Pie Prank 🤷🏻‍♂️

A official news from NOKIA ia circulated all over INIDA that the Android Pie update is started to roll over in INDIA.

Pie Prank 🤷🏻‍♂️

Gokul Shri Gokul Shri
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A official news from NOKIA ia circulated all over INIDA that the Android Pie update is started to roll over in INDIA. But till date I (The Nokia 8 user) hasn't received any pie update. I just got yhe security patch update of Jan 2019. And I think the official news was a prank.I'm still in doubt that what Nokia thinks of Nokia 8 and Sirocco users? We are your very first premimum mobile buyers and Nokia Corporation should give 1st like importance to us. I still donno that when the Indian Nokia 8 users get their pie update and camera update. 


  • Shiva srk Shiva srk
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    Yeah that's very sad but we couldn't do anything fyi I'm also from India and didn't get pie till now and it's already past February
  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Yes, the Indian media is too quick to take on news (even global) just for some extra views and money. The Android Pie update for Indian Nokia 8 is still pending. They did mention some VoLTE issues, but the issues can't be so big that you spend. I'm really hoping that they give some update on this matter. It is bad to keep everybody in the dark.
  • Esdras Esdras
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    not worth it the update of pie is full of bugs, compass, fingerprint, battery drain, too bad for nokia

  • Jivko Antonov Jivko Antonov
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    Actually battery was bad at the beginning. Even after January security patch I had battery drain again. But now it's much better, like Oreo. I don't know how this is happening, but it's better than the beginning.
    After the January security patch, the first few days it makes 1h SoT with first 10% on WiFi and 2h with almost 25%. Now it makes 2h SoT with 15% every day. 
    And I use the same programs. 
  • Please, it is protest for hmd. Write in this topic
    *HMD, talk with us!*
    Today we (Nokia 8) tomorrow, you...


    HMD, talk with us!

    Help me please...
  • PieIsACowpie PieIsACowpie
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    Hello India users of the Nokia 8 Sirocco.  Please be thankful you have not received this awful update - This is Pie in the face Android 9 is full of bugs.  My Android update resulted in no more internet access.  The work around is to turn Airplane mode on and then back off.  Momentarily internet service will work but promptly shut down.  Pie also broke the hot spot feature.  Also you can no longer turn off each application individually.  The new pie in the face forces you to close all apps or select an active app to open.  There is no longer an option with an X to close each application.  There are more bugs but please do not long for Android 9 Pie.  For the Nokia Sirocco the Android update was forced on my phone - I did not have an option to decline the update. Please use caution as there is no known way to revert back to Oreo which I was very satisfied with.

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