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  • Lost in Paradise

    1. My favourite, and definitely the most unforgettable phone moment of 2018, was the time I had the chance to explore the virgin islands of Jomalig Island, in the Philippines, together with my travel buddy, Nokia 6.

    2. Being lost in paradise means adventure to us, and in a place too distant (6-hour boat ride) where there's no electricity supply, no wifi, and a few inhabitants, having a smart tool to accompany you will make a great survival. Greatly, my phone lasts for 2 days of battery life after capturing beautiful shots of the golden shore, sunset and tropical vibes. I also found it useful when locating other unexplored areas by using the Maps, thankful for its accurate GPS. To end, my friends and I had a great time, and I consider that as one of my cherished moments of travel with Nokia 😀.
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    hi guys! here's a little video explaining which one was my favourite nokia phone moment of the 2018 and why it was so special.

    hope to win and join you guys in barcelona! <3

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    My Nokia 2018 moment was when i come to hear that Nokia is back with cool devices and i purchased one immediately called nokia 6.1 plus n after that again got a Nokia moment when this device got pie update n I was pike we are the from the recent android owners to get pie n which feel great n this thing made possible by u guys  <3
  • Halfthekgb
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    My favorite phone of 2018 was the 7.1. I watched the release 30 minutes after it aired on YouTube and I was so proud and impressed. I have admired Nokia since I got my Nokia 6 in May 2018 and I instantly fell in love. Over the course of the past 8 months, I have watched Nokia rise up to the top and gain followers. I loved the 7.1 because as long as I had wanted Nokia to become widely available in the US, October 4 was the day my dream came true. It looked so sleek, so modern, and had an extremely affordable $350 price tag. Nokia has come a long way, with speedy Android One software updates, and now it even has Nokia 2V (2.1) for a cheaper-than-internationap $70 on Verizon and the Nokia 3.1 Plus with many upgrades from the international model. These are some of the truest milestones of Nokia during 2018 and I am so, so, so proud. I love the classic durability and the design, so keep it up!

  • 1. My favourite moment of 2018 was when I received my gogeous Nokia 7 Plus on Aug 12, felt it in my hands... Mind blowing...
    2. Why because I am happy to be part of Nokia family thanks to HMD Global. This was my first phone with such top build quality & design. It had all right boxes ticked along with Android one.

    Keep it up HMD👍

  • My favourite Nokia moment was when i came to know about nokia 6.1 plus......i was really excited because my first phone was nokia 3600 slide and i want to have nokia  back in my hands in 2018......6.1 plus have a stunning look with great mid range specfications,having nokia branding and also with a trending notch i seen its unboxing again and again and its make me crazy....but at that time it was only released in China....i was disappointed but then my mind clicks that one of my realative is doing a short course in China and fortunately he was coming back this month....from somewhere i got his contact number and contacted him through whatsapp...but it was all in vain because it was also not completely available in China.....then after 3 to 4 weeks i contacted my another relative who was coming back from Dubai...he also searched Nokia 6.1 plus there but unfortunately its also not available there then i started waiting for it to be released by Nokia in Pakistan and finaly it was released in Pakistan nearby in November and i finally got it....its always on display feature is good one and also camera is excellent as a mid range device its glass at its back gives it a glossy design.

    My lifetime Nokia moment was that when my Parents gave me my first mobile phone Nokia 3600 slide(red colour) its a symbian device and nokia is a leading mobile brand at that time.....i installed alot of games and themes on it from the nokia store......and that time nokia offers great customization and other features for the Nokia users.
    Nokia has also to make its own android based UI like other brands So,Nokia can offer great features to users and gain its Market value and become the leading brand again.
    Best of luck Nokia👍

  • 1- My special moments was when I was called for nokia fan event in Kolkata. 
    2- I always wanted to stay connected with Nokia. And attending ta fan event was connecting me with nokia. Shared my thoughts with people Nokia people those were present over there. Met with Ajay Mehta sir. It was dream moment. I'm using Nokia 6.1 plus and it's doing great. 
  • Hi, 

    I have been exploring nokia since 2005 my first device is nokia 1100 its has been amazing experience with Nokia since 14 years

    My favourite moment on 2018 was visit to Jog Falls Shimoga (India) its has been wonderful photographs which I made over there with my Nokia 6.1 the photographs are crystal clear in day and low light and video recordings with 4K evaluated me to find an amazing experience I have enjoyed with my friends and family with great photography and videography experience it's has massive camera lens 

    As of my experience with long term with Nokia it is giving best quality in terms of everything in it the devices are cost effective 

    Prabhu Manny 
  • My favorite moment with my nokia 7 plus was a first picture clicked by nokia 7 plus. And the first my picture with nokia 7 plus was my mummys smile🙂. Best photo ever click with nokia.
  • in 2018 i buy  two nokia device nokia 6.1 and nokia 8810 4g , unfortunately my nokia 8810 had been stolen . My best moment when i hold the banana phone and call someone . its best experience in recent past. Thanks nokia for provide these phone .
  • My best Nokia moment  2018 was using Nokia 6.1 & then 6.1plus & now I am using 7.1.i love all these phones build quality  software & ui
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    Best moments in 2018 is the first mobile launched with notch display #Nokia 6.1plus.. 
    I brought this mobile. And every moment celebrating with Nokia.. it's up to date, secure, and andriod pure..Love nokia♥️♥️♥️ 
    #Inovations begins with Nokia.. 😘😘😘😍😍
  • wyk
    wyk ✭✭✭✭

    the day i took it out of box... the legendary Nokia 7 plus was a very special as well as fascinating moment to me. 
  •  My most favourite Nokia Phone moment is being lucky enough to share my moments with other fellow Nokians and i was able to capture those moments with the my Nokia Android Device after relaunching of Brand Nokia. Nokia 6.1 Plus (2018).
    I bought it after many many arguments with friends and brother, they were suggesting me to buy any other phone like Vevo, oppo, moto or honor.
    But at last i got it also forced my friend to buy N 5.1 Plus.
    The thing i like about Nokia is its rock solid body, durability and stunning design and yeah you got stock android means no extra app so more storage available.
    My Father is rough phone user, usually buy phone in every 5-6 month. He changes brands on a usual basis and  was using a nokia 102 recently, so when he said i also need a smartphone so i can be in contact with you and other family members (i have a large family of 15 members. A north indian joint family from rajasthan village). But problem was learning new phone so i bought him nokia 7.1 plus (offcourse papa paid 🤪, i am not earning till now) and now he is a proud owner of nokia phone. 
    The design, software update and durability all are just awesome. The best thing happens when phone ring and you get to listen NOKIA TUNE, just awesome. 
    I had some problems with phone lije my phone's charging port stopped working after 1 month , i got a replacement phone in 21 days (so for 21 days i have to use my old phone NOKIA LUMIA 830) now after 1 month same problem is here and nokia care centre excutive is saying you to submit phone again for 15-20 days. That is the only problem i had with my device.
    But I'm a happy and proud owner of Nokia phone and a great nokia family. Now waiting eagerly for Nokia 9 pureview (as it is called in leaks). 
    Phones used by me
    Nokia 1100
    Nokia 1110
    Nokia 105
    Nokia 100
    Nokia C5 5MP
    Nokia X2
    Nokia C2
    Nokia 2700 classic
    Nokia 5130 xpressmusic (that sound😍)
    Nokia 107
    Nokia N8
    Nokia lumia 525
    Nokia Lumia 930
    Nokia lumia 830( still using with miner screen cracks🤐)
    Nokia 6.1 plus

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    Love for Nokia is inexpressible. My love on Nokia 7.1 Plus is no great than any other phone.

    Stock android ♥️

    Best moments all time with snaps.

    My first phone remains Nokia. All its credits
  • My best moments were when I opened my first cell phone, a 3220 nokia was 15 years old and was the top kid in the school for having that cell phone. Lugo was the Nokia 6131, I remember that I worked all summer to get it. After that, I became fond of Nokia. then for wanting to go back to the old I bought the nokia 1208, for the novelty of color screen and flashlight !. then I went to a mid-range high nokia n73 from there I realized that the photos were very advanced xon with respect to another brand. then go to nokia 500, lumia 620 lumia 710 and 830 that those still have them saved and running. and when I went to nokia more high gamma to nokia 8 and with android was the best of my life
  • Here in Nigeria we don't see people on daily basis using Nokia phone but am so in to Nokia that I can't use another expect Nokia. My wonderful moment is my Nokia 2 4100mmh which can last like forever with my Nokia 2 I don't bother about charging my phone... Also it clear camera.
  • My special moment was unboxing my Nokia 7plus. and hearing that Nokia Tune when the phone boots that was quite something..

    It was special because I have been a Nokia Xpress Music owner,then I bought a Lumia 520  both got damaged unfortunately.
    After that I used a Motorola , but I have  always leaned towards my Lumia.
    So in 2018 that Moment came when I bought the 7 plus.i was so delighted that day.
    Hearing that tune on the start up that made my day.
  • Hiking up a mountain with friends and being the only one with a working phone a the top.

    It's special, because for that moment I felt I had the best phone - Nokia 6 (2017) - it's so hardy and durable even without a case.
  • My favourite is Nokia 8. What an awesome phone. I have never seen a phone like this. I accidentally dropped it 3 or 4 times. But one time I dropped it from 12 feet and I got the mini heart attack, I was sure that now it's definitely broke. I stepped down, found the phone and lifted it up and I was like, "what??? How is this possible..." The phone was totally fine and working. There was just a little scratch... I don't know how, did some angel landed it in his hands or what... I was very surprised... And note that there was no any back cover and screen protector on the phone, it was totally naked...
    And it's performance is outclass. It's capable of running PUBG at extreme settings (graphics, frame rate, everything at highest). I Will say this is best phone I had in my life till now...
  • 1. My favourite Nokia phone for 2018 is the Nokia 7 plus.
    2. This is is lovely from the design aspect to the quality of material used and also the processor in it. This is the first Nokia Smartphone to be launched with an 18:9 aspect ratio, and also with the pure android experience and the Snapdragon 660 SOC and a powerful 3800mah battery, the phone is really a companion. You don't need to charge daily yet,it takes you all through the day and beyond. I have used it since maM 2018 till now, there have not been any issues.
    The 6000 series block of aluminium makes it look solid and stand out from the crowd.
    The phone deserve a plus. Thank you HMD-global.
  • Now .. I'm using NOKIA 8 the first flagship of HMD Global.. 
    The camera captures amaizing pictures with pixel camara mood...
     The original Nokia headset is a beast in my ear... 
    Amaizing phone with amaizing specs.. 
    Lovely to be a NOKIA User again...

  • Although every moment is best with my Nokia . But the very special ones were last year's . My smartphone became dead, and i started using my nokia phone 105 ,with tangible Buttons , full time. And for about 3-4 months those days were awesome . Typing and calling with an old phone having solid buttons, great battery timing ,huge talk time, two sims at a time ,  made me very very happy and i felt very soothe. I want to share some words for nokia here.
    Oh dear nokia you are my first love,
    I still remember the first looks of 3310,
    The premium boxes of those early phones.
    The 1100 Nokia, Slim and sleeky one.
    The N81 8 GB. Oh the wonderful Phone of that time with huge built in memory in 2007/8.
    And the Nokia 105, which i am still using. 
  • I love Nokia phone .Now  used nokia 6.1plus 
    Nokia 1020 pure view and use camera best 41 megapixel camera but Nokia 6.1plus features and hardware best metel body and glass Finnish so attractive 😘😍😊💕👍👆 
    Nokia 3 use best and more specially. I hope Nokia 5 camera phone best ever Google pixel camera beat and hardware and software most important.... So I hope ..  comes
    I love nokia 
  • Of of my best moments was capturing this image of my daughter station g out the window at a sunset using Nokia 3. 
  • My favourite Nokia phone moment of 2018 was when i got Nokia 7 Plus in may and it was special to me cause it's truly a phone i can rely on, be it gaming, watching YouTube or anything i want to do it does all. Oh and do i have to tell my 7 plus survived a drop falling from my bunk bed on its edge like it was nothing.
  • matteo.m said:

    Hi everyone!

    Following the success of our 48 Hours in Dubai competition, we wanted to pay it forward to our fans and invite 3 people to join us, on the field in Spain, this February for our launch event at MWC.

    Participating to our competition is easy. Reply to this thread and:

    1.Let us know what your favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018 was
    2.Let us know what makes the moment you chose so special

    What format you can use for your submissions? Video is preferred, but images or text responses are welcomed too! The authors of the best messages will be chosen to join us at our next unveiling in Barcelona!

    Competition ends on 7 February 2019. Our top three runner-ups will win a new phone each.

    Hopefully we’ll see you soon in MWC!

    T and Cs apply

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    What Should I say about Nokia...
    Well Genuinely Speaking from My Heart ; 
    Nokia is Not just a Brand , its a Feeling ... <3 
    I am a Nokia user from the time it has launched its first OS , i.e Symbian , and now still using it with latest an latest android version ,i.e Android One .
    Nokia has Given so much to me that I can't even show my gratitude in words .
    Thanks a ton Nokia for Comming Back ... 👍
    The quality , trust , features you provide gives me a sigh of relief , satisfaction and a inner happiness to my Soul ...  

    "I may not be the one whom you choose to me the winner but irrespective of everything , i just want to deliver my thoughts to you .."

    Mine best and Favourite part with Nokia in 2018 was When I witnessed Nokia 6.1 plus in My hand ... 
    That Moment was just❤️❤️.  I have orderd it on 27th August,2018  and shipping was to start from 31st August. 
    From the time i have ordered , i used to track my order on Nokia website for around 7-8 times everyday .. This level of excited I was ..
    Then the day arrived , 2nd September, 2018 , best day of 2018 . A message popped that your Nokia will be delivered today , and after reading it my heart beat was rushing like anything. A constant smile was all over my face . And at last i received a call from delivery boy . I ran like anything to take the parcel.
    I rushed back to my home and unbox it (
    also made a unboxing video😛) and The Nokia 6.1 plus waa in my hand ... 
    Trust me i really can't describe that moment in words 😍😍😍

    Now the reason of that moment to be special was 
    the Phone Nokia was offering i mean the features , specifications , design and moreover the Price that was set makes it more and more attractive..
    I mean for me who comes from a middle class family so much quality features and specifications in such price was the real happiness for me.
    Even my father didn't  stopped me buying it 😅
    He also loved it .

    That's why i have said Earlier Nokia has done so much for me that i can't even pay my gratitude in words ...🙂

    Still using it without any complaint and full of happiness...
    Always Prosper like this Nokia and HMD .
    May you achieve great hieghts .
    "Nokia is not Just a brand ,its the reason of my Happiness and satisfaction" 😊
    Love you Nokia❤️

  • Most amazing moments started right after my uncle handed over the new Nokia 7+ to me! I couldn't be anymore happier and I think this was the best moment in my life. 
    Nokia 7+ OMG it's the best phone you can ever have in this price range. The performance the Zeiss optics camara the battery life that last long even though it takes only few minutes to fill your charge icon!
    Update was on time since it's it's android one. The build in quality. What more! I take a lot  of pride in having this phone with me! 
    Thanks Nokia for making my life much easier and beautiful.