Google camera working on Nokia 3.1 plus

Sideload from here


  • Lisana Lisana
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    Works on my phone, but I don't think I like it. I prefer to have more options available, so Open Camera still wins. I installed it because I'm trying to get the Night Sight but this version doesn't have it, I checked newer versions from apkmirror but they crashed.  :'(
    I guess I will just wait until it becomes more commonly used (I hope).
  • Swapnil Raj Swapnil Raj
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    This was the best version that could run on our phones. I had already tried all other versions before posting the link here.
    Yes you are right this version is useless and I immediately uninstalled it.
    Bad news is that Nokia 3.1 Plus cannot support new versions of Google Camera because of software restrictions. All that we are left with is Nokia Camera. We can only wait for Nokia to incorporate all the features in this app. I don't think google will ever customise Google Camera for our phones.
  • Google Camera 7.0 is here:-.

    Portrait &Video recorder are not working


    Night sight & HDR+ are working properly

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