Nokia 8 Camera Update

Wasn't the Nokia 8 set to receive a camera update after Android Pie?

Nokia 8 Camera Update

Dawood Kamran Dawood Kamran
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Wasn't the Nokia 8 set to receive a camera update after Android Pie? This phone has amazing camera hardware that can easily outperform other devices at the same price point but it has been undermined by not-so-good software (try using the Google Camera app for a few days and you'll get my point)
This thing is a flagship, and HMD should treat it like one, even the Nokia 5 got a camera update after Android Pie, which is even more staggering. 
Hope to soon receive a proper update.
A loyal Nokia fan.


  • wilson shrestha wilson shrestha
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    We really don't know what kind of work goes in building good camera software for a particular camera hardware. But, we sure know that Nokia is taking too much time to provide a good camera update to their previous flagship devices like Nokia 8 and the Sirocco. As of now, Nokia is really only focusing on newer phone models and its camera software. There is no other way but to rely on Google Camera for now.
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    دوربین جلویی از وقتی آپدیت شده اندروید ۹خیلی افتضاح شده تار عکس برداری میکنه
  • gavias gavias
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    Alternatives to nokia 8 camera like google camera are good for photographs, but are a poor choice for video because the sound is bad and does not take advantage of the sound ozo.

    Nokia video does not allow manual mode, among other problems related to focusing. Nokia should be at the level of the best such as Huawei, Apple and Samsung; even Asus has more interesting camera functions than nokia 8. Wake up and pressure the developer team or get another team.
  • potemkin potemkin
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    gavias said:
    Wake up and pressure the developer team or get another team.
    I guess they have current camera developer team because they were unwilling to pay higher salaries that real experts demand.
  • Jonne Rautio Jonne Rautio
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    I just had an intersting camera comparison yesterday evening. We were watching my friends band performing inside, low light conditions. My friend had a Google Pixel 2 and I took pictures with that device and my own Nokia 8. Result;  Nokia 8 pictures were awful comparing Google pixel 2 pictures. This camera software just couldn't capture sharp pictures. My previous phone was Lumia 950 and you can imagine how disappointed I am with this phones camera software! This is a great phone and I hope that someone will react all these camera issues!!!
  • jdan jdan
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    To make the best of the camera in low light conditions - see my tips.
    Or download and use Gcam.

  • Hugh Matthews Hugh Matthews
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    @Jonne Rautio But did you try filming the band? The Nokia 8 records amazing sound!
  • Jonne Rautio Jonne Rautio
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    Thank's for you tips! I' m sure that adjusting the settings will give better results. Problem is that I' m too lazy😁 to use them and used to just bush the button and let the machine do the magic(again, Lumia 950...)I foud one Gcam app, but It jammed my camera. Well anyway, camera works well in the dayligh, IF sun is shining😂...
  • jdan jdan
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    Impressed by the crowd in my own town yesterday afternoon.
    5 photos taken with quite difficult light circumstances - a low sun and lots of shadow.
    Taken with my standard settings: 
    Twin - HDR On - Focus (tap on screen) 
    Zoom and examine how sharp the photos really are. 
    (Nice to edit and zoom in to make better compositions afterwards.)
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