strong and have a good quality. 
    I like the Nokia 8.1 I I was wanna buy it last this week but I decided to wait until WMC to see what's new .
    Love Nokia, ❤👈
  • Nokia 7 plus 
    I'm using it .
    For me NOKIA Is number 1
    Best mobile
    Best company

    Best in everything ❤️

  • It was a fan moment for me when I got to know that nokia has re-launched nokia 8110 as  upgraded version in 4g  also known as banana phone. After which I was so excited.Those were sliding ones launched in 1996 and now a yellow again in 2018.A creative lookwise beautiful phone. have guess nokia has never turned my hopes down. In terms of technology,features ,look, style, creativity my choice is nokia. My first phone was also one of the nokia series which is Lumia. Keep up doing the good work guys by making affordable amazing phones and yes the creative factor in it.😇
  • KonstantinZ
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    The whole 2018 year for me was a waiting of new top phone from Nokia. My first aknowledge with Nokia phones was in 2006 when my elder brother gifted me 6600 model. The unusual shape, high battery power, good quality of photos (for that time :D ) impressed me a lot! I loved this phone till my student summer trip to the USA in 2009. There I got the information about releasing new models of Nokia - 5800 and N97. Despite of that my friends desired "Fruit" phones, I didn't want to change my old friend. And I bought there N97. I still think that QWERTY-keyboard is awesome on the phones)))
    And when in 2012 I found out that new types of phone will have no keyboard, I was a little bit dissapointed. But the whole world was moving to touch phones, and I have to deal with it. <3 I wanted t buy a new phone and had to chose again between Nokia 820 and Nokia 920. And again I chose the top phone, which I have been using since that time. But the dead operating system makes me change old one for new again, and now I am sure that it will be Nokia top phone. I started to gather info about new models and got news about Nokia 9 and 8. I decided that 8 is not enough top phone for me :D :D :D But anyway it has very good characteristics)) So I had to wait and waited for 9 the whole year.
    And one of special moments happened in the end of the year. Me and my brother made a Christmas gift for our Mom and bought Nokia 2 for her. She loves it despite of that it hard for her to switch from old-fashioned button phone which she used for 8 years. And approximately the same time I got the news about releasing Nokia 9 in Feb 2019.

    P.S. My phones were: Nokia 6600->N97->920. All the models has the digit "9" (usual or inverted). That's why the next must be 9 :D <3
  • My best Nokia phone is 7.1 ... It's display quality is awesome.. and one more thing we get more graphic in pubg in hdr
  • Sury
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    Firstly I am using Nokia 5 as I belong to middle class family...with all my savings made during my college days  managed to buy this smartphone. Even though who were giving bad reviews about this phone I made them silent because I know what #NOKIA is.
    Then coming up to the features.. oh my god the fingerprint sensor are on front in which no other companies have this feature (comparison for Nokia 5 @ 10000rs).
    Then camera is awesome and no talks about design and the customer service is good which response immediately.
    As now I am working in a reputed company with all savings definitely I will buy another Nokia phone itself.(planning for NOKIA 8)
    *I don't have any happy movement in 2018 because everyday with Nokia was awesome for me*
  • Giedphoto Nokia
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    1. MY favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018 is Nokia 3310G
    2. Newly redesign Snake makes the moment so special.
  • I did Try to upload photo or video file here but did not work, just seen blank post. I had difficulties to login earlier today There is a link submit to see the video entry.
  • Nokia you are great man ... Doing best to competit in the market. You Nokia 7.1 is the best device I love it.. playing pubg in hdr effect it awesome
  • Ho sempre vissuto momenti belli con gli smartphone Nokia fin dal 2009 quando acquistai il 5800 Xpress Music e da allora non l’ho più lasciata.

    Quest’anno è stato davvero particolare: una mia amica, ad agosto, mi ha chiesto un consiglio per cambiare il suo smartphone e io le ho suggerito il Nokia 6.1 un ottimo dispositivo per qualità prezzo.

    Entusiasta l’ha acquistato e mi ha ringraziato del consiglio.

    A settembre siamo andati a Milano per il concerto degli Imagine Dragons, uno dei nostri gruppi preferiti, e durante l’attesa di dieci ore abbiamo parlato tanto e di tutte le nostre esperienze con gli smartphone dei pregi e dei difetti dei nuovi Nokia Android fra caldo afoso e e pioggia!

    Durante il concerto abbiamo girato i video con il suo Nokia 6.1 che ha resistito alla grande sotto il diluvio, e alla fine complice per l’atmosfera ci siamo dati il nostro primo bacio.

    La Nokia è sempre stata parte della mia vita nei momenti più difficili e nei momenti più belli con le sue splendide foto, è proprio per questo a novembre ho acquistato il Nokia 7.1 per sostituire il Nokia Lumia 735.

    Sono innamorato della Nokia e lei mi ha fatto scoprire l’amore.

    I've always had good times with Nokia smartphones since 2009 when I bought the 5800 Xpress Music, and since then I haven’t left it anymore.

    This year was really special: a friend of mine, in August, asked me for a tip to change her smartphone and I suggested the Nokia 6.1 a great device for quality and price.

    Enthusiastic bought it and thanked me for the advice.

    In September we went to Milan for the concert of Imagine Dragons, one of our favorite bands, and during the ten hour wait we talked a lot and all our experiences with smartphones of the merits and defects of the new Nokia Android between hot muggy and rain!

    During the concert we shot the videos with his Nokia 6.1 which resisted the great under the storm, and finally complicit in the atmosphere we gave our first kiss.

    Nokia has always been part of my life in the most difficult moments and in the most beautiful moments with its beautiful photos, that's why I bought the Nokia 7.1 for November, to replace the Nokia Lumia 735.

    I'm in love with Nokia and she made me discover love.