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[Contest] Master Class with Avinash Gowariker - Love Edition

What a fantastic response to the January theme! Thank you for your photos, Fans. It was a pleasure looking at all of them. :)

[Contest] Master Class with Avinash Gowariker - Love Edition

dipankar paul dipankar paul
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What a fantastic response to the January theme! Thank you for your photos, Fans. It was a pleasure looking at all of them. :)

While we figure out the winners for January, it's time for February, and it's the season of love!  <3

Kicking off the second month of our Master Class with Avinash Gowariker photography contest with the theme for February. 

Let's hear it from the master himself, Mr. Avinash Gowariker: 

"Hi, it’s Avinash Gowariker. I must say I am super impressed by the photos you have shared in January. I’m off to start judging your photos and selecting the winners, but not before telling you the theme for February… it’s Love

Here's what you have to do: Capture the things that matter to you and hold a special place in your heart, and share them on the forum here. I’m looking forward to some spectacular photographs… happy clicking!"

Here's something to get you started:

Theme: Love
Title: "Family time"
Shot on Nokia 7.1
f/1.8 ISO 800 1/34s

Submit your photos as comments below. Don't forget to include a caption to explain your thoughts.

And please read the terms and conditions attached to this post.

There you have it, folks. It's shooting time! :)


  • nokianchetan nokianchetan
    ✭✭✭✭  / 
    Little Help To My Father, So That He Will Complete His Work On Time and He Will Take Me To the Park 🙂
    "Dad is Daughter's First Hero"

    Shot On Nokia 8 Original .
    Location : Shri.Khandoba Temple , Jejuri 
    Exit Details : 
    Shutter : 1/100 sec. 
    ISO:  164
    Aperture: f/2.0 
    Focal : 3.58mm 
  • YAsh Chouhan YAsh Chouhan
     /  edited February 2019
    sunset at lake view bhopal ..cl cli by nokia 3.1 plus... awesome
  • Sunset at Lake view bhopal.. click by nokia 3.1 plus
  • azeem azeem
    ✭✭  / 
    I love the nature and flowers.
    My lovely Nokia 6.1 plus makes more beautiful it to captured beautiful pictures
  • ravilakade ravilakade
    ✭✭  /  edited February 2019
    Sunset at Kaleshwar Tempel.
    Shot on Nokia 6.1 plus<3 
  • Rafik Malek Rafik Malek
    ✭✭  / 
    My Daughter In Shopping Mall And Photo Shoot By Nokia 8
  • debu debu
    ✭✭  / 
    "A Dream is like a River ever changing as it flows and a Dreamer is just a Vessel that must follow where it goes"

    Captured on - Nokia 6
    Place- Midnapore, West Bengal, India
    River- Konshabati (Cossye/ Kasai)

  • Love has no conditions. We never speak the same language, yet we are always connected.
    Meet Charlie! 😊😊❤️
    Shot on Nokia 8.1 
    Location - JANAK PURI  New Delhi  
  • <3 #NOKIA X6 
    It is a awesome camera in his price range

  • Getting ready for Love Day.
    Nokia 6.1 Plus
    Unedited version.
  • chiraggohil chiraggohil
    ✭✭✭✭  / 

    Theme - Love 
    Caption - Unconditional love 💗
    Shot on Nokia 7 Plus
    F1.8, ISO - 100, SS - 1/414

  • Theme - loving brother
    Caption "cute and cuddly"
    Shot on Nokia 6(TA-1021)
    f/2.0  1/30   3.57mm. ISO200

    This is one of my favourite photo and one of my first from this phone.....
  • Chethan0210 Chethan0210
    ✭✭  /  edited February 2019
     once trusted now rusted 
  • Chethan0210 Chethan0210
    ✭✭  / 
    The raising star under the setting sun .
  • Chethan0210 Chethan0210
    ✭✭  /  edited February 2019
    Love with nokia6.1+ with Android photo editing apps
  • Chethan0210 Chethan0210
    ✭✭  / 
    Golden glow trough nokia6.1+ lens .
  • Chethan0210 Chethan0210
    ✭✭  / 
    Showing X under Nokia x6 no filter needed
  • Summiter Summiter
    ✭✭  / 
    This is where I sing my joy and and sorrows. This is where I feel loved and this is the green-blanketed great Himalayan range Shot by Nokia 6
  • Summiter Summiter
    ✭✭  / 
    Sunset in the great Himalayas. This is Ali Bugyal In the month of Februrary. Native people of this place told me that i was the first person after 1962 Indo-china war to ascend this alpine grassland in this month. I pitched my tent here and spend whole night in here also witnesses the north star closer than ever. (Shot by NOKIA lumia 630)
  • Chethan0210 Chethan0210
    ✭✭  / 
    Shot for peace with nokia6.1+
  •  One of the Favourite picture of my weekend Outing
  • user1541572254829 user1541572254829
     /  edited February 2019
    Best Indore lighting selfie #Family #8.1
  • ShubhamPatil822 ShubhamPatil822
    ✭✭✭  /  edited February 2019
    When a person proposes someone.. 
    All he feels is fear and tension ..
     Only he can understand those feelings not the person who is getting proposed...
    If the person who he is proposing u is a genuinely good person then what else you need.. 
    It Doesn't matter he is rich or poor..!
    Just say YES.. 
    Let him love U &
    U also love him..!!
    Spread the love 
    Shot On Nokia 8  Original
    Theme - Love 
    Location : Ambarkhan , Panhala Fort ,Kolhapur District, Maharashtra 
    Exit details -
    f 2.0 1/60  3.58mm   ISO247 

  • Nokia 8.1 Low Light Picture
  • happy customer....photo click by nokia 3.1 plus...
  • sajwaz sajwaz
    ✭✭✭  /  edited February 2019
    Love is in the air........how about going on romantic drive

    Shot on new Nokia 8.1 . 
  • pritametc pritametc
    ✭✭  / 
    Love for a yellow Flowers 

    Captured by Nokia 8.1 
  • Abhishek Panigrahi Abhishek Panigrahi
    ✭✭  /  edited February 2019
    Nature is not a place to visit, it is home!!
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