The Nokia 8 is missing so much things

I bought Nokia 8 and I realised it has limited functionality. ¹ it doesn't have its own gallery.

The Nokia 8 is missing so much things

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I bought Nokia 8 and I realised it has limited functionality.
¹ it doesn't have its own gallery.
² it doesn't have music player
³ no photo and video editor except with Google photo
⁴ multy task board can't be changed from list view to grid
* Home screen customised is limited. Can'tEdith home screen and add app and widget from home screen settings.
* Can't take pictures of from video you are watching. Tbh this phone is nice but need in next update to be attached with more customising features to make it better. My old phone has more function than this new Nokia 8 so it's not good


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    The nokia 8 hardware excellent no doubt.... Where as features it's upset me... The main attraction of this phone is camera but it's not upto mark.... Hope update solve everything
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    I had lot of hopes considering Nokia name. Nokia 8 similarity with N8 Nokia & Carl Zeiss on board, dual lens set-up. But images captured with this camera are far worst than even my other simple phones.
    I used lot of camera softwares available on play store & even paid camera softwares but none can process image to clear blurring.
    Flash is very much less in intensity. So low light photos look too dark.
    I used all options available in inbuilt camera app like AWB, infinity/auto mode, HDR, +/- etc none can take a decent image.
    Chat support executive asked me to use OIS- optical image stabilization- but no use.
    Tried processing raw image but no improvement.
    I still have a little bit of belief left in Nokia if they solve camera issues with software update sooner than later.
    It's not a camera smartphone any looks of it. It's just shattering legacy of old Nokia phones.
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    Hope Nokia 8 listen our pain about bugs and soon their provide GOOD OTA update.... many of my friends told me to take REDMI and 1+5 but I choose Nokia because of FAITH
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    Employing high quality camera hardware with mediocre software seems somewhat pointless to me but that's what we crrently have with the Nokia 8.

    I hope HMD/Nokia are working furiously to improve this situation and meet customer expectations.

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    The camera app is sub par yes. I'm sure they could get more out of Zeiss sensors too. However "so many things missing" I find a bit weird. It's called "stock" for a reason. And that's a good thing. Also my reason for buying it. If you really really want yet another customized UI, go to LG or Huawei or Samsung. Good luck with any updates then! Lol (Alternatively simply install another launcher if it's that important to you) the ONLY customised things I think that are a must are hardware related: a (better) camera app and a recording app to use their ozo microphones. Anything else: I usually prefer stock. In general: it's impossible to make an app that each and everyone loves and thinks I perfect. But there's already a solution. It's called "play store". Pick your preferred launcher and your preferred music player and your preferred whateverapp.
  • For those have problems with camera, I encountered this site while looking for compatible camera App for N8. You can download Modded Google camera.
    Link below:

    Google camera has been modified by different developer so you might see tons of different versions since they are also continuously modifying Google Cam.

    been using this version:
    cstark27_GCam_5.1.018_24_v3.5 and it's been doing wonders.
    you can check their forum on XDA developer.

    As a fellow N8 user. I want you to enjoy our beloved NOKIA hahah peace
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