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  • nicolas el mir
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    Nokia 8 Sirocco is the best Phone at MWC 2018.

    The phone packs some seriously impressive specs in a gorgeous case

  • Not yet... waiting for something surprisingly insane innovation.....may nokia 9 meet my expectations
  • I have nokia 2.1 it is a perfect phone with a big battery. I love it 
  •  I love Nokia mobile.. 😍😍😍
    Nokia mobile are awesome 
    And thanks for comeback 2018 new mobile 6.1 and 5.1 
    I love Nokia 5.1 it out of Prafarmance in pubg mobile. 
    I Love gaming.... My favorite 5.1

  • My favourite phone moment was the launch of the Nokia 5.1. it was so special because I knew there and then that my next phone had just been released, the design was unique and it was the start of a special relationship.
  • Hi all. For me the Nokia 7 plus is the best in 2018.

    I love the design and a good pictures quality. The king is back trust me 👍
  • Once again nokia launched new phone with a new design which was nokia 3 at first i buy it with a new passion that the father of all phones hits back into the market so we can wellcomed it ..that phone was amazing look and design i use it one year and after that i used nokia5 which was also awsome device.the which most imress me that is design and build quality and as well as android simple version with alot of updates on monthly basis that is very amazing 
    Love you #Nokia a game changer
    Best wishes for the future of nokia
  • Nokia 8. Best balance while capturing something scenic. Loving the bothie. Waiting to get the same 4K  video recording with front camera in your next best. 

  • 1.This was the best moment in 2018 when I founded an old Nokia phone made in Romania,  I checked it and gave to my grandmother to use everyday. 
    2. I remembered "Nokia,  conecting people " in this case is the truth ! My 83 years old grandmother is very happy to call me everyday,  thank you  very much Nokia! 
  • Jivko Antonov
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    1.Let us know what your favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018 was

    My favourite moment was when I bought Nokia 8. It was spacial moment, because my favourite brand is back.

    2.Let us know what makes the moment you chose so special

    The spacial moment was when I realized that the camera is sh!t, not because of the hardware used about HMD, but because the lack of proper software, camera app. After that we received unfinished uncooked piece of Pie. This is so  special moment for me that I will never forget. 
  • Nokia 
    Connecting People

    I love Nokia from the beginning, Nokia has made my life better.
    I want to post my old Nokia 6290 picture, love this phone, one of the best Nokias ever designed.


    watch a little fragment here... Original picture.

  • #GetSmart @Barcelona's 24th 2019 will be worth #WMC.
    My 2018 favorite #Nokiamobile moment is the World Mobile Congress event in Barcelona on 25 last February, when launching Nokia 8110 4G👍 My best back up phone. 
  • My nokia moment was when my 6.1 plus rang when i was attending my brothers marriage... every one was surprised to have heard that iconic nokia tune and they were all in praise of the phone's design when they held it....that moment i would never forget in life ❤️
  • amir anis
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    Nokia 8 best performers best battery best camera Nokia 8 selfie
  • Manus
    Manus ✭✭✭
    My favorite Nokia moment in 2018.....? Well I guess it was listening music on my Nokia 6 in the mountains last summer.
    But I assure you I had way better times in past years, here's the rough list;
    Beating each boss of the space impact in my moms old Nokia 1100 :D it was a great time.
    The first time I opened my first Nokia phone; Nokia 2700 (I tortured my room mates with the music of diamond rush :D during the high school :D )
    The first time I opened my Nokia c6-01; this phone was so special to me, I loved it so much, I used to watch movies with it, and I learned English thanks to its built in dictionary app, my favorite feature of this model was it's wonderful stereo speakers and it's amoled display, work Nokia sleeping screen feature it was better than the iPhone models of the time, and also thanks to symbian belle I was able to choose any theme I want from thousands of themes unlike Android right now. And playing the climate mission 3dand Galaxy on fire 3d was my favorite thing in Nokia c6-01. I even did some video editing on Nokia c6-01 here's my first work; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtcRRfFZ5nQ
    Again like Nokia c6-01 first time I opened the box of my lumia 925 too was an great experience. Before I talk about the lumia 925 i should note I always wanted to but a Nokia n9 too; i was tried it for 10 minutes in local Nokia shop and I was just blown away with the fluidity of the phone, it was just like from the far future.
    I gotta admit when I first used the lumia 925 i was disappointed with the speakers, it was carrying a mono speaker but in the end I get used it otherwise I wouldn't use it for 4 years :D 
    Yep; I used lumia 925 until last year, when I first saw the Nokia 6 in the local stores I bought this phone but because of bad timing I had to sell the phone and it was a big, a really BİG mistake; that phone had a great ui, AMAZİNG, PERFECT design and a great keyboard app, I mastered at English and started to learn Japanese with lumia 925, its keyboard app was perfect; none of the Android keyboard apps can compete with that (if the guy who is behind this keyboard apps prediction algorithm is over of the employees of hmd-Nokia please give him my thanks) 
    Like the phones ui and camera lumia 925's design to was perfect; second generation fabula design, it was just perfect.
    And here we are, I think my favorite time with Nokia phones is looking at the old pictures that I took with my old lumia 925 and c6-01.
    Because when I look them I remember my times during I took the pictures.İts just so nostalgic. 
    Nokia 6 that I'm using right now both great and b terrible.
    The design of the phone is nice but the ui is bad; stock Android is lacking at the basic features such as dark theme and customisation: symbian had photo and video player and gallery and thousands of themes but Android doesn't even have a proper video player, and themes doesn't event feedbags I understand you I really do but don't you think it's time to ,do some changes? Like design ofb the software the general design of the phones are bad too.
    Just make your own ui and themes EVERYONE in the forum wants this.Heres my idea; fabula design, old Nokia meego+symbian like ui; 4 versions; Nokia evolve black ( pitch black of meego ) Nokia evolve white (a natural tone of the white and finally Nokia evolve natural and vibrant; customizable pastel and vibrant colors.
    I'm not interested with going all the way to the Barcelona but please just please listen your customers.
    Release a fabula design Nokia with Nokia evolve theme on it.
    I don't know what will be best of the year for me but if you release a phone with these features I would bought it in mere hours.

  • For me 2018 was the year of love.

    Honestly there isn't just one moment I can choose, there were hundreds of them (365 to be precise). 
    I would like to point out that I'm an avid Nokia user since the 3310 which was my first phone. From there I've always bought new Nokia phones and I'm looking forward to MWC 2019 for new hardware.
    What makes Nokia for me so great is the integrity that's built into every device. For the low-end devices to high-end, you just feel it when you have it in your hand. The tank durability, dslr like camera, gorgeous screen and an amazing battery life. Free from bloatware, just a pure, secure and up to date Android as you said so many times.

    The most amazing thing is creating memories on a phone that just works. I've captured memories with my girlfriend from our first date, our moving in together, first trips and our engagement. All in this little device with a big heart. Yeah it has bumps but who doesn't? It's there for the good times and the bad. I'm so grateful to be a loyal fan knowing that it just gets better over time.

    Thank you HMD for making such a huge impact in the last 2 years. The memories I get to keep thanks to your phones is truly the highlight of my year. Take a moment and watch the video I made, hope you see what I mean. (portrait mode is recommended)

    Have a great day! :)


  • @matteo.m @HMD_Laura

    With Nokia, it will always be hard to pick just one favourite moment. 
    Picking out one after a lot of thought😛.

    Nokia Phone Moment:

    My favourite of the year was the Nokia Fan event held in Bengaluru on November the 16th. Getting a chance to attend the event was one of the best things to happen to me and more than a dream come true. 
    I was travelling to work in the metro when I got a call from an unknown number. I picked up the phone wondering who could it be. 
    The voice on the other end said " Am I speaking to Rajath S Shetty?"
    I answered in the affirmative. 
    He continued," Hi, I am calling from Nokia. You have been shortlisted for the Nokia Fan Event to be held in Bengaluru. Would you be interested to attend?"

    I would have leapt up with joy had I not been in the metro ( I am glad I didn't. That would have been awkward and I would have probably got down at the next station out of embarassment😝😝)

    And attend I did.

    What makes the moment special:

    To answer in one word- EVERYTHING. 
    Everything about the moment is and will always be special.

    I got an opportunity to meet Pekka Rantala, CMO of Nokia and even have a picture clicked with him (posted above). We were provided with  a Nokia Fan T-Shirt, a Nokia active BT earphone, great food, a concert and tons of Nostalgia through the Interactive session.

    The great Nokia Community page which we are now a part of  was launched on that very day. 
    It was great to see so many fans of the Nokia brand at one place wearing the Nokia T shirt with pride, flashing their old and new Nokia devices, expressing their love towards their favourite brand and sharing suggestions and feedback. Felt more like a family get together than a fan meet.

     Many people, One Love- NOKIA.
    Nokia Fan Event- A day to remember.

  • The best nokia phone moment of me on 2018 is when my nokia 8 turns one year when I bought it. And I'm so happy coz theres so much happennigs on me with my nokia 8 with my friends family co-workers. And with my nokia 8 phone I captured these moments to remember the people who make our year BEST! 
  • ZubairKhan302
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    A Bothie (Dual Sight) Ride


    My First Dance With Her 😍 Shying Hesitating 😂


    1. A momment When she through a Surprise Birthday Party For me 😍.
    2.Unforgettable Trip to Ancient Shahi Qilla Lahore With my Squad 😋.

    3.A Boating Momment 4.A momment with Zig-Zag Friend 😂.5. Coffe Makes the "Momment" 😍 6. That Momment When I found Minion Lamps 😮

    7.The Momment When NOKIA FAIMLY and MY FAIMLY joins the Hands 🤝

    8. That Realistic Momment

    9. A Momment with My NOKIA 8 who Stands with me in every Momment 😍 

  • Best moment : I moved from the Lumia 520 to Lumia 650. I finally took the huge step to android with the Nokia 6 and it has been Amazing. The Nokia experience has made Android worth it. My best moment s when I bought the phone.

    Ps: the camera is amazing. I wish it had a Carl zeiss sensor though. I can create social media ads with such great picture quality. 
  • Nokia o:) 
  • Never had a Nokia phone moment. It was moments. It was when I could help people live a better life by making them buy a Nokia phone for themselves. Kind of a promoter of the brand, albeit unofficially. Never got a chance to attend fan clubs or meets. Just one achievement of being a member of "Windows scoop fans program" (closed group and was selected by the Microsoft community on the basis of an answer similar to this back then on windows phones) on FB during the windows phone days. I used to have a Lumia 520. Next a Lumia 830. Made my family buy a 535, 525 (2) & 730 (2). That was the end of windows phone era. I used 830 until the end of March 2018 when the display broke which is when I bought my first Nokia Android phone, the 6.1 in April 2018 the day it launched. Now owning a 7 plus. Made other people's life better. As on date, I have helped my colleagues buy one Nokia 6, one Nokia 6.1, two Nokia 7 plus, two Nokia 8.1, two Nokia 5.1 plus, one 3.1 plus (excluding my two phones) from the same dealer (except 5.1 plus as it was only online during those days). The Nokia Guy at the dealer is a proof. People do ask if I'm connected to Nokia in some way, but I'm not. Just an individual. I just help make people life's better and also in turn make Nokia better. Attaching some photos that are available with me:
    Screenshot of the group in FB:

    My phone (white) with my colleagues: (July 18):

    Taken few weeks back:

    My Lumia 830:
  • My first phone is Nokia 6110, still working 20 years. No I am using 7.1 and 1.
  • ä°dursunoglu99
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    Every time I used Nokia, it was very special for me. I've been using nokia for 12 years. But the most important moment for me was the day I got the 8 sirocco.
    I loved the Nokia 8 siroccon. And I finally got it. I took my phone  the weather  was very nice. I wanted to take a picture and go to the seaside.because I know this phone has great camera . Something happens when I took pictures. I saw her, my current girlfriend.i go to her and meet her . I've been loving her since then. I mean, nokia brought me luck again.  💙
    I've been in these 12 years, my nokia phones have always helped me, everything. They're all special for each model. Nokia is like a friend not just a phone. The Friend like live  my memories with me. Thank you for every good feeling and memories you have given me. Tanks my phone , my brand  and my old friend )))
  • Not a moment. It was moments. The satisfaction of making people's life better by convincing them to buy a Nokia device. I own a 7 plus. Had a 6.1.

    This all started way back during the Windows phone days. I had Lumia 520. Made my family buy a 535 and 730. Made my friends buy a 525 (2) and a 730. And I myself bought a 830. Used it until March 2018 when its display shattered. Bought Nokia 6.1 in April the day it was launched offline. And that was my beginning of the Android Nokia obsession. I helped my colleagues buy one Nokia 6, one Nokia 6.1, two 7 Plus, two 8.1, two 5.1 Plus and one 3.1 Plus (excluding my own 6.1 & 7 Plus). All from the same dealer (except two 5.1 Plus as it was online those days). The Nokia guy at the dealer is a proof of all these.

    Never got the chance to attend fan clubs or meets. Just one achievement and that was getting selected as a member of a closed group in FB with 320 members only (Windows Scoop Fans Program). Microsoft Windows phone community selected me on the basis of a similar answer regarding Windows Phone during those times.

    People used to ask me if I am connected to Nokia in some or the other way. I am not. Just an individual. I had my own moments and also helped other people have their own Nokia moments (...which in turn helped the company I love the most :wink:)

    Attaching some photos I have:

    Few weeks back:

    My Lumia 830.

    July 2018.

    The closed Microsoft Fan Community group in FB: