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  • I m currently using Nokia 5.1plus nd I think it is the best phone in this price with its glossy design  powerful processor, great camera, good battery backup etc. I didn't think that nokia will  back again but they do and they are grabbing their trust again as they done before . And I m hoping that their new phone will definitely grab the Market . Luv u nokia.
  • https://youtu.be/YdabTsGaviE 

    Favorite moment of 2018 was being able to use my Nokia 3 to shoot a video while riding a motorcycle. The video was also edited on the mobile device, proof that Nokia has the capabilities videographers need. 
  • 1.My best Nokia moment was when a client of mine see's the result of security camera (that i installed in his place ) on my phone (nokia 8) .He was amazed to see the video quality because nokia 8 has great display with 554 ppi. That day Nokia made my DAY.
    2.The day is memoriable because he was my first client and i get positive feedback.
  • I wouldn't say particularly a moment as I feel a number of ' Nokia moments' every day  😍

    When I purchased Nokia 7 plus with my first salary, the brand which I spent my childhood with. My first 'Nokia moment' of 2018. (11-09-2018).

    My Nokia 7 plus, which fell from my table to the tile floor a couple of times. When I took it, it smiled at me without any scratches and damages. That's one of my 'Nokia moment' 😘

    When my friends ask me about the mobile I use, after looking at the quality of pictures, I feel my 'Nokia moment' with pride 😎

    In love with my Nokia totally, 

  • Well first of all, " THANK YOU NOKIA AND HMD GLOBAL FOR  A STUNNING COMEBACK". You provide best hardware and the best software experience in every smart phone which makes it sool special! A big tuank you! So i use Nokia 6.1 as my daily driver and it feels like a tank! Its a Beayty and Beast combination! But my favourite phone is undoubtedly the Nokia 6.1 Plus. The way it is build, how compact it is, that small cute notch and the Premimum build quality is what makes it special! My friend has that phone and whenever we meet we exchange our phones! 

    My best nokia moment are many! I will share 2 of my best.
    1. When i started my phone, completed my setup and told my dad to call me asap! I just wanted to listen to the Nokia Tune! When i heard it, i was nostalgic and i called myself for 5 more times just to hear that tune again!

    2. I was watching Nokia 6 launch event in 2017 on my YouTube app where at the end they announced that launch was over, all of a sudden it was black out and then A sudden Nokia tune sound fall in our ears n boomb! Video of Nokia 3310! I was so amazed after seeing that small beast, in colours! Wow...

    These are my 2 best moments with Nokia
  • My favorite Nokia moment of 2018, was seeing the brand present a lineup of high quality smartphones. 
    And why I choose this? Because a few years ago I fought that Nokia was dead, it was my favorite brand,  had so many nice handsets in the "old times" .
    So welcome back Nokia, rise again to the place that you belong! Looking forward to the Nokia 9 pureview. 
  • My Special Moment Is Nokia 1100 During My Childhood day I used To Play SpaceShip and Made My Love On Nokia 🥰🥰 After A Gap of 10 Years I Bought My New Nokia 8.1 Which Recallled My Old Memories And Days Where Nokia Used To Be My Heaven 😍 . Nokia Is King of Build Quality In My View 💪💪
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    Well, everyone here is so praising Nokia with the intention to get join the MWC 2019. 😉(That's no bad or something negative.)

    Here's my answer to the above questions.

    Brand Nokia made it big in 2018(Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 5.1 Plus, Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 7 Plus that have been quite impressive),2019 it now needs a flagship phone to complete its comeback story (Hopefully waiting for it)✌️

    True Nokia fans, hit like if you agree with me. 👍

  • 1. My favourite Nokia 2018 moment was when I realized after more than two months of waiting I haven't received the prize I was promised to be delivered soon". 
    2. That the people winning this competition will probably also wait months to receive their prizes. 
    so this not the place for complaining for what u have achieve so better u tweet which is the right place when surely get ur reward or 🏆 
  • Let me tell you I'm loving NOKIA so much, can't trust any other brand as NOKIA, old is GOLD. 1) I'm a middle-class person so I can't afford the high price of any smartphone. I was waiting for NOKIA's phone in my range and then I get NOKIA 6.1. I choose the blue-gold colour which looks so ROYAL. Golden surrounding finishing looks so attractive. 2) I was taking a picture and by my own mistake, it felt down. I thought its no more. But guess what, it's totally fine even not a single screech. I'm totally happy and satisfied with it. Love you a lot for everything, such superb build quality.
  • The Nokia booth on MWC 2018. When the crowd waiting to see the new banana phone 
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    Hi Nokia, 
    First Phone i used in my life that was a legendary phone from Nokia 3310 OLD Model.Also that was first phone in family also.
    •  Later got a upgraded Nokia 1200 phone on 2008.
    •  After that got Nokia 5310 <3 (Express-Music) All time favorite to me for the slim design and features on that time.For very long period using this mobile.
    • Then i used a Nokia 6760 Slide phone quiet well designed phone gift from my brother.
    • After the smart phone revolution i got a Nokia 5. Still am using that Nokia 5 there is no issue until the pie update.

    My favorite moment on 2018 was visit to Kanyakumari (Tamilandu ,India) its has been  wonderful photographs which I made over there with my Nokia 5 the photographs are crystal clear in day and low light photography at night has a great experience I have enjoyed with my friends great photography experience.

    As of my experience with long term with Nokia it is giving best quality in terms of battery,camera and performance. Nokia phones are value for money and also a trusted

    Shaheer Ali 
  • I liked the Nokia 6 and forced my brother to buy it and he bought after as I I got my engineering I waited and and bought a new w nokia 6.1 plus and its bomb💥💥💥💥💥 fire like tipe c cable and its the only phone my mother uses to take picture and selfie 

         Thanks nokia

  • 1. My Most Loved Nokia Phone Moment Is Nokia 6.1 Plus & Nokia 5.1 Plus Launch Event & Fan Event In Delhi...Loved The Zeal of Nokia Phones - The Build Quality, Performance, Battery, Clean UI And Timely Update.

    2. Nokia Fan Event Is Very Special Moment For Me, I Am Nokia Fan Last 12 Years And Using Multiple Devices Till Now... Currently Using Nokia 6.1 Plus & Looking To Upgrade Nokia Upcoming Flagships....Talking About Nokia & Nokia Community And Hearing The Experiences of Nokia Consumers Are Delightful. Meeting With Mr. Ajey Mehta And Mr. Juho Sarvikas Is Absolutely Amazing, Such A Humble People. 

    Looking Forward To Meet You Soon & Good Luck For Launch Event. 

    Nokia - Its All About #ConnectingPeople & #UniteForAll.

    Love You.

    Twitter - CAMohdJavedKhan
  • my most favourite Nokia Phone moment of 2018 was when I thought back at the end of the year to the nokia 7 plus release in february.
    still until now a great phone without no frills..... a pretty design with a camera for all the beautiful moments in life.
    this phone is a lttle breeze from the original nokia philosophy. 

    mobile imaging is what i love.
    for me, it is the most important feature on any phone.
    sadly i have to say that i use now the most of the time a google pixel.....but i hope nokia will come in the near future close to the good old pureview camera quality times with the next generation of phones.
    nokia is simply a traditional brand that just has to come back to the top of mobile photography. :) 

  • I loved nokia and i have nokia 8 it was the most great phone i ever had ilove its build quality and main thing is the processor 835 sd with 4/64gb very nice feeling in hand i proudly carry it with compiting in the world of phones very greatfull to hmd for pie update that was the most amazing moment of 2018 the main thing is they are giving reason able prices of the phones thanks 

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    1) My best Nokia moment in 2018 was Nokia 6.1 plus entry in Indian market after success in China . I was very eager to buy this device once the launch date was confirmed in India . Now a proud owner of 6.1 plus . 

    Our love towards Nokia was from ages since my childhood. The first mobile we purchased was Nokia 3310 and that device was a masterpiece , then we had Nokia 1100 which was designed for India followed by Nokia C2-01. All these devices were unique and best in their respective segment. After that there was change in phase with Android being very popular and had very tough competition in market.

    Being a die hard fan of Nokia , I was expecting that Nokia would be back with a bang . My expectation came true when I had Nokia 6.1 plus in hand . Wonderful experience with first Nokia phone and Android phone which I posses now. I am living 2018 Nokia 6.1 plus memory with Nokia 3310 in mind. Things change over a period of time but Nokia and Nokia fans remain same forever . That's Nokia love . 

    2) Those moments are so special because we tend to carry these moments of 2018 to 2019..2020.. and so on.. I would say not only Nokia connects people but also connects hearts . 
  • My Favorite Moment In 2018 is when u announced the nokia 7 plus
    and whats make it specal is when i got it ❤️
  • Announcement of Android Pie was my 2018 Nokia best moment. I'm a proud Nokia 8 user and till now, no Nokia phone has beated the 2017 flagship and I'm anxiously waiting for Nokia 9 flagship.
  • When Nokia left symbian for Windows,I was never a fan of windows or android,I was a fan of Nokia,I was devastated,I loved symbian,I don't know why maybe because it was Nokia,I used E5 then C3,when they joined windows I didn't have a choice but to join them I started with the one my money could afford then Lumia 520,during that period my friends laugh at me,they were all using android,they tell me all the time,come to android,what are you doing with nokia,I told them I will come to android when Nokia comes to android,in 2017 when Nokia came back I was very excited even though I had no idea when I was going to have a piece of their android due to finance,but luckily in 2018 August,I was able to purchase Nokia 6.1,built like a tank and instantly I fell in love with the phone,very strong and durable,what I loved about Nokia,no matter how sleek their phones are built,they make sure is strong for us,I will never stop using Nokia,if Nokia stop making phones I stop using phones.my favourite moments with my nokia is everyday of my life,as am upcoming independent filmmaker,with third party camera apps I shoot my videos and photos with it and I love the results,thank you Nokia for coming back,I missed you.
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    hi there...i have so deep and loveable experience with nokia phones.. my first phone was also nokia 6300.. when i was in  my school days, used to dream of having nokia 6600.. that was my dream phone then..but cudnt afford to have that . Later i raised money and bought 6300 my first ever device.. since then used lots of nokia phones and always been satisfied.
    Always used to check when nokia is coming back.. and when nokia announced nokia 6, i was like in air.. so glad to have my favourite company back in business..I always look forward to see new upcoming phones by a great company which still cares for its customers and give value for money..best device of 2018 from nokia is 6.1 plusī. Its compact beautiful and glass design made it par wd any flagship device..
    I hope to win this contest and to feel the joys of nokia progress in barcelone.. keepin my fingers crossed..Love Nokia
  • Myself Vishal Khamaru, a die hard fan & user of Nokia phones, since my first phone, Nokia 2690.
    There is no hardware match for this smartphone with affordable prices.
    I watch durability test of every phone in https://www.youtube.com/user/JerryRigEverything .
    Even Mr. Jerry agree that Nokia must build a weaker smartphone.
    Really Nokia is best.
    Currently I am using Nokia 8, the beast affordable flagship phone (bought on 28.12.2017, 13th phone after my first phone and successor of Nokia 6 (2017)) the phone is perfectly fine and smooth. The sleek design(7.9mm) is pretty much eye catchy. The texture is put it on is quite looks good with the blue colour. Even this sleek thin design is quite hard to bend, thanks to Aluminium block.

    1. The moments I captured with my phone are attached. The most awesome photo is of the yellow pot marigold. Till now no one believe that it is clicked by my Nokia 8. I put it on my Computer Wallpaper and everyone tells me "the wallpaper is very good" @ my office.

    2. The 13-Megapixel front facing camera is showing us the real us.( No editing)  <3

    3. The bokeh(depth) effect of dual camera is quite good for level detection, thanks to dual 13-Megapixel ziess cameras and Infrared Range Finder (the black spot above the flash). This photo specifies that even the boy is in less distance from the camera than girls. But the phone easily clicks the pic and only blur the background and the pic is perfect.

    4. Next best feature I like most is 4K video recording. It is good and the bitrate per socond is quite awesome (40000kbps). Even for the front facing camera. 2160p HD video.
    5. The battery(3090 mAh) and the charging(18W charger) combination is well equipped with Type-C USB 3.1. 1% charge in every 30 seconds.
    6. The next good thing is the display, protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, only 5.3 inch but enough pixels and resolution. (554ppi and 2560 x 1440) [I don't know how the company do this....great)
    7. If I talk for the internal components, the copper cooling pipe and thermal paste is first used in Nokia samrtphones, I think.). Further, Snapdragon 835 is beast processor for the smartphone.
    8. I am not using my phone in rain, outdoors. but it is IP54 Splash resistant is better.

    I have told you my 8 liked features for my Nokia 8.

    At last, but not the least, This phone is perfectly made for me, as I always like small phones with greater features. If the 6GB RAM 128GB ROM variant of Nokia 8 is available in India, I will buy that, but this 4GB RAM variant also good.

    Our family is using Nokia phones for the last 10 years, our family's first phone is with my DAD, Nokia 3110c.

    That love for Nokia continues with my mother, brother and me.

    Nokia 3110c, Nokia 2300, Nokia C5-03, Nokia C1-01, Nokia 2690, Nokia X1-01,
    Nokia Lumia 720, Nokia Lumia 730, Nokia Lumia 550, 
    Nokia 5 (currently with my brother), Nokia 6 (formerly with me), Nokia 8 (currently with me),
    Nokia 1 (Currently with my dad), Nokia 206 (with my mother).

    Accessories used are. Nokia DC-16 portable charger, Nokia earphones, Nokia bluetooth earphones.) 

    I also motivate my office colleagues for owning a Nokia Smartphone.
    One of the colleagues uses Nokia 5.1 plus.. thats too good.


  • Well, as an Indian Nokia is love when it comes to Mobile Selection. I am proud owner of Nokia Lumia 630, Lumia 950, Nokia 8 and Nokia 6.1 Plus. This list will continue.
    I have also suggested my brother to buy Nokia 8.1 and he is totally in Love with it. Currently i am using Nokia 6.1 Plus and i am absolutely happy with the beauty. It performs well even being mid range phone. Design is awesome.

    I have captured few best moments with the Nokia 6.1 Plus when i was on trip to Aurangabad in Maharashtra, India. The pictures are stunning. I didn't even felt that i should have seperate camera to capture those moments. Nokia 6.1 Plus never let me down in terms of performance and quality.

    Same is with Nokia 8.1. What to say about its camera. It is clear winner when it comes to camera comparison with other high end models. 

    Hope to seem some fantastic masterpiece from Nokia-HMD in this year. 

    All the Best. 
  • Quality is great but please improvement your Camera Apk 8.1 Not take great photo of moving objects also AI Feature is not imporvement need Nokia Team 
  • You guys are winners of Indian market so please take care of your product and service 
  • My favorite Nokia phone 2018 moment was the reunion of Nokia Phones/HMD Global with the users. 

    It became my favorite moment because "Nokia is not just a company; Nokia is not just a brand; Nokia is our family and our legacy".

    Salute to Juho Sarvikas and everyone at HMD Global because you people are really great. One day I will meet my mentor Juho Sarvikas.

  • In simple words every Nokia android phone are awesome amazing build quality flawless performance   last year I using Nokia 8 which is a beautiful phone right now I am using Nokia 8.1 which is also a wonderful phone in all department but I waiting some flagship phone from Nokia with snapdragon 855 in 2019 
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    My moment's a bit different. My favourite Nokia moment was when I was searching for new handsets to buy in December 2018 and I decided to go for Nokia 6.1 Plus. I bought it in January 2019.
    But there's a twist in the story. On Monday (28th Jan 2019), I was coming back from college, when 3 men on a speeding bike snatched my Nokia 6.1 Plus. I lost that amazing handset. 

    Now, I am thinking of buying Nokia 6.2 plus when it gets released. In fact, that's another reason for entering this competition. I don't want to win a trip to Barcelona ( tho, it's awesome), I have my exams at that time in February, someone else should win it. I just want to be one of the runner-ups who win a smartphone. Although, I have a 0% success rate in these kinda competitions, still worth a shot for a Nokia.

    So basically, her's what I am saying (it's in Hindi, some people might find it funny/rhyming):

    Nokia, Nokia mera phone chori ho gia
    All I need is a new Nokia.

    mera phone chori ho gia   means : my phone got stolen 
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    matteo.m said:

    Hi everyone!

    Following the success of our 48 Hours in Dubai competition, we wanted to pay it forward to our fans and invite 3 people to join us, on the field in Spain, this February for our launch event at MWC.

    Participating to our competition is easy. Reply to this thread and:

    1.Let us know what your favorite Nokia phone moment of 2018 was
    2.Let us know what makes the moment you chose so special

    What format you can use for your submissions? Video is preferred, but images or text responses are welcomed too! The authors of the best messages will be chosen to join us at our next unveiling in Barcelona!

    Competition ends on 7 February 2019. Our top three runner-ups will win a new phone each.

    Hopefully we’ll see you soon in MWC!

    T and Cs apply. 

    One day I have my some friends were finding some suffs for our project and while finding in t stores my phone suddenly rang and I tried to take it out from my pocket but somehow my phone was stuck in my pocket and as soon as I tried to pull it it slipped from my hand and dropped on the concrete surface from almost 6 to 7 feet height & 5 feets away from me I thought that my phone would would not sustain that hit, but it's survived without any scratches. 

    #legendneverdies #Nokia7plusbuildliketank

  • Took the New Nokia 8.1 traveling to Singapore for 2019 New Year Countdown and the camera was suprisingly great. I didn't have high expectation when the moment i took out the phone for shooting fireworks.. but the outcome was magical! These photos captured via Nokia 8.1 looks gorgeous and allow me to share you all the beautiful shots here.

    i remembered when i showed these photos to my friends,  they were impressed immediately and wanted to have Nokia 8.1 as their new phone. What really matter and meaningful to me was able to celebrate new year with best friends. Thanks Nokia Mobile for bringing such capable camera abilities to mid range smartphone which let more people able to capture memorable moments without spending much. 

    I am looking forward seeing the Next Chapter of Nokia Mobile to be unveiled in MWC 2019.
    All the best to the team :)