Nokia 6 so many problem after update Android pie.

-Dolby atom - mic  - finger print - Battery   please help me. if HMD will not solve this problems. me and my family reject nokia permanently.   

Nokia 6 so many problem after update Android pie.

Asif Bhuiyan Asif Bhuiyan
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-Dolby atom
- mic 
- finger print
- Battery  
please help me. if HMD will not solve this problems. me and my family reject nokia permanently.   


  • I bought ta 1000 back when it was launched. Up until now I have not been dissapointed but this pie is really a let down. I really appreciate your pure secure and updates agenda but this old version of nokia 6 can't afford that much because it's best performance was upto the Oreo 8.1 and nobody would blamed you for not upgrading this 2 year old version
  • speaking of performance I hope you find out solutions in future updates
  • После обновления андроид 9 возникли такие проблемы:
    1. Быстро разряжается батарея, даже с функцией экономии батареи.
    2. Микрофон стал работать с искажениями.
    3. После установки приложений из Play Market, а именно "лаунчеры", они не запускаются. Установить новую тему на смартфон невозможно.
    По всем остальным функциям пока замечаний нет.
    Убедительная просьба разработчикам исправить ошибки и восстановить весь функционал из предыдущих версий андроид.
  • KuKo KuKo
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    I resolved battery drain problem quite much this way: 

    1) Tap 5 times on Build number in Settings> System > About Phone> build number,  so that turns on Developer mode in Android. 

    2) Then in Settings> System> Developer settings, turn off Mobile data always in use (mostly all developer settings can be off, but you can keep on automatic system updates)  

    3) In Digital Health app click 3 points menu and disable it 

    4) In Settings> Screen, Turn off adaptive battery/brightness

    5) Uninstall all social media and media apps etc "mobile data using" apps that you don't really use.

    6) You can also try, if effects: turn off Adaptive Battery (in Settings> Battery). I kept it on. Or there in list of app too you can manually set on. restrict battery use in background to such apps that you know that don't need to work in background. 

    7) Reboot phone to make those in effect

  • Viorel Guja Viorel Guja
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    После обновления андроид 9 возникли такие проблемы:
    1. Быстро разряжается батарея, даже с функцией экономии батареи.
  • Ryan H Ryan H
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    Hi, I also saw this issue on my Nokia 6. I was able to resolve this issue by doing the following:
    - Disable Google News app
    - Uninstall Google "News and Weather" app (replaced by Google News app in Pie)
    - In Google Play store, turn off app notifications and auto updates

    Now battery life is back to the way it was in Oreo for me. Hope this helps.
  • Stopped bank OTP and transaction sms on both my Airtel and vodaphone SIM  
  • My device is Nokia 6 Black TA-1000 DS 32+4G CN

    so far so good....
    But, I lost my Notes because of this Pie Update :(

    it use another "Notes" app instead of google keep notes.
    so it should store its data locally, but I dunno where....
  • Nokia 6 TA-1033. I have battery issues, phone charging at 41% and stays at that percentage for hours
  • So is Nokia going to address these issues with any urgency? The mic issue is so bad it renders my Nokia 6 almost unusable for calls.
  • simi simi
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    downgrade to oreo is the best way
    Step by Step procedure to downgrade Nokia 6 to Oreo from Pie   
    ,FRP Bypass in Any Nokia mobile
  • KuKo said:
    That battery drain problem and other problems seems to be common and issues in Android 9 Pie. Users of other models, also by other manufacturers, complain same and media talks about it too. Just google with "Android 9 Pie problems" and "Android 9 Pie battery drain". 

    So also other Nokia models suffer of these problems

    The list of Android 9 Pie complaints and problems on many phones and manufacturers includes - and these are same, that mentioned in messages here about Nokia 6 Pie update too:

    • Bootloops
    • Lockups and freezes
    • Adaptive brightness issues
    • Disappearing home and recent buttons
    • Sound/volume problems
    • Fingerprint sensor issues
    • Various connectivity (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS) problems
    • Bad battery life
    • Abnormal Battery drain when Adaptive Battery (in Settings> Battery) is turned on
    • Google Assistant voice match settings issues
    So mainly Android needs to resolve those problems. Let's see, if something will happen before next Android-version (thus unfortunately Nokia 6 surely won't get next Android version then any more). 
    So are you saying, Kuko that there is not gonna be a security patch that could solve this problemas for the Nokia 6 users? /:
  • After upgrading to android 9 my earphone jack not working also my device temperature increasing when i start using 😂😂😂😂😂
  • ashok.jambu ashok.jambu
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    Network issues after the updates network drops frequently
  • I’ve recently received the new android pie update as well. I’m having trouble keeping a connection to my car audio via bluetooth. Also I deleted the Google quick button on the home screen opposite the play store button and I just can’t find it anywhere on my phone to reinstall it? Any help would be most appreciated.
  • kofik kofik
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    2- fingerprints are removed from my phone and I am unable to add any
    If do soft reset you can add new fingerprints. But they will last 1 to 3 days. If you do hard reset problem is solved.
  • Jorgir Jorgir
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    Hello, everyone. I would like to ask you about what can I do with my Nokia 6. I've updated it to Android Pie, but it has gotten very slow: the screen gets frozen and the camera doesn't start as fast as it did with Android Oreo , from the lock screen. I don't want to downgrade, because it could have any virus, but the slowness of the OS is maddening. It's boring the Screenshot notification, too.
    In future monthly updates will they correct this issues, or the Security updates doesn't include this?
    Thank you.
  • <b>Android pie, só trouxe problemas ao meu Nokia 6. 😞😞😞</b>
  • I have a problem with this update all time, say me, finger print it's disable, many tried. And no one trying. 
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