LDAC support

I am confused as to why LDAC is not supported on this phone seeing as it's free. Can any devs shed some light on whether it will be included in the next update?

LDAC support

Tavsi Tavsi
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I am confused as to why LDAC is not supported on this phone seeing as it's free. Can any devs shed some light on whether it will be included in the next update? Pretty disappointing if it won't. 


  • Matt Nona Matt Nona
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    The Nokia 7.1 supports 5 Bluetooth A2DP audio codecs (aptX HD, LDAC, AAC, aptX, SBC).
  • Tavsi Tavsi
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    I think that may be incorrect. I try selecting the LDAC codec in Developer Options while my headphones are connected, but it doesn't change and reselects the previous option when jIrelpad the screen.
    My headphones are the Sony WH-1000M3s, which definitely support LDAC.
  • Matt Nona Matt Nona
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    Pretty sure it's correct, checked other websites as well, even androidauthority says Nokia 7.1 does support LDAC. My phone isn't working at the moment but the second it's back from repairs I can test it out and see if I can get it working with LDAC.
    You can check out their article here.
  • Tavsi Tavsi
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    Ah that's interesting. Thanks for showing the article.
    Maybe I'm just doing something wrong? Or maybe there's an issue with my headphones. Definitely let me know if you find anything if you get the chance. 
  • Matt Nona Matt Nona
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    No problem, will post an update when I get my phone back from repairs. Did you try your headphones with a different LDAC enabled device?
  • Perius Perius
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    LDAC do not work. 
    None have been able to show it working on any Nokia phone, as far as i can tell:


    And most other forums i read, nobody have got ldac to function. 
    And why? The codec is free, so it is all up to Nokia HMD. 
    I really hope that the new Nokia 9 pureview and forward do support ldac.
    Sound quality is important and one of the main selling point for mid range priced phones, is that they are perfect for music without having to pay extra for the graphic hungry cpu's.
  • My phone's earpiece port doesn't seem to be compatible with any headphones. I have tried all headphones I can possibly find, but none seems to fit. Is it just me?
  • Matt Nona Matt Nona
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    Got my phone back from repairs, paired my Nokia True Wireless earbuds as well as my Jabra Elite 65t, activated developer mode on my Nokia and was surprised by the amount of codecs available to choose from, however, no matter what codec I choose, it always goes back to SBC, pretty disappointing. Tried it with my Samsung Galaxy S8+ and S9+ and exactly the same thing happens on both of them. Confused.... 
  • Usually the phone negotiates SBC if not needed. Try if you can force it somehow, for example Sony's XM3's (NC headphones) you can change the device settings to go for quality of sound (LDAC or aptX HD) rather than connection stability (SBC).
  • PeteC PeteC
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    I'm thinking of buying a 7.1 so I'm very interested in the answer to this. The behaviour of the developer settings always going back to SBC is exactly what I've seen on my old Nexus 5x - however, it *does* actually work with LDAC. When I connect to my Sony headphones and set their app to high quality, it does switch to LDAC and this is shown in the developer settings but only while you are actually streaming - when you stop it goes right back to showing SBC. The selection of the codec (in dev settings), even when streaming, still seems to do nothing, however (when it's working in LDAC you can't change it from dev settings).

    It would be great if someone could confirm that this works with the 7.1.
  • Tavsi Tavsi
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    I'm not having any problems with it reverting to SBC. With my Sony headphones I am getting aptX constantly, but am unable to change to LDAC through Bluetooth settings, and attempting to change the dev settings immediately reverts upon refreshing the settings page, whether I'm streaming or not. 
    Hoping they add support in a future patch. 
  • Hello Guys, I am willing to buy nokia 7.1 and i have a sony WH1000xm3 headset which support LDAC, APTex. can any one confirm which codec i will be able to use and if LDAC is one of them or not.
  • brianinoz brianinoz
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    I own a Nokia 7 plus and have a set of Sony Bluetooth headphones which were working perfectly for several months with my phone until a recent Android software update, after which they stopped working. I tried re-pairing the headphones ,reinstalling the Sony app and although the associated app said they were connected they wouldn't connect with google assistant, music apps or work to make or receive phone calls. The Bluetooth also continually disconnected and reconnected. After much trial and error I discovered that the only way to make them work was to turn off LDAC in the Bluetooth settings. It was switched to ON by default. After I did that the headphones again connected and functioned normally. According to the specs my phone should work with the LDAC codec. Is this anomaly a result of the recent android update ?

  • CoddyD4C CoddyD4C
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    Same issue here. I own a Fiio BTR3 and if I connect it to Nokia 7 Plus using LDAC (forced by leaving only that codec enabled on Fiio) the BT connection drops and reconnects every time I start playing audio.

    Thank you for writing that post, I was starting to believe that there might be something wrong with my Fiio when it's the phone wrongly allowing LDAC when it doesn't support it.

    Thankfully my Fiio also supports AptX HD which works but I would love if HMD fixed this LDAC annoyance.

    @brianinoz what update are you referring too?

    It might also be that prior to updating LDAC wasn't supported at all and your headphones were using SBC from the bat and after the update the LDAC option was added but non-functional resulting in this issue.

  • Shehan 97 Shehan 97

    Same issue to me after software update. I have Sony Shake X70D

  • I have Nokia 6.1 plus and when I'm using LDAC setting bluetooth automatically off and on...

    LDAC not working

  • I'm facing the same problem with oppo enco m31 ..help us

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