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  • Nokia + pure Android = ❤️
  • 1. My best Nokia Phone moment of 2018 was every moment, from my Nokia 6 purchase to the experience, to my upgrade to a Copa and black  Nokia 7 plus which Is a beauty. However the particular best Nokia phone moment of 2018 was my brother's Lobola, which is a traditional wedding in my country.
    2. The reason why this moment was special is because it was a huge moment for my family and I was able to capture those moments with my Nokia 7 plus. It made me reflect on how far we have come in my small family and how the future is looking bright, which I could relate to Nokia mobile🙂. The picture I posted is one I took at the event with my uncle, using my 7 plus selfie cam.<img src="https://us.v-cdn.net/6031042/uploads/editor/0a/ojro10sg7hoj.jpg" alt="">
  • Sharing warmth and smiles has always been a 'Nokian' attribute. Here's my short story where I hope you'll experience it too!

    "Nokia and 2018"

    “Does it have that game?” she asked, as I ran to my new video game, not even bothering about removing my school-uniform.
    “Which one?” I asked, astonished she had any knowledge about virtual games, in fact I was astonished she knew that they even existed.
    “The one where it moves and eats?” she replied, trying hard to recollect.
    “I don’t know, you’ll have to be a little more specific” I replied reluctantly, excited to try out my brand-new game.
    Not sure if she said anything after that as there on I was completely engrossed in my super-techy game.
    Years passed, and the video game I so loved then was now just outdated trash, in some junkyard somewhere.
    I came home from office, not even bothering about removing my work-uniform, I yelled, “Food!”
    She got me a hot plate of lemon rice and just like every day sat right there to see if I liked it.
    Looking at her, I smiled. Unlike any other day, today I had something for her. I pulled out a brand-new Nokia 8.1 and handed it to her.
    Eyes wide open, she asked, “Does it have that game, the one where it moves?”
    Puzzled that she still plays the same game in 2018, I asked, “What! Which one?”
    She quickly got up and brought her phone.
    “I can’t read” she said
    adding “This one.”
    ‘Snake’ flashed on her 3310, as she showed me how it moves, eats, and grows with sparkling eyes.

  • <blockquote class="Quote">
    <div class="QuoteAuthor"><a href="/profile/davide.dallapozza">davide.dallapozza</a> said:</div>
    <div class="QuoteText">1. My favorite moment of 2018 was in October when a thief stole my old smartphone and I have no doubt to buy my actual Nokia 7 plus and I think this is the best Nokia phone of the last decade
    2.every moment was special special when I use camera the Carl Zeiss lens give me picture that I never imagine with previous phone<img alt="" src="https://us.v-cdn.net/6031042/uploads/editor/80/7lhfolswk6fw.jpg"> <img src="https://us.v-cdn.net/6031042/uploads/editor/ot/2jqlnf3bsi1a.jpg" alt=""><img alt="" src="https://us.v-cdn.net/6031042/uploads/editor/tm/c03de4el0cm8.jpg"><img alt="" src="https://us.v-cdn.net/6031042/uploads/editor/h5/zq536yhscc4q.jpg"></div>
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    </p><p>Hi everyone!</p>


    </p><p><b>Following the success of our 48 Hours in
    Dubai competition,</b> we wanted to pay it forward to our fans and invite 3 people
    to join us, on the field in Spain, this February for our launch event at MWC.</p>


    </b></p><p><b>Participating to our competition is easy.
    Reply to this thread and:</b></p><b>


    </b><div><b><i>1.Let us know what your favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018 was</i></b></div><b><i>

    </i></b><div><b><i>2.Let us know what makes the moment you chose so special



    </i></b><p>What format you can use for your
    submissions? Video is preferred, but images or text responses are welcomed too! The
    authors of the best messages will be chosen to join us at our next unveiling in
    </p><p>Competition ends on 7 February 2019. Our top three runner-ups will
    win a new phone each.</p>


    <p>Hopefully we’ll see you soon in MWC!</p><p>T and Cs apply</p></div>
  • Nokia 6.1 plus......Simply wow😀
  • my favourite Nokia moment of 2018 wasn't just one, but many of them, a collection of memories. my Nokia accompanied me through my many hikes, my urban escapades, explorations, sightseeings and my long awaited first international solo trip! i love being outdoors, and i love how my phone can endure that, 2018 felt awesome having a great companion in my pocket. i loved how my Nokia let me see new, hear new, and feel new. it's not technology, it's what we do with it, and to me being able to discover, participate, express my passions and talk in pictures out in the wilderness was awesome enough to make my 2018 so special.

    i can't wait for 2019 for me and my Nokia to unlock The Next Episode. <3
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    My Favourite Nokia 2018 Moment I was in Dubai with my family and take picture selfie and bothie moment with my Nokia 7+ it's was awesome and feel like haven my son too enjoy the bothie moment and watch the video I captured and enjoyed and I appreciate the Nokia team too who make feature like bothie 
    Thanks Nokia team and Mr sarvikas who personally attached with Nokia mobile and HMD Team 
    I love you Guys and feel me very special with my Nokia phone
  • My Favourite Nokia 2018 Moment I was in Dubai with my family and take picture selfie and bothie moment with my Nokia 7+ it's was awesome and feel like haven my son too enjoy the bothie moment and watch the video I captured and enjoyed and I appreciate the Nokia team too who make feature like bothie 
    Thanks Nokia team and Mr sarvikas who personally attached with Nokia mobile and HMD Team 
    I love you Guys and feel me very special with my Nokia phone 
  • Dream beomes true by #NOKIA 6.1 PLUS
    Greatest phone 
  • <b>My favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018 was Nokia 7.1</b>
    <b>I choose Nokia 7.1 because of the fantastic notch display out understanding build quality 4GB ram Qualcomm SD636 Snapdragon 636 processor and Zeiss optics</b>
    I just love my Nokia 7.1 and i also recommend to my friends and family members to buy Nokia 7.1 and i hope Nokia launches new interesting featured phone in mwc 2019. 
  • Im agree, what nokia have to do is to allow users to unlock bootloader. Choosing android one as an OS in correct decision.
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    2018 was a great year for me with many Nokia moments. Bought two new Nokia smartphones both have one thing in common and that is the Copper colour. I wanted to buy the Copper Nokia 6 which never came to India (I am in love with Copper colour variants) and later bought the Nokia 2 in Copper/Black. It has an amazing build quality for such a low price. That was the 1st Nokia smartphone I unboxed after Nokia returned and later bought the Nokia 7 plus in White/Copper and this thing is just beautiful. It has been a head turner and conversation starter in public places. And it feels very nice to tell about the Nokia devices to the random people who ask about them. Many Nokia moments created this way. :)

    These were the moments I have created with Nokia phones but the most important and Special Nokia moment was making good friends because of Nokia. Being an introvert, it is harder to make friends but I found some of the very nice people due to all of us sharing the same love for Nokia. Never thought of meeting such nice people on the internet and becoming friends. Thanks to @singhnsk and @akilesh for being around and helping with vatious stuff and @gravemind2015 you have been amazing with your knowledge and photography skills. 😊

    Knowing you all is my favorite Nokia Phone moment of 2018.😊

  • 1. My most favourite Nokia Phone moment is being lucky enough to share my moments with other fellow Nokians and enjoyed the great reunion of the Nokia Family in the Nokia Fan event..and i was able to capture those moments with the First Nokia Android Device..Nokia 6

    2. This was the special moment to me because, ever since Childhood i used to play games on Nokia 1100..I always wanted to be a part of the Nokia Revolution..I am literally crazy about Nokia and it's Technology..I still feel proud to convince lots of people into Nokia Brand by saying..Nokia will never let you down whether it's about Performance or Durability..and still Nokia Lumia 1020 is the best Camera Phone ever made..Joining the Nokia Community and Sharing Moments will be my best treasure..i share my thoughts and reviews in my Blog and Groups in different social media platform to spread out the Facts about Nokia..feels good..after all its all about "Connecting People" and we all like to #Unite
  • MWC of course, by far; from Go versions to quasi-flagship or retrospective, I just went bananas…mainly 'cause unready 9 was thankfully renamed ⚠
    Longing to revive my -deeply wounded, now- N9 Xperience with the next best thing, I wouldn't mind a lil bit waitin'; forthcoming generation, possibly in a month 3GPP's release 17 for V2P, might B worthwhile afterall…
    Meanwhile, I'd even consider N9’s substitute -however KaiOSed it'll occur- provided unlockable bootloader & ½decent specs are feasible⁉
    Otherwise, ambivalence FTW☑
     * Made by my trustworthy albeit memory-full Charlie(NPI5) #6630 and sent as an MMS to ½ a dozen hundred Greek Mensans, 1½ decade ago:

    o:) Step on my Active ScreenShot⬆ >:)
  • My Favorite Device in 2018 is my Nokia 2 which is purchased in April 2018.I am simple user not a gamer so i want 2 days battery back up with watching videos,calling, messages,basic camera usage so Nokia 2 is perfect for me.
    My Favourite Moment is I went for Exam in Hyderabad and I have used my mobile for reading my pdf files and internet for some gk and again returning on next day my nokia 2 battery is 60%. Remaining and i went for latur for another exam on same day used some internet and watching videos after returning at home my Nokia 2 had 10% Remaining.I got Surprised by battery back up.During this 3 days I went to Hyderabad and latur from Nanded.Used Some Internet,Read Pdf, Watched Videos (Switched Off Device On Exam Time) and Not connected my Nokia 2 to charger in my traveling period.
  • My favourite 2018 Nokia phone is Nokia 7 Plus. That's what I currently use!
     It's very special to me, as I won a competition and received it for free as s big Nokia fan. I like this phone a lot, the screen size, build quality, battery life is exceptional and cameras are great, plus pure Android is a pleasure to use! I've been a Nokia fan since Simbian, then Windows and now Android.
    I think Nokia have done a great job moving forward and brought us fantastic new phones.
    I'm looking forward for the very long awaited device (hopefully Nokia 9) and can't wait to get my hands on it...

    Thank you Nokia.

  • 1. MY first phone is Nokia 5 and love this model. My Second new Phone is Nokia 7 plus is best for me.
    2. in Pakistan Weak cellular connection, I need Big Phone , Big battery. strong pure and Secure version of android. I need strong and solid build quilty. I Need smart and high quilty camera. lunch Nokia 7 Plus IN MWC 2018. My Dream is Nokia 7 Plus. After Some time I bough this phone. I like his Camera Secure Android Big Battery. Now in These days I enjoy with My Nokia 7 Plus. Thanks Nokia You Big.
  • Mon Nokia X6 dès le petit matin, C'est le monde dans la main -
    A la découverte d'une ville, Avec ses applis il est si habile -
    Il déroule ses précieuses infos, Toujours là quand il faut -
    Grâce à son double capteur, ses photos sont toujours à la hauteur -
    Brillant par ses merveilleux clichés, Mes meilleurs souvenirs sont engrangés -
    Vaillant comme un phare en mer, Toujours en contact avec l'être cher -
    Charmé par son look, Il est mon compagnon sur Facebook -
    Jamais à court d'énergie, Il met les autres au défi -
    Son écran comme miroir, Il ne saurait me décevoir -
    Comme quoi fiabilité rime toujours avec fidélité -
    Une visite à Barcelone grâce à mon téléphone ???? :)
  • For me 2018 was the year of love.

    Honestly there isn't just one moment I can choose, there were hundreds of them (365 to be precise).
    I would like to point out that I'm an avid Nokia user since the 3310 which was my first phone. From there I've always bought new Nokia phones and I'm looking forward to MWC 2019 for new hardware.
    What makes Nokia for me so great is the integrity that's built into every device. For the low-end devices to high-end, you just feel it when you have it in your hand. The tank durability, dslr like camera, gorgeous screen and an amazing battery life. Free from bloatware, just a pure, secure and up to date Android as you said so many times.

    The most amazing thing is creating memories on a phone that just works. I've captured memories with my girlfriend from our first date, our moving in together, first trips and our engagement. All in this little device with a big heart. Yeah it has bumps but who doesn't? It's there for the good times and the bad. I'm so grateful to be a loyal fan knowing that it just gets better over time.

    Thank you HMD for making such a huge impact in the last 2 years. The memories I get to keep thanks to your phones is truly the highlight of my year. Take a moment and watch the video I made, hope you see what I mean. (portrait mode is recommended)
  • Nokia 7 plus was my favourite phone of 2018 I had to save up to the required amount just to get my dream
  • Hello community :smiley:

    This is the first time I write in this forum and I had the honor of being able to do it.
    I was really happy to know that there are so many lovers of Nokia the legendary brand  in the world because in my country it is rare to find Nokia lovers, and I really want to become a representative of Nokia in Tunisia to show what else Nokia phones are capable of.
    I want to share with you what was my favorite Nokia phone time in 2018 and I swear it's a true story;
    It was March 17, 2018, it was a Saturday (I do not work in the morning) I went to a smartphone store to buy a phone that replaces my Nokia 5 that I gave to my sister, so I bought my Nokia 6 and I was really very happy (like every time I bought a phone Nokia Lumia 520, 635, 640 XL 820, 920, 930, 1020, and the 1520 I always had the same feeling with all my old smartphone).
     the moment I'm talking to you was when I left the store and I went to the office I found our management  buy Nokia 3310 for the whole team 'Bolloré Logistique Tunisie' ... having two Nokia phones the same day for me it was like a mather who had a baby gemini without knowing it in advance, sincerely I do not know if you can imagine how much I was happy that day.
    That was my favorite moment with Nokia in 2018 and I hope that my favorite moment with Nokia in 2019 will be in Barcelona when I will attend the launch of my next smartphone the famous Nokia 9 with these 5 cameras (PureView Carl Size)

    October 25 was a unique day for me when I read in a forum that our Dear HMD company has recovered the brand Pureview and she will be able to do camera with this technology because my Nokia Lumia 1020 misses me enormously ( I sent you an email to congratulate you  ).

    I would like to clarify that the reason I decided to participate in this game is not to travel but rather to attend a big event like MWC with a Nokia badge around my neck.
    For me Nokia is not a Brand but rather a mentality  <3

    Ps: I have a valid visa for all of Europe.

  • The most special moment for me in 2018 was when I saw the launch of the Nokia 7.1 plus (8.1) in October.  Even though it was in India the fact that it was streamed online meant that I could join in the excitement.  I have been trying to follow the launches in the same way and the even better thing about the live streaming is that it is very easy even if I had other engagements at the time of launch it could easily catch up on it as soon as I found a gap.

    Anyway, the reason why this has been such a special moment for me is because I have been looking out for a new phone for my wife or myself for the near future or next upgrade and when I saw this handset I knew this is right in the ball park.  This one goes straight to my check list.

  • <span>My Favorite Phone In 2018 is the Nokia 8.1 i Love the HDR display ,the Camera brings out the best in pics & the Design feels Premium...It was gifted to me by my brother who knows I love Nokia phones a lot and wanted this particular model badly,he surprised me by sending a courier in my name which is why it is so special to me! I will always cherish that moment and will always be a Nokia fan! 😃♥️
  • All Nokia phones are great
  • great phones
  • Hi,

    The first phone in my family was the Nokia 3310 (blue), that was my dad's phone on the 2000 but that phone get stolen and we buy another Nokia 1100 and my first phone is Lumia 535 and still I am using it. When Nokia returns they bring back Nokia 3310(blue), I purchase it in 2018 and give it a gift to my dad but mom takes it, now mom is using it now. My dad and mom like the Nokia 3310, and on that time my reference my friend also purchase 3310 in 2018, there is a memorable moment when we see/use Nokia 3310, like old days. Game Snake, space impact.

    Thank you, Nokia for returning my old days back on the Nokia phones
  • My absolute favourite Nokia Phone moment of 2018 was the realization that Nokia had returned and was just as good as it ever had been.  

    Regardless of personal preference, nobody could deny the significance Nokia has had on the world (in terms of everything from technology to pop culture), the Nokia 3310 is one of the most iconic and recognizable phones of all time, The Nokia Lumia is widely regarded as one of the most significant steps in smartphone (specifically smartphone camera) innovation, and it was for this reason that I purchased my first Nokia handset in 2015, the Nokia Microsoft Lumia 435. I loved that phone dearly, and was distraught when I heard that production and innovation at the Nokia smartphone division was being halted indeterminately. I continued using that same Nokia for years, and it underwent (and withstood) many many trials and tribulations. I used that phone until it simply could be used no more. 

    In more recent years I heard whisperings, which eventually built up to substantial evidence, which in turn became an official press release: Nokia was beginning to make smartphones again. I was beyond ecstatic. But shortly afterwards I found out that the Nokia smartphone division had been acquired by another company, HMD, who were now in charge of the entire operation. And so my hope started fading, because I didn't think anybody could ever come close to replicating the ingenuity shown by Nokia over the course of it's celebrated history. And so I waited once more, until such time as I began to desperately need a new smartphone.

    So I began looking. It seemed like I was being too ambitious. I simply couldn't get everything I wanted on my tight budget restrictions. But then I stumbled upon the Nokia 7 plus. It had everything I wanted and more, and was better than every other phone in the same price range. I was especially impressed by the camera, it was head and shoulders above the competition. So I took the risk, and I went ahead and bought it. And it was probably one of the best purchases I've made. After less than a day with it I new that despite having a new parent company, It was still the same Nokia that I'd loved. The camera is amazing, Android One program offered me the newest android even before Samsung flagships were getting it, and in a world where smartphones are all built to look like all the other smartphones, it manages to stand out. And that's why I'm participating in this contest, to get an opportunity to be at the forefront of the Nokia process.

    Pictured below; My first and current Nokia smartphones.