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    In an event of 8.1 which was held in Dubai with a fabulous introduction of and launching of the New Nokia 8.1 with pure view display an introduction of camera machinery with zeiss lensesa, digital wellbieng and pure view display with an iconic slogan "Pure,Secure and Up to Date android" which is under an adnriod one program.
    And with the super sentence you used to say in every event that " You can trust your Nokia device" 

  • 1. When I realized after more than two months of waiting I haven't received the prize I was promised from the Dubai event
    2. And that the winners of this competition will probably wait months too to receive their prizes. 
  • My favourite moment of 2018 would be to surprise my wife with the venerable Nokia 8 Scirocco. It's a very special moment for me because it was not sold in my country and I manage  to surprise her for her birthday. 
    Growing up in my country at the age where Nokia was the King, I was not capable of owning a phone by myself back then. My very first phone being the beautiful Nokia 8250 a gift from my father.
    As I grew up, I saved money for a year to buy for myself for the first time the Nokia 6600. And that's how I met my wife back then .I'm happy that she supports my passion to collect Nokia phones over the years . Every month when I get my salary,I set aside some money to buy back the Nokia phones I couldn't afford back then. I'm glad to say that I have collected every N series ever made except for the elusive N77. And now I'm half way through collecting the E series.
    I personally wish to be in an official Nokia event as that would mean so much for me.
    Right now , being far away from my family to make a living, the only joy I have besides being able to be in touch with them, are the Nokia phones that I buy one at a time to complete my collection.
    I'm thankful that there isn't a word limitation to describe what makes the year 2018 special with Nokia. Words don't seem to be enough compared to the joy of  realising my dreams when I was young and to give the best to the person I love. 
    *Included here are my latest 2 edition ,the N97 and the N78 and my trustworthy Nokia 8110 4G . 

  • 1. My favourite Nokia 2018 moment was when I realized after more than two months of waiting I haven't received the prize I was promised to be delivered soon". 
    2. That the people winning this competition will probably also wait months to receive their prizes. 
  • My favorite Nokia Moment of 2018 was purchasing Nokia 6.1 Plus for my father and Nokia 2 for my Grandfather.

    It was special to me because it was the first time I bought a phone for my father. He was so happy to shift to a fast and reliable Android phone. For my Grandfather, Nokia 2 is his first Smartphone. All of this was because I had fell in Love with my Nokia 8.  Nokia is truly connecting people!!

  • This is the contribution from one of the most loyal user!

  • A recent happening of 2018, me and my best friend(he is sort of Heavy media consumer) decided to exchange our phones for some days.So, I exchanged my Nokia 8 with his iPhone 6s.For me, First day there was a noticable diffrence in bettery life and overall software but another day was terrible.I called him, asked him about his experience, he replied me with great joy that he is enjoying the device 😁 and told me that gaming performance and display quality is excellent.I asked him to return the phone (not really just for sake)😉 he immediately refused by saying that please we are bestfriends naa..please let me have it for couple of more days😂..After this incident one day he called me and told me that he is going to change his device, before he could asked me i replied that Nokia 7plus is my pick(This was my Nokia Moment).Next Sunday we both went to Nearest Nokia Store and now he have a shiny Nokia 7plus without single disappointment.😊
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    1. The moment I heard the first rumors of the next Nokia 9 2. Back in 2011, the revolutionary Nokia 9 (N9) was launched, and Meego was supposed to change the mobile eco system. But unfortunately right after the MS announcement came, and Meego was put in the grave (though Tizen lives on). Still this previous 9 was an outstanding mobile, not just os-wise, but also the hardware build quality. Needless to say, I'm expecting the 2019 Nokia 9 to live up to it's name brothers expectation, and looking forward to the announcement in Barcelona.
  • matteo.m said:

    Hi everyone!

    Following the success of our 48 Hours in Dubai competition, we wanted to pay it forward to our fans and invite 3 people to join us, on the field in Spain, this February for our launch event at MWC.

    Participating to our competition is easy. Reply to this thread and:

    1.Let us know what your favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018 was
    2.Let us know what makes the moment you chose so special

    What format you can use for your submissions? Video is preferred, but images or text responses are welcomed too! The authors of the best messages will be chosen to join us at our next unveiling in Barcelona!

    Competition ends on 7 February 2019. Our top three runner-ups will win a new phone each.

    Hopefully we’ll see you soon in MWC!

    T and Cs apply

    My Nokia 6 purchased 3 months after the launch is good mobile. From I  used so far From one of the best smartphone brand. And  my best moment of my Nokia 6(TA-1021)  device is Taking photos, experienceing the pure android and I have never experience this much in any device and build quality is so good from the past and expecting more from the Nokia in Future. And Nokia is just amazing.,😊👍👍

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    My favourite Nokia moment of 2018 was the fact that I could equip my co-workers with the best-value-for-money Android phone that came to market in 2018: the Nokia 7.1.
    I was finally able to retire their old iPhone 6's with something that looked and felt just as premium as an iPhone, but for less than half the retail price 😜

    The first batch I delivered seen here, and this isn't the end of it... Many more will follow this year! For me this is special, because I can provide A-class phones to my co-workers without wasting the enormous amounts of money spent on Apple or Samsung, whilst at the same time ensuring a long update lifetime because of Android One!...

  • 1. Well, the my favorite and special nokia mobile moment was taking a video of the rain with my Nokia 7 plus. That happened in morning while we ate breakfast
    2. The reason why it makes so special is that, I was at a resort in Trivandrum, eating breakfast in morning. It was cloudy and we were expecting a rain. 
    The place where I ate breakfast was a beautiful one, it's surrounded by the nature and animals, with a cool breeze around the area. The resort itself is designed in a Indian classical architectural way, which is designed for air circulation throughout the hotel/resort.

    While it rained, we felt a soothing cool wind accompanied with it. It was so beautiful and amazing!
    One could not describe it by words how special was the rain and nature together takes a part in delighting your morning. I decided to take my Nokia 7 plus and recorded the whole moment because, I really didn't want to forget that experience in my life.

    Because of it's OZO Audio Tech, it makes us feel like we're there while watching those videos. A great way remember our memories
  • The best moments with my phone on 2018
    I was doing my housewarming ceremony many people don't have nice camera phones and Im using nokia 5  even my also very busy with many calls on that whole day it's near battery about to die (just 2%) I just kept charging for 10 minutes it's become 50% battery I was happy with that I had shoot pics and videos of housewarming ceremony sucessfully
    That was most beautiful moments with my Nokia 5.
  • My Nokia 6(TA-1021) is good device. I have buy it 4 months after the launch good moblie i have used  so far. From a good smartphone brand. And my best moment is taking good pictures, experienceing pure android. And expecting more from Nokia. Just amazing Nokia. 😊👍👍

  • Wrote a long entry earlier but it didn't show up. But I'm not giving up and I hope this makes a difference. 
    My most memorable moment with Nokia in 2018 was surprising my wife with a Nokia 8 Scirocco for her birthday. It's something I cherish as it was not  available in Malaysia. A year earlier she blessed me with Nokia 8 for my birthday after saving up for 2years to replace my Lumia 950XL. 
    So it gives me immense joy to get her something so beautiful in return although I had to fork extra to purhase from a UK seller. After all, Nokia is made to connect people. I'm hoping to be able to attend at least one Nokia worldwide event. Growing up collecting Nokia phones over the years , I can attest that it's built to last and each Nokia phone has it's own story. Im not a photographer by profession but I believe each shots freezes a moment in our life which will not happen again. And I trust only Nokia to capture the moments. Included here is a shot to show the capability of the monochrome sensor of Nokia 8 . Hoping that Nokia 9 would be the N95 or the Nokia 808 of the current generation.
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    My favorite phone was Nokia6.1 one of the greatest Nokia phone .not know what started talking, but I had the honor to use one of your products which was a more than wonderful . Thank you hmd global to allow us once again to see Nokia come back again. I wish you success with all my heart. You've done a great job with the 2018 releases. Thanks also to the Nokia support team, which has never let me down. I have purchased one of your parts, although there is no official support center for you in the country where I live.What a topic like a risk but luckily I did not regret it for a moment on your product, more than fantastic Thanks to hmd global for everything you gave us in 2018 and to more success in 2019 with best wishes for success and success 💓
  • I will not go into any specification of any device but my favourite phone is nokia 7.1 which is in my budget with excellent HDR display and great set of ziess optics.
    My favourite moment was when my mom and sister wanted a phone and they were fed up that they had to buy once again from a Chinese company but i told them to wait for nokia and nokia didn't prove me wrong and brought 6.1plus & 5.1 plus both in our budget and we got our beloved nokia back and we are living our old memories of nokia and are loving it and especially the moment when both devices arrived at home and i unboxed them and favourite nokia tune played on booting up.😍😍
    I regularly follow nokia and eager to see penta lens and punch hole camera.
  • No words can describe the moment I finally got a new Nokia phone after almost 7 years. It was a black Nokia 6.1 with elegant copper lines and even just looking at it makes me happy. While choosing a new phone to replace my previous one I didn't even bother to check other manufacturers and chose 6.1 immediately instead. Perhaps it is just awaken brand loyalty that I once had since 2003, starting with legendary 3310, and that was forgotten for a while when I had to switch from old but great E71 to a touchscreen smartphone. I've spent hours after purchase admiring the phone and end up taking a few photos with it. Now I can proudly say again "Welcome home, Nokia!"
  • My best moments of nokia is about pricing of #Nokia 6.1plus and #Nokia5.1plus is just reasonable.
    And choose it for best moments is because i need a premium premium and in this price is just awesome.
  • I am using nokia3 ia good midrange phone in srilanka market, good bujet phone . Camera is good now running android 8.1 **** i am waiting android pie update , **** notification led no, other features ia really good no problem . I hope nokia great phone . I am really nokia fans in srilanka 😀
  • Each and every moment when the new Nokia 9 was expexted to be announced.

    Because I was hoping for you two with Jolla will make it available.with SailfishOS, too - as a tribute to The Legend, the old N9 - and your heritage....

    The dream still come.teue in 2019... ;)
  • My favourite mobile is my nokia 7 plus and dont think other phone can beat this as per me😀
    And best moment is getting android pie on my nokia 7 plus before anyone else 😍

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    My Best Nokia moment for 2018, when i made my first review of a Smartphone, and that's the Nokia 5.1 Plus! after i finish and published my review at nokiarevolution.com i decided to buy a Nokia 5.1 Plus as my Primary Smartphone!  I personally recommend Nokia 5.1 Plus for those who want a Budget Gaming Smartphone with great Built and Design
  • Nokia 8 Sirocco  Brought me back to the old days when we've seen real quality and a real phone sadly not available in Ireland and being irelands well known fan here and worldwide I want to see the next line up at MWC
  • Currently... I don't have any Nokia smartphone but i own a re-launched nokia 3310 which i have given it to my dad. Because he only believes that there is only one good vrand that nokia. sadly i couldn't buy a flagship because i collected a lot and bought OnePlus 3t during the launch of the phone because tbh there was no flagship in nokia plus no phone in 30k range. My SPECIAL moment with the word nokia is that my first phone which i bought from my hard work was nokia asha 305. Great phone for me during that time i still remembered how happy was i to buy that phone it was around 4k a very bug budget for me but i did collect it at the end and bought it.now i dont have it but i had a great time owning a phone which i hi had bought from my own money. And i still love nokia hope it makes us suprised with what we are expecting love you nokia gonna watch it live on feb 24
  • my favourite mobile is Nokia 6.1 plus. And the features I loved about nokiN is its camera and UI Experience.
    In addition, its top specifications for any mid range handset made it a cool flagship product to rise high.
    I hope Nokia will never disappoint it's user.
    Lol Nokia Communities
  • my favourite moment was in 2018 
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    My best Nokia moment of 2018 was in may, with my trusted Nokia 8 in London.

    "And when the shadow of the Shard's spire points to the London Bridge, opened for the passage of a boat, my Nokia 8 was ready to capture the moment"

  • I've been a Nokia fan and user as far as I remember. Nokia has been a scared brand to me and I always tried to help other people with getting a Nokia phone instead of other brands every time, from Symbian to iconic WindowsPhone and now to Android. I registered for Nokia 8.1 lunch in Dubai too but I missed that. Now I am registering for this Barcelona opportunity with so much hope. Please do not neglect me. I need that.
  • My fav nokia moment was when i got 2 free nokia 8 cell phones and what made that moment special was the call from nokia marketing head fighting on my behalf against DHL to permit me my cell phone! Hope i win again :p