System UI, Camera app,,,.........

my camera app is often freezing and sucks.

System UI, Camera app,,,.........

bharat bk bharat bk
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my camera app is often freezing and sucks. it takes 2-3 mins to be normal and not working and even in third party apps to like whatsapp, instagram, etc and often my System UI is freezing and i get a pop up msg to close app, wait ...... and many problems. seriously i never felt like this, i feel like of breaking into pieces please do respond and do the needful. Thanku :(    :(  :(


  • thecripplednewt thecripplednewt
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     Yep, there's more than 15 threads on the exact same camera problems so far, but nothing done so far about it, hoping the June update has something, but doubt it since Nokia hasn't communicated anything so far, keep on complaining in the support app and over here, hopefully they'll pick the issue up soon

  • thecripplednewt thecripplednewt
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     it's so frustrating when it hangs

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