Developer preview 3

I really do think that no one is reading this anyway...who is this Laura ? She's not replying to any users....well anyway where's the update ?

Developer preview 3

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I really do think that no one is reading this anyway...who is this Laura ? She's not replying to any users....well anyway where's the update ? Essential phone and now Sony got developer preview 3 why not Nokia ? Where's the promised speedy update ? Also it's June 12 and we're still running on may security update. I really do think that we may not get the update even when developer preview 4 drops by the end of this month.


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    Android P Beta 2 is  available on Sony Xperia XZ2 and Essential Phone



    But. Nokia 7 plus delayed :(

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    Yea I mean come on it' been many days at least announce a date or something right ?
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    Hello  everyone, 

    I know you’re waiting patiently for the update. Right now, I don’t have an exact date when it will be released. I’m sorry for that. 

    Best regards,

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    Maybe Laura is just Google assistant and therefore giving us standard answers.....
    No all jokes aside, I'm also disappointed in the whole update policy from nokia. Coming from a nexus 5x the biggest reason why I bought a Nokia is the Android one program.
    I'm okay with manufacturer's who are late with updates as long as they don't promise quick updates. But a big piece of Nokia's attention was going out to the fact that there would be fast updates and this is not the case in real life.
    The other thing that I'm disappointed in is the fact that the day after the release of the developer preview I've installed it and then asked a question on this forum and still haven't received a answer, this is almost a month ago.
    So Laura, maybe you just don't have the answers to all of our problems but it would be nice I've someone else could help us.
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    Yeah it's actually a bit disappointing. I really didn't think Sony would beat Nokia at providing updates and it's not even Android one. If one more company release developer preview 3 updates before Nokia it would be very disappointing
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     First of all, Android One has NOTHING todo with the current Developer Preview versions.

    So being negative about it does not help anyone.

    Please try not to loose your head about this.

    Who really cares if it released before other componys do it ?

    So stop being a cry baby

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    Dude i know Android one is just promising major updates...and it has nothing to do with developer previews. There are people from nokia on other end reading these discussions if us posting again and again about it makes them may work faster we're doing it man !!! And who cares about Nokia releasing the updates before other companies ? Try everyone except you man. Go and read all the discussions people can't wait just like me because that's what they signed up for !!! I've never used a phone which got updates so I am excited so cry baby my **** !!!
  • So yeah, new "update" f***** up my phone, why are we getting 8.1 updates if we are on Android P?
  • It ruined my phone too .com.androidphone stopped working...anfter hard reset it was on Oreo 8.1
  • Anh H Phan Anh H Phan
    Can't belive that One Plus 6 got the Beta 2 before Nokia 7+.
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