Nokia 6.1 plus issues

1. finger print scanner not working properly And lagging most of the times.

Nokia 6.1 plus issues

AthulJoseph93 AthulJoseph93
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1. finger print scanner not working properly And lagging most of the times.
2. Showing wrong Time and date (example: phone shows time as 7:15 am when it's 9:30 pm). 
3. Double tap to wake up & auto wake up is not working properly. 
4. All the apps are hanging & crashing. Not only third party apps but also the system apps are facing same issues. 
5. System UI Frequently crashing & shows failure message, then screen turns completely black. 
6. calls continues to ring even after disconnecting the calls. 
7. phone's display doesn't turns on, not responding when pressing power button. Just vibrate when I use fingerprint sensor but display doesn't turns on. Even Calls rings display doesn't turns on. but when I connect phone to charger, the display turns on shows charging. 
8. Phone doesn't turns on, remains completely dead without any response as mentioned in 7 point (Note: This is issue happened 3 times).  
9. Oftentimes Ringtone and Notification sound is not working. 
10. When power button is pressed, phone display turns off & not getting locked(remains unlocked for more 15+ min). 
11. Photos taken being over exposed/ black colour. 
12. Battery is draining a bit faster. 

 I have these issues occurring not once or twice. It's occuring often on daily basis. I have to restart my phone each time when this issues is occurring. 

I spoke with Nokia Customer care, they assisted me few steps & I went service centre, they uninstalled & reinstalled software. Still these issues are not resolved. 


  • cototsu cototsu
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    5. System UI Frequently crashing & shows failure message, then screen turns completely black. 

    This is very bad. Fortunatly I didn't ever had that since I bought it.
    Which model do you have, mine is TA-1045
  • Armanadi Armanadi
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    Back in September 2018, I purchased the Nokia X6 for my wife through She was quite happy with it until around mid December 2018. She was having issues with the phone charging, then stop charging. This progressively got worse over time. She was at a point where  the cable was moved to different positions until it would start charging again. Then tape it in that position for the remainder, of the charge. She managed to do that for about week. Then she told me about it. I started by testing it with charge cables I knew were good and still it wasn't. I contacted Gearbest about it. It required jump hoops like sending videos of the problem ad stuff. They gave me 2 options  (1) Send the phone back. At the customer expense. They send it to the vendor's service depot. They said that there is a high probability that the depot will send back a refurbished phone. (2) Gearbest will send back a partial refund to cover for repair locally to me. I felt (2) was the lesser of the evils and went for it. refunded only $30usd. I found a local tech shop called Tech RX. They were quite professional  But they charge an inspection fee of $ 50 Cdn. If you want them to continue, with the repair, the $50 goes toward the total cost. I had to pay $179 and change before it was started. 
    They did the job and found the USB Charging Port soldered joints were broken away  They disassembled it to get to the port and re-microsoldered it to a solid joint. Reassembled it back. Tested it. They Called me back in a couple hours and told me it was ready to go.
    It looks like Nokia's Quality control wasn't doing a good job and let lots of defective phones out. What are the chances that Nokia would re-emburse the difference? I hope they do. So far this adventure  hasn't demonstrated any warranty at all. This is very disappointing  What are your thought? 
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