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  • MOM! 
    It was the Nokia 3310 which let me to the wizardy world of Mobile. 3310 to C1 to E72 to X302 to Lumia 520. Everytime I used off a phone and bought a new one I gave it off to my mom for using and as she had minimal usage of just calling she never explored much in the mobile phone.
    In 2015 after the Lumia 520 she got a iPhone 4S and was never happy with it as it was all wrecked and very slow. Mom always used to say, " Son what about the loyalty towards your favorite Nokia brand? ". I told her mom They are coming back soon.
    Then till 2018 I waited for a perfect Nokia phone which took me to the feel of Nostalgia at a reasonable rate. I arranged 16k and bought a new Nokia 6.1 plus. And this time for my Mom and not me! 
    It was her Birthday and I gifted it to her, "Ahh they are back, I missed them so much " these were the words which made my Nokia 2018 moment and my loyalty was just not bounded towards me but was also transferred to my Mom. Being surprised on having a new and fast phone was also a moment to watch for.
    This led to me also buying a new Nokia 6.1 Plus coz once a Nokiaite always a Nokiaite, the loyalty continues!♥️

  • 📍New York, USA
    "Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” Albert Einstein.

    It was mid 2018 when I started to join a social media challenge tagged as #AdvancedSelfie. It's a self-taken photo, no production team - completely solo. Guess what my greatest weapon is. My 1-year old Nokia 8!!! Others may find it completely vain but without the 13MP-Carl Zeiss-shooter, I wouldn't have mastered the art of taking advanced selfies. All of my self-portraits were taken by this superb, solid-block aluminum device (photo above is one of them). My Nokia 8 has been the absolute bomb or the right medium for me to produce those high-end fashion shots. As a result, I had gotten a lot comfortable in my own skin, been able to conquer my inner demons and at the same time get the feeling of fulfillment from seeing my handiwork. It's beyond vanity as it awakens empowerment and creativity. 

    The smart way of taking photos these days is by using the front camera of your phone. That's why people save and invest for high resolution front camera phones like the Nokia 8.

    December 2018, was when the predecessor of my Nokia 8 was announced- the Nokia 8.1. The ultimate phone I have been eyeing to own one day because of its 20MP selfie shooter. Which I believe will make my future selfie moments simple yet professionally picture perfect. These are my favorite Nokia phone moments of 2018 and with Nokia, I will always be confident.

    Thank you Nokia. #GetSmart #Nokiamobile

  • I am Daley from Ghana and  my favorite Nokia moment of 2018 was the day my father sent me a pic of my newly purchased  Nokia 6.1 plus in the UK after a long search of  the phone in my country Ghana were I reside. At the time the phone wasn't available in country yet. You can just imagine the joy it brought me after seeing the picture of the phone I desired so much even though it wasn't physically in my hand and how anxious I was after he told me he had mailed it via DHL to me in Ghana..I lost sleep just tracking it night and day waiting to receive my package.
    The period was so special as nokia like its mantra connecting people kept me in constant communication with my father though the handset itself was waiting to be unboxed. He was so fascinated about how sleek and beautiful Nokia 6.1 plus was that everytime we talked it was always about how HMD has brought Nokia back on the map.
    Attached to this post is the first picture I received from my dad when it was delivered to him in the UK
  • 1.My 2018 Nokia moment
    Which I will post in this comment
    It related to the news
    Which I lead while I listen to blues
    That there is a new gadget in town
    Nokia 8.1 has my moment crown!

    2.Why is that so special?
    Well it's essential
    To tell you it was a time
    When Nokia was my bff for insta-story-pics-crime
    And so, I have have hope again
    This phone will shine after the rain
    In my hands. And random pick
    Will make me happy, not sick.
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    Favourite moment in 2018 is definitely when I bought Nokia 7 plus. After Lumia 1020 I switched to Sony for some time, and now when HMD brought us back Nokia phones again. I feel happy, because Nokia phones are part of my life. Took so many pictures with the N70, N73, N95, N97 mini, Lumia 1020. Still have some of those phones, it is nice to see Nokia back, and continuation of good build quality, camera centric phones.

  • The best Nokia moment for me was when i take in my hands my beloved Nokia 3310 themost iconic mobile phone for my childish year.I know Nokia 6.1plus or Nokia 8 are great and awesome but this is the moment that i fell in love with Nokia the true relationship my other half.It's so simple like order a pizza but is so complicated to understant the magic of the mobile craziness and magic of all time.

    Nokia 3310 will be in my heart forever...
  • 1. My favourite Nokia moment of 2018 was when my work in photography with the Nokia mobile was recognised by Nokia mobile page in Instagram.

    2. The moment I chose is special for obvious reason is that effort and art did not go wasted . 
  • I’m so glad of the great coming back Nokia is having in this two years because also if I’m only 22 I can remember the first phone my grandpa gave me was the Nokia 51210 that lasted something like 6 years.
    In more recent times I was a Nokia user with a few of the 9** Nokia Lumia and even if this experience is gone the 920 will always be my favorite phone I had in my teens.
    But pushing back the tears and thinking about the future I’m so proud of the work amd global is doing right now!
    My favorite Nokia moment of 2018 was this summer with me and a group of friends spending a week in Rome. 
    I love my capital and this is one of the most beautiful city all over the world, so every time I go there I take tons of pictures and spend a lot of time wandering in the streets without knowing the path and losing our way.
    The best of the story is when, the first night we were in Rome, after the train, after the bus, after the day wandering around, we splat in two groups, one in the pub, the other in the hotel.
    I was obviously in the first one, and in the club we met tons of beautiful people and we started talking together and organising to met each other also the day after with the other friends but we realised that we had to save our numbers! 
    What happened? All my friend’s phone was ko after the hard stress battery day and the only one alive was the immortal Nokia 7 plus!
    Thanks to his 3800mhA we organised a beautiful party the night after and sometimes I chat even now with some of them.
    Because remember, Nokia’s motto and Nokia’s mission was always about connecting people!
    The hilarious part of the story was when we got our from the bar and we had to come back to the hotel... we didn’t remember the way so we had to use the navigator, fortunately battery lasted enough 
    From that day my friends go everywhere with a powerbank because now they have serious nomophobia 
    Nokia is also saving life
  • My opinion is can we celebrate a NOKIA DAY 
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    #GetSmart #Nokiamobile
    I miss Spain so much!
    The Best is yet to come! Nokia, I hope you will notice me and pick me out;)
  • I'm using Nokia phones from the first phone I used untill now 
    Because I love Nokia 
    Now I'm using Nokia 6.1 plus 
    I'm liking to buy Nokia 8.1

  • There are many other phones like Nokia Xprees music ,etc
    I love nokia
  • Hi,
    My favorite devices in 2018 is Nokia 6.1 plus. Sd636, 4gb, glass back, smallest phone with great display..... What would I say it is the perfect phone for 200$ budget. I always a fan of Nokia. I really desappdisapp to Nokia after the shutdown of MeeGo and Meamo.  but now they are back with Android One. My favorite Nokia devices is Nokia N900. I still hope Nokia will release a device with similar features. I really like hardware keyboard on a smartphone with open source platform.

    Do you know what will make Nokia perfect? bootloader unlock for every Nokia devices. It will help developers to work on Nokia platform.

    Anyway I'm happy with my Nokia. Hope my dreams come true ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I must win because I'm cool!
    Competitors, chill out! Winner is here)
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    Hi Nokia 😍

    My favorite Nokia mobile moment 2018 was my trip to Sundarban, Khulna Bangladesh. It was an amazing experience for me. I have never visited a forest . This was my first time. Saw and interact with some beautiful animals. And my Nokia 6.1plus helped me to capture those beautiful moments. I also shared those moments with my friends and family. I did live streaming and  share my both side live video on Facebook. Most of my friends asking me which device I use for both side live streaming. When I said it's Nokia they just amazed. My Nokia 6.1 plus made my
    trip so convenient with good camera and good battery life. I was so stressed free. And was in real chilling mood. 
    Sorry for my bad English. I could write more with my native language.
     However all I want to say I love Nokia Mobile ❤️
    I love my Nokia 6.1plus ❤️
    Really proud to holding it. 
    I have attached some of my beautiful moments in sundarban. And all these moments captured with my Nokia 6.1 plus. No editing.

  • My favourite Nokia moment was a single instant that echoed through my entire life, going back in time to the first Nokia I ever held... I recently had a problem with my phone and needed to buy a new one, knowing Nokia is back on market brought back memories and I knew I had to buy Nokia 8. I took it out of the box and the first time I held it was like holding my past in the palm of my hand, I was so excited. I turned on the phone and the Nokia logo came up with that music, that monent was a flashback to all my life, the first time I had a phone(which was nokia), the first time I played Snake, my mothersm unbelievable Nokia phone, my entire family history gathering on birthdays and taking photos by god knows how many nokias, my father's classy Nokia E-71, and my technology enthusiastic days when I had a crush over Nokia Lumias and it also brought back a bad memory, the death of Nokia. I didn't believe it to be hinesh, I always said Nokia will be back, they will dominate the market again, and sure enough you guys are back, better than ever. This phone, this brand is buried in all my life, and the first time I hold my Nokia 8 on November I felt everything, my childhood memories, vibrant as ever, my pictures taken with Nokias, my whole life was and now again is better by Nokia. That was my favourite Nokia moment but It actually isnti a single instant, this moment will echo back and forth through my life. Thank you for everything Nokia, I love you
  • <img src="https://us.v-cdn.net/6031042/uploads/editor/3r/bg4q0ew1cc8i.jpg" alt="">

    It's cool, dashing it's superb share like it's charging is charged by fast I like back, design back finishing glass panel and its processes is so good man
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    1. My favourite Nokia phone moment of 2018 was when I bought my Nokia 7 plus last year, which happens to be the EISA award best consumer smartphone in 2018-2019. And according to JerryRigEverything, it is now the most durable and repairable budget phone of 2018 among all the phones that he has tested throughout 2018, im now a proud owner of the Nokia 7 Plus😁.

    2. What makes the moment special was it is a unique premium phone paired with affordable price, and it might be the only HMD android that offers the special matte coating on the back which makes superb feel to the touch and grip. The battery lasted 2 days easily for me, Camera with Zeiss optics that never disappoint on every shot i take wherever i go, the Android One experience are exceptionally smooth with the performance to match. Truely a phone you can rely on. Thank you HMD Nokia for bringing us such wonderful phone to us, looking forward to see even more line up this year in 2019, cheers😉
  •  My nokia moment,I don't have any flashy pics to share but i have a pretty long story😅,The first phone My father ever owned was a Nokia,Then He a got job settled down and bought my grandpa a Nokia, Then my mom came along 😊,They got married 💍💑,And the first Feature phone my dad gifted to my a Nokia, then i came to age and wanted a phone,After months of nagging, i Got a Nokia Xpress Radio 😁, It was amazing,The power of text message and calls in my hand,i couldn't care less,I  was in cloud nine 😎😁,With that phone i got through class 8,Then on my 14th bday,I got Nokia asha 503, With the trademark nokia yellow and the clear plastic back,It was so cool back in the day,My father too bought Nokia lumia 510,My first tasta of Windows and that amazing Carl Zeiss camera that,Still takes some stellar shots,And on my 16th bday,My dad amd i got her andw phone nokia lumia 630,And now writing this note on a nokia 6.1 plus,I look back not see,Look into a nokia moment but a number of memorable moments that Nokia was a part,It was a never a peice of hardware coupled with software it was family,And when the classic nokia tune rang,It was not a phone ringing,It was home calling 😍😍😍
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    Hello there;
    I'm Lasha. I'm a smart phone technician. I live in Turkey. I work for GSM İletişim. My favorite phone is Nokia 3310. I did a display replacement a few months ago. There were 10 Nokia 3310 in our technical service. We were all playing snake games with them. My favorite phone for the year 2018 Nokia 3310. If you ask the smartphone as Nokia 8.1.

    My videos;


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    ¡Primeramente desearía mucha suerte a todos y cada uno de ustedes! 

    Os dejo unas cuantas imágenes hechas con mi Nokia 7+ 

    Imágenes muy significativas que puedo inmortalizar gracias a mi Nokia!

    Nokia es una familia y es el pilar más fuerte e importante 

  • Greetings for the Philippines! 🇵🇭
    My favorite Nokia moment of 2018 is the launch of their new line of smart phones especially the banana phone. It's revival made me watch the Matrix Trilogy 😂. But that's not just it, what made it special is that, when I bought my Nokia 6 (the first ever Nokia android phone), I knew I'm taking risks and at the same time I'm being part of the history. I am so convinced with my Nokia 6 phone that last year, in 2018 I bought my parents each a Nokia 2.1. We are in a tight budget but Nokia is still classy even in a budget friendly worth of phones. #AndroidOne #FreebiesStrong

  • My favourite phone of 2018 is Nokia 7 plus because it's part of latest Android 9 beta program and many more interesting features
  • My Father was planning to upgrade his old phone and i baught Nokia 6.1 Plus for him.

    When he saw the phone He says " Is Nokia phone still available in Market?"

    He was totally impressed with the design, build quality and compactness of phone.

    And apart from that the Clean Stock UI was much convenient for him.

    And the regular update assured that choosing nokia was a right descision.

    Overall, Nokia 6.1 Plus was perfect phone for my father in every aspect ( i.e Camera, Size, Design etc.)

    Thanks Nokia.😍
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    My favorite Nokia moment of this year (2018) was when I had bought the new Nokia 7.1
    I was so thrilled the moment this phone was announced due to its HDR 10 Compliant Screen and competent pricing...
    When i first held the phone in my hand it felt so premium and classy and I literally jumped for joy. camera quality was good, the package as a whole was Gr8.

    Nokia thank you for this WONDER phone.
  • My favourite phone is Nokia 8 sirocco.
    I like it's build quality and design.
    Current I using Nokia 8 it's build quality is superb.
  • Here is my entry,hope I make it !! Cheers...https://youtu.be/5xlFjEo4ORI
  • My best moment with #NokiaMobile in 2018 was when I bought the iconic piece Nokia 3310 once again in 2018. That was precious moment for me. I've so many memories with the old Nokia 3310. It was my first phone that my father gifted me when I cleared my board exams & this was the first phone when I made my first call from my first phone to my Grand Mother ans said that I have cleared my board exams. She gave me her blessings and those blessings and her beautiful words are still in my heart ❤️ because of Nokia 3310. And I was lucky to relive those memories with the new Nokia 3310 in 2018.
    Made a sweet little Rap for my Love Nokia 3310...... 
    Mai kyu hu, mai kyu hu, mai kyu hu
    Nokia 3310 ka Deewana
    Kyu ki ise dekh ke, ise dekh ke
    Mere Dil Mein bajte hai tarana
    Waise toh sabhi ko pasand hai 3310
    Par mujhe yeh tab se hai pyara
    Jab mujhe ise aata bhi nahi tha chalana... 
    Yeh.. Yeh.. Nokia 3310 full of Swag
    Thank you Nokia :)
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    I have seen and used Nokia phones since Java series, symbian 40,60 phones and N series but then Nokia disspeared from Android. I used other android brands for almost five years and when recently it was time to upgrade to new phone I saw Nokia 7.1 being launched in china and i was amazed with the design and features. That was since end of October 2018. I decided it is going to be my next phone and when it finally arrived in India its was a great joy. I was checking news evryday  on internet for Nokia 7.1 arrival in india. And on December 30 i finally received my order. That was most beautiful unboxing i ever did. Holding that beautiful steel body in hand was my Nokia moment of the year. What makes this phone special is there are so many phones available at its price range or even cheaper ones but i couldn't change my mind and i am happy i made this choice. Its pride taking out my phone so people should see beautiful design is also important part of phone making and Nokia values it and works on it seriously. Thanks you so much Nokia. My next phone will be 7.2 or whatever it will be named should have more battery and same compact size. Its just one moment but every moment is special with this phone.