files not named on sd card???

 ive made a folder on my SD card and labelled it movies.

files not named on sd card???

fatboyz fatboyz
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 ive made a folder on my SD card and labelled it movies. when i drag and drop them over it copies fine, but when i view the videos folder through my gallery on the phone it doesnt show up the file names, just the length of the movie with a black picture.. ive checked the file before copying over has the movie name as the label and it does have that, but it doesnt show any of my movies names up? just the length of the movie?? the movies are in MP4 format by the way. is there something i should be doing for them to show up the movie title???  any help appreciated :)


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    The Google Photos app does not display file names in the overview, you have to open each file and tap the (i).

    A built-in file manager is available through the Downloads app: Tap the 'hamburger' menu top left in the app to browse the categories and the storage.

    The way Android and third-party apps scatter pictures and videos into separate folders(!) I decided to install another file manager to tidy things up.

    Total Commander is a competent free tool in my opinion and has plenty of nerdy features built-in or available with plugins. It comes with a built-in media player with equalizer and loudness boost options which is useful for some of my old videos.

    Android is still new for me. Maybe there is something better or different in the Play Store that works the way you want?


  • Mags Mags

    Hi Fatboyz. I have 2 suggestions.  You may have already done this, but if you go to Explore option on the SD card, you should find the Movie files by name or folder. Secondly, I use Android devices, and a useful (free) file manager from Google Play Store is File Manager by ZenUI, Asus Computer Inc.  There are several with a similar name but it's the Asus one. And it readily shows the storage and files folders on the android device.  

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