Revolution protest for HMD

No meter how much people want to take part of but: They know all of the problems with there expensive product and don't give us nothing!

Revolution protest for HMD

No meter how much people want to take part of but:
They know all of the problems with there expensive product and don't give us nothing! No compensation, no fixes, no real update! They lie to us, and then do it again.
What I want to do now:
1)Write a petition on this forum.
2) Write to all topics of this community for petition help, of all product users! All of them will can have the same injustice like us!!!
3) Write letter tohmd  by this link:
With this text:
I have paid money to you, and I want to use normal! Give us the source, freelancers make it better then you, or make it by yourself. Make something good, not lie or infographic stupid pictures.
Thank you.
4) Write this leter every day.

If it will not work. Will do everything that everyone know about this on presentation in Barcelona. They will present something new? Let's everyone know that is money is the last connection with you and HMD. Forgot for update or feedback.

Who use Nokia 8, or another phone of HMD - I just ask you to post here:

HMD, talk with us!

Help me please...


  • NikitaPetrenko NikitaPetrenko
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    I write everywhere where I can, but half of posts was blocked, half deleted. Even 4pda.. may be it was too much posts for 2 hours. But I believe that they will do something...
    I made good photos on there camera, pretty good video. Just soft is bad, not hardware.

    If everyone letp here something - together we can make nois
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    Is there any Nokia die hard YouTuber? Try to contact him/her and ask help for a video on his/her channel and Twitter with tagging Nokia, tell him/her about the whole experience from the launch, broken promises till now the half baked Android Pie version. And also write to some reputable Tech News for making an article of it.

    My English is no good and hardly for me to express myself.

    Being on Pie more than a month, Compass not fix, Camera app bad, damn disappointing and frustrating now. My 2 years plan of using Nokia 8 is gone now and was thinking to switch to 2018's flagship after MWC 2019 because last year flagship device could be more cheaper in discount; in the mean time, let's see if this whole bad scenario of this device would be turning good or not in this February and March.

    But, never look back Nokia brand, sorry Nokia, you failed us as first-flagship-supporter.
  • madbilly madbilly
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    Yes, unfortunately I agree with the sentiment. I used to be more optimistic, because HMD are a young company, growing, and they are bound to make mistakes, but I always believe that nobody goes to work intending to do a bad job...

    ...well, almost nobody. This situation with the Nokia 8 is now bad. The Android 9 update is a rotten, maggoty, pie. I have not taken my piece yet because I'm waiting for the chef to come back with something better.

    Honestly, if your phones are still in warranty and there are features which don't work because of the Android 9 update then I would strongly suggest making a warranty claim, that will have a bigger impact than twitter.

    But regarding twitter, remember that Juho is not the chief executive, and HMD can only use the Nokia brand so long as Nokia don't think HMD are giving it a bad reputation, so there are other places you can press the stick to see if you get a reaction...

    Regarding getting a well-known tech website to run an article, that will also probably have an impact but only if it is not a website which wants to receive Nokia units in future for review ;) sites like The Register and The Inquirer have historically enjoyed giving companies a bash, so you might get a positive, interested response from them.
  • i will never buy a nokia phone again!! Juho Sarvikas said a lot of lie. i dont trust HMD anymore. Compas vbs broken, camera laser focus broken, there is no care for customers. Fake and buggy pie update. i m saying every friend "dont trust nokia and dont buy" oneplus far better customer care or xiaomi.
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