Revert to Nougat. Too many bugs in Oreo

Hi all, I am fed up with Oreo and want to go back to Nougat. How do I do that?

Revert to Nougat. Too many bugs in Oreo

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Hi all,
I am fed up with Oreo and want to go back to Nougat.

How do I do that?

Reason is that all sorts of apps are crashing and stopping after a while, making them unusable, such as recording activity on Strava, listening on Podcast Addict. The phone is not recognising normal headphones but seems to think they are headsets and is therefore randomly changing volume up and down all the time and opening Google at random as if the button was being pressed. That makes normal headphones impossible to use. My Samsung headset on the other hand lets me listen to things but I cannot take calls, stop music or change the volume.
Dolby surround which was actually great on the Nokia is also not working anymore and has to be disabled to get some sort of decent sound quality.


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    Hi I can downgrade to naugat but only in authorised Nokia service centre
  • You can downgrade by yourself.

    1. Install december 2017 OTA from sd card.

    2. Then install full firmware 7.1.1 june 2017.

    3. Install OTA 07.17 => 08.17 => 09.17 => 10.17 => 11.17 => 12.17 from sd card

    4. Turn off updates in developer settings.

    After all you get 7.1.2 with last security updates.

    Sorry, i can't provide more information on actually HOW_TO_DO_THIS_TRICK.

    If you are doing this, you should be fully adapted for that diffucult process and have to read much information and guides.

    In short, if you really need this, all you should know, that this is possible and information about this process you can find somewhere around www.

  •  Thanks. There is no service center in my country and downgrading by myself seems a rather dangerous activity in it self. dont want to kill my phone completely

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