Nokia 4.2 - Official Video

Nokia 4.2 - Official Video

matteo.m matteo.m
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  • Really liking the Nokia 4.2! Would be a great phone for my dad :P
  • saradhi saradhi
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    Giving 720p screen for its price and micro usb. It make me sick with weird ugly notch i think it is another failure from hmd. There is no innovation to like it and it looks like copy of different parts from different manufacturers i don't understand what is our market strategy relasing devices like it's further damage your market
  • > @matteo.m said:

    Expecting more memory - 4/64GB
  • neng neng
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    Really a good phone with great aesthetics, nicely built device... Clearly having a dedicated Google Assistant button for more user-friendly experience is a delight to watch... B)
  • When the come in 4.2 & 3.2 
  • Appu Mali Appu Mali
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    When the come in 4.2 & 3.2 
  • Honestly, first time i saw it with other Nokia new released phone, I secretly scream "PINK SAAAND!!!" really sophisticated colour combined with the design. 

    Somehow remind me with the L'amour or Supernova series in the past : they're not the super-tech but made to be simply beautiful.
  • Ben77 Ben77
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    Please go for a good processor
  • Ben77 Ben77
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    Again the pricing is high.If it is priced for ₹7K it would be good midranger.
  • Boss76 Boss76
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    Really liking the Nokia 4.2! Would be a great phone for my dad :P
    Pls do
    You not gonna regret it
  • Evindzer Evindzer
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    Ugly teardrop notch.

  • jenial s jenial s
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    Hi NOKIA, I want a low-mid phone with solid steel body like my Nokia 6, I like your latest phone like Nokia 4.2 but I don't like their glass body.

    Im so sorry, I dont know where will send my poor mind 🤗
  • uksesc uksesc
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    Purchased a Nokia 4.2 as a Black Friday treat for myself. More than happy with it. Excellent camera and the notification light is a nice touch.

    Happy New Year 😀

  • Platt Platt
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    Hi guys I love Nokia phones they are so solid

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