Automatic Background App Killing after Pro Camera Update

 Hi, Really strange bug after getting the Pro Camera update (00WW_4_88B) on my TA-1004yesterday.

Automatic Background App Killing after Pro Camera Update

Josef Eckel Josef Eckel
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Really strange bug after getting the Pro Camera update (00WW_4_88B) on my TA-1004yesterday.

I have an APP installed since 1 year called Phono. It just shows the operator Logo on the Stats Line on top (as well as some additional nice info on the network you are logged on).

Until yesterday, it was working perfectly. After a restart of the phone, the app was launched automatically and it was always showing the right Opertor Logo (even when roaming).

Now, it seems that the Nokia 8 is terminating all background processes (in this case Phono) from time to time (between 5-15 minutes), especially when the phone is in idle and the screen is off.

But not always, sometimes it even kills the app when teh screen is on.

As said, this behaviour is completely new and there is no option to turn that off. Searched all settings within my Nokia 8.

Anyone experiencing same issues with Apps?


  • alexkay alexkay
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    Looks like the same problem I raised up ( )
    Do you also miss push notifications from apps, which might get killed in background?
  •  Hi,

    Yes, it might be related. I even have the Google Mail App under suspicion. If a mail comes in (and not every time I get a push notification from Gmail), the Phono App is terminated.

  •  Just to let you know that it is not related to GMail. It happens erratically.

  • 203 203
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     I noticed that after the camera update the behavior of background battery use control is now reversed from what it was before. Before the update you would toggle an app to "on" to allow it to run in the backround. Now you toggle it to "off" to allow it to run in the background. The exact same result is achieved, just the reverse of before, a pointless change.

  • terminusaquo terminusaquo
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    I haven't noticed this problem but I have noticed the same thing that 203 mentioned in that it's now a Blacklist of apps that you don't want running in the background, rather than a Whitelist of what you want running in the background.

    You could try checking if you are running any task killer apps that auto kill background tasks as they aren't needed on Android anymore.

  • alexkay alexkay
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    Good hint, Mr. 203 - the changed behaviour of whitelist/blacklist could have caused the malfunction!
    I currently observe if it would help with the missing push notifications from my separate thread.
    Although I ever had background activity control completely disabled, I currently tried to enable it and put only one app to the blacklist.
    Will observe if it helps...
  • terminusaquo terminusaquo
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    Seems to be more effective as a Blacklist as I'm not getting as many notifications now.

  •  Hi,

    I think you mean the Background Activity Manager, and specifically the Background Activity Cleaner.

    I think, it is a pure Bug, since I had my phone on over night, and the APp was still running.

    I tried the Activity Manager (Blacklist), without success. It was gone after a while, even that I had turned it on this time. Also, the explanation on top of the screen is exactly teh opposite (as it should be).

    I think I have found a temp solution.

    What I normally do is starting the app, but from time to time I open the Google Task Manager and close (swipe) all Apps what I don't need. It was no issue in the past, but now it seems that if you close (swipe it to the right) it really closes the App.

    Unfortunately, this is not all teh time.

    Nokia, I think a task for you to double check this topic.

  • alexkay alexkay
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    Verified behaviour for a couple of days. Apps get killed and you miss app notifications although Background Activity Manager is completely turned OFF.
    Workaround: Turn Background Activity Manager ON and disable all apps except at least one app.
    Now all my apps are again able to survive in background.
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