48 Hours in Barcelona - MWC 2019 Competition - Competition now closed



  • chiraggohil
    chiraggohil ✭✭✭✭
    For me 2018 was the year of love.

    Honestly there isn't just one moment I can choose, there were hundreds of them (365 to be precise). 
    I would like to point out that I'm an avid Nokia user since the 3310 which was my first phone. From there I've always bought new Nokia phones and I'm looking forward to MWC 2019 for new hardware.
    What makes Nokia for me so great is the integrity that's built into every device. For the low-end devices to high-end, you just feel it when you have it in your hand. The tank durability, dslr like camera, gorgeous screen and an amazing battery life. Free from bloatware, just a pure, secure and up to date Android as you said so many times.

    The most amazing thing is creating memories on a phone that just works. I've captured memories with my girlfriend from our first date, our moving in together, first trips and our engagement. All in this little device with a big heart. Yeah it has bumps but who doesn't? It's there for the good times and the bad. I'm so grateful to be a loyal fan knowing that it just gets better over time.

    Thank you HMD for making such a huge impact in the last 2 years. The memories I get to keep thanks to your phones is truly the highlight of my year. Take a moment and watch the video I made, hope you see what I mean. (portrait mode is recommended)

    Have a great day! :)

    Congratulations for your MWC trip 💐🎉
  • chiraggohil
    chiraggohil ✭✭✭✭

    Great honor for me to win the 3rd place in a big photo competition held by European Union in Egypt 😀
    So happy to take my prize from Mr.Ivan Surkos himself ☺
    The winner photo was captured by #nokia8 from 530 photos most of them by DSLR

    It was great to control shutter speed in camera pro mode to make this amazing result 

    https://eeas.europa.eu/delegations/egypt_en/54803/The EU in Egypt announces winners of its 11th Annual Photography Competition

    I love the cooperation between nokia mobile and Carl Zeiss to see this beautiful colorful pictures

    This also captured with nokia 8

    Thanks nokia hope 2019 to be great and powerful for nokia mobile 

    Congratulations for your MWC trip 💐 it's great honer as a winner for trip of barcelona 👏👏
  • chiraggohil
    chiraggohil ✭✭✭✭
    Hi everyone, I'm Francesco from Italy, currently owning a Nokia 8. I'm not a very practical person, which means that taking an important decision may be tough for me. After a long search between various smartphone brands I decided to give Nokia one more chance and picked the Nokia 8. I could have never made a better choice: the phone has an unique design, some great finishes (mine is copper) and a great hardware for its price. 
    But, let's be honest, the main reason why I decided to purchase it was for its camera. I'm a huge smartphone's photography enthusiast and I take my phone with me wherever I go.

    I live in a big city, but as soon as I can I try to escape from it, moving to a more natural environment. I love hiking and mountain in general, as I consider it more appealing to me.
    As you can imagine, it's not ideal to hike carrying heavy photography gear and that the reason why I prefer bringing with me my Nokia 8 only.

    Here's some pictures taken during the year:

    All of the pictures have been taking in a trip to Abruzzo, a small region on Italy.
    These moments are very important to me, as I shared them with the person I love.

    Regards from Italy

    Congratulations for you MWc trip 💐 have a fun in Barcelona 👏👏👏
  • Francesco Bacchini
    Francesco Bacchini ✭✭
    edited February 2019
    Congratulations for you MWc trip 💐 have a fun in Barcelona 👏👏👏
    Thank you very much, mate. If you like to watch some other pictures taken with Nokia 8, just check out my Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/bacchinif/
    Really appreciated. Thanks again.
  • neng
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    Now the competition is closed and the list of winners is announced !!! Check out  :)
  • Best device at best price 😘📲
    Its android update and security updates looks are ultimate....Love Nokia
  • My fovert mobile phone
  • Tmav
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    My favourite phone moment was the launch of the Nokia 5.1. it was so special because I knew there and then that my next phone had just been released, the design was unique and it was t