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    </p><p>Hi everyone!</p>


    </p><p><b>Following the success of our 48 Hours in
    Dubai competition,</b> we wanted to pay it forward to our fans and invite 3 people
    to join us, on the field in Spain, this February for our launch event at MWC.</p>


    </b></p><p><b>Participating to our competition is easy.
    Reply to this thread and:</b></p><b>


    </b><div><b><i>1.Let us know what your favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018 was</i></b></div><b><i>

    </i></b><div><b><i>2.Let us know what makes the moment you chose so special



    </i></b><p>What format you can use for your
    submissions? Video is preferred, but images or text responses are welcomed too! The
    authors of the best messages will be chosen to join us at our next unveiling in
    </p><p>Competition ends on 7 February 2019. Our top three runner-ups will
    win a new phone each.</p>


    <p>Hopefully we’ll see you soon in MWC!</p><p>T and Cs apply</p></div>
  • Take Samarth
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    >> check out my video entry here <<

  • <p>My best Nokia moment is ; Nokia 8 Sirocco Key Specs. My brother gave me the privilege of using it. I must confess the experience was far more awesome than that of my Nokia 3. Here are some functions love about Nokia 8 sirocco.</p><p>.Stainless steel frame , RAM: 6GB</p><p>This is wow!! Storage: 128GB..
    Fingerprint sensor: 
    Now this is super amazinga; dust and water resistance:
     Wireless charging: truely.</p><p>This are just but a few of the high features of this amazing device... I could go on and on... I simply wishes to have mine, felt like not returning it back to my brother...😊😁😁😁

    I recommend it for everyone who crave for quality device.. #IStickToNokia#</p>
  • My best moment with #NokiaMobile in 2018 was when I bought the iconic piece Nokia 3310 once again in 2018. That was precious moment for me. I've so many memories with the old Nokia 3310. It was my first phone that my father gifted me when I cleared my board exams & this was the first phone when I made my first call from my first phone to my Grand Mother ans said that I have cleared my board exams. She gave me her blessings and those blessings and her beautiful words are still in my heart ❤️ because of Nokia 3310. And I was lucky to relive those memories with the new Nokia 3310 in 2018.
    Made a sweet little Rap for my Love Nokia 3310......
     Mai kyu hu, mai kyu hu, mai kyu hu
    Nokia 3310 ka Deewana
    Kyu ki ise dekh ke, ise dekh ke
    Mere Dil Mein bajte hai tarana
    Waise toh sabhi ko pasand hai 3310
    Par mujhe yeh tab se hai pyara
    Jab mujhe ise aata bhi nahi tha chalana...
    Yeh.. Yeh.. Nokia 3310 full of Swag
    Thank You Nokia :)
    Here is the link to my video  
  • My favorite and most adorable moment in 2018 with Nokia is when I gifted <3 my Mom with the Nokia 216.

    The moment is so special for me because me and my mom shared our love towards Nokia. My mom is using Nokia phones for almost 15 years , Nokia 1100 being her 1st phone. Actually she didn't knew the matter that I have bought new Nokia 216 for her. She just knew that I have bought a phone. When she found that I have bought Nokia mobile for her, She smiled at me and said "OUR NOKIA <3 ". My moms reaction at that moment portrayed her love towards owning a Nokia phone. That moment cannot be forgotten. It will stay forever in my my heart whenever I see or think of Nokia. #welovenokia <3
  • Peter Kurui
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    <img alt="" src="https://us.v-cdn.net/6031042/uploads/editor/7x/ye1oqcga0vmi.jpg">My favourite 2018 Nokia moment is all about this phone Nokia 111 I bought in 2013. In December 2018, I dropped my phone (Tecno W4) in water and did not have anything else to use as a phone. I turned to the 111. Yes it is old, no longer has a back cover, and had no letter on the keyboard. You cannot even hear it ringing because the speaker and vibration nolonger work. But it works perfectly because its earpiece and mouthpiece are just okay. It really save me. Impressed by the phone and the brand, I got myself a Nokia 6.1 plus January 2019, a phone which has exceeded my expectations.
  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User
    Moments moments moments! There have been plenty of moments which I have shared with my Nokia. From making lovely friends to being able to connect with and help co-users here at the Nokia community, Overall, I have enjoyed 2018 with my Nokia.
    As for my favorite one, it is the wedding celebrations of my cousin. Nokia, being my best friend, helped me capture some memories.
    While the photographers were busy capturing others, we had a really nice family moment. Everybody here is special, especially my grandmother who isn't generally up for pictures. And that makes it much much more special!

  • My favourite Nokia moment from 2018 was with the Nokia 6.1, but in a pretty roundabout way, as it helped matters of the heart! :p :p Here's how: https://youtu.be/MM16qVJZp1I
  • madbilly
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    nitheesh said:

    madbilly said:
    Well, I honestly do not expect to win this since I was already super lucky to win the trip to Dubai.

    However, I want to win it! Of course I want to be there when the Nokia 9 PureView penta-lens-camera-monster is announced! #ReturnOfTheKing :D 

    So, what was my favourite Nokia phone moment of 2018? Well, @nitheesh already posted it! :smiley:  https://community.phones.nokia.com/discussion/comment/78112#Comment_78112

    Oh, that doesn't count as an entry? Okay, here's a couple more great memories from that trip:

    The video I recorded of the OIS demo (great demo!):
    PS - How do I embed a video in a post on this forum? There's no button I can find for that.

    The great taste in Indian food! Even if it was in an airport it's still better than what I can get where I live now! Unless I cook it myself ;)

    Here's one of the first photos I took with my Nokia 8, shortly after it arrived in the post :smiley:

    And finally, who doesn't look great memories like this at Christmas time :smiley:

    Good luck in the competition everyone :)

    And Gidos to HMD :grin:

    Great moments @madbilly :). But I can't able to view the images you shared. If you don't mind, can you please share the images again?
    Happy to know that, you liked the Indian food :). I am really curious to know, which food you tested (The image was not loading)? ;)
    Hi @nitheesh, I don't know what happened with the photos, I'll try again:
    Tandoori butter chicken and samosa :smiley: :

    Early photo of an orchid on the riverbank near where I live, taken with Nokia 8 on Oreo original camera app, no editing:

    Finally, Christmas memories like this need to be captured (Nokia 8 on Oreo with the "pro" camera app):

    Do they show now? Cheers :smiley:
  • My Favorite Phone In 2018 is Nokia 7.1.I like its HDR10 Pure display.It has good camera and display is awesome also aluminum frame looks solid.I like its small notch design.

    My First Special Moment is when i purchased my first nokia phone i.e.3310 and i forgot charger at home but i didn't need charger whole 2 days traveling .
  • > @Fatima Hajji said:
    > There is a quote: "I wish my eyes could take photos''. but I have my Noia Lumia930 that takes the beauty that I see,,My #Nokiamoile is my compinion anywhere I go, It make me capture the crazy times that I had with my family,,,etc #nokiamoilemoments
  • lipunlllll
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    2018 is a good year for me. I have a Nokia 3 which I buy in July of 2017 when the fist Nokia phone came to my nearey Market I got my first phone in my hand I am a fan of Nokia do I love to use it and in this year I enjoyed my phone without any issues I wish to buy Nokia 6.1 plus but can not buy it I suggest some one but he denied because no service centre it was just his replay so as a fan I can only say u one thing please listen to this thing I do not want any prize please I want the old keypad back in 2018 but 2 of them back I want more like e7 c1 will back again  I am just searched my old Nokia the inovatinno Nokia but I donot find it that's what I am sad . search is continew waiting for MWC 2019 I have only hope and finger crocess waiting for phone not confusing series like what happened in 2018 . I want to say u some things Nokia phone will back again of u hard something of Nokia fans not everything 
                      N  O  K    I    A
    Nokia3 micro short
    #Best movement of 2018
    #Best wish for MWC 2019
  • Just before my last business trip I unfortunately droped and broke my new Nokia 7 Plus. I had only minutes to reach my plane. Luckily there were still to trophies on my desk, that quickly got revived and did a great job in the next two days. And believe it or not: I was topic number one at the conference!
  • “The great thing about the new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul”. This is absolutely true. I met a friend in September’2018 in Switzerland, who opened my eyes by introducing Nokia 8 Sirocco to me. I met her and Nokia 8 Sirocco in Switzerland and I call them as my 'Swiss Love.’ I was mesmerised by it’s look and it was  "Love at first sight.” That phone stole on my heart. The pictures that my friend clicked with that magical instrument were mind-blowing and just professional. The deeper I went to understand the features of that device, the more I was in love with it. I would say that phone had everything that one wants and nothing that one doesn’t. My relationship with Nokia started in 2005 when I bought my first mobile phone 'Nokia 1100.' I changed several phones after that and continued my loyalty with NOKIA. In recent years I took divorce from Nokia as I was carried away and decieved by other brands. I would like to remarry and reunite with NOKIA. I will do this soon, as I am going to change my existing Handset. I will go for New Nokia Phone. Someone has rightly said - “Old friends are Gold. New friends are diamonds. If you get a diamond, don’t forget the gold! Because to hold a diamond you always need a base of Gold!” Nokia is gold and I will always be loyal to it. I am happy to share the pictures that we clicked together with NOKIA in Switzerland.
  • Tamesh Sharma
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    1. My favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018 is when Nokia 7 Plus was First unveiled at MWC 2018 in Barcelona.

    2. Because I was looking for a perfect mid-range smartphone with Excellent battery life and good camera for my dream trip to Tomorrowland. And when I saw it I knew this is going to be my next purchase because I can't compromise anything for my dream trip.

    And with the help of my Nokia 7 Plus I've had a best time of my life in Tomorrowland and capture one my greatest memories. I've asked other people what they thought and they said the same thing.

    Tomorrowland Belgium is perfectly designed for you to live and capture the best experience of your life. It's like a Disneyworld for clubbers. And I am happy to say that I captured one of the best memory of my life in Tomorrowland with the help of my Nokia 7 Plus by Raising my pride my country flag <3 <3

    According to Nokia 7 Plus deserves the crown 👑

    Hope This time I get a chance to witness one of the biggest events on the mobile calendar MWC 2019 and Nokia next Biggest Launch of the 2019.
  • My favourite Nokia moment from 2018 was on a beautiful vacation with friends in Goa. All four of us had mid-range smartphones and my 7 plus was the only Nokia amongst us. At one spot everyone of us was busy snapping memories with their respective phones and all being engineers were quick to make comparisons in the camera quality. On comparing, one of my friend was amazed by the photos from my mobile (Nokia 7 plus) despite the not so good lihlight conditions given the ending of monsoon season and said that "Let's just take photos with this phone as this seems to take best photos of the lot." This moment bought a wide smile on my face and I was happy that a major chunk of the beautiful memories we captured on the trip will always be remembered through the lens of my Nokia 7 plus like these... (and also my profile picture, the best I every had 😆 )

  • My favorite Nokia phone moment in 2018 was when I finally got the chance to test the 7 Plus device. In my opinion, this is the best new Nokia phone to date.
    I wrote about it here https://gadget4u.ro/nokia-7-plus/ and I am looking forward to writing about the next one.
    The moment was so special because I can't even afford a mid-range device, but thanks to my blog I could be able to test some of the phones I love.
  • Nokia 7 plus is the KING 🦁🦁
  • <img src="https://us.v-cdn.net/6031042/uploads/editor/dk/p8vvcvqhgxtb.jpg" alt="">
    The positive energy of everyday life....
    It reminds me to think positive in every moment.
  • My best Nokia moment was when I took a dual sight picture with Nokia X5 and posted it on my Facebook wall.so many of my friends were so captivated to the extent that they kept asking me which application I used in taking the picture.i told them it's no application,it's our latest Nokia Phones.
    It was a special moment because that dual-sight camera really distinguished Nokia mobile from other phones and made it exquisite and still number one. Nokia mobile is taking over gradually and soon we will be on top. 
  • Fatima Hajji
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    There is quote : « I wish my eyes could take photos” ; but I have my companion nokia lumia 390 that capture all the beauty that I see with my eyes, also my #nokiamobile make me save the happiest moments that I have had…
  • my best phone 2018 nokia 7.1 all feature are good but my best feature like nokia 7.1 pure display
  • With hours to go before this contest ends, I went through my photos to see the best moments I had with Nokia in 2018 . And I realised the best moments were those captured during our vacation in Bali as a family. It's a memorable one as it's our first trip as a family which we had planned for years but never had the chance to do it before. And I had the chance to immortalize the experience with my Nokia 8. I was truly impressed with it's performance and reliability and with it's sleek form factor and great battery life, I didn't bother using a dedicated DSLR camera. And for the first time I started capturing moments in monochrome. It's brings out the vibe and accentuates the details captured. From the hot Luwak coffee in the deep mountains of Bali on a rainy day to the majestic sculptures and people of Bali, I'm truly greatfull and humbled to capture these once in a lifetime moments with my Nokia 8.
  • madbilly
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    @akilesh I agree that's a great moment, I hope that HMD take note :smiley:
  • HMDLaura
    HMDLaura ✭✭✭✭
    Hi all, 

    Competition is now closed. You can find our winners >here<

    Congrats to all and thanks for a lot of wonderful and creative entries :) 

    Best regards, 
  • I love my Nokia 7 plus best ever phone from Nokia  , PHONE THAT YOU CAN RELY ON  I have used my phone 24 hrs without any issue  phone battery ,camera is awesome best quality  video recording ,it's ozo audio ,build qualityawesome beautiful phone Nokia 7 plus is beast phone that bring back Nokia my small brother photo #nokia gully boy moment
  • NOKIA is a king of phones