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[Contest] Master class with Avinash Gowariker - 'Colours of India' Edition - Page 3

shot on Nokia 6.1+  Title : colours of India Topic : indian colourful wedding Portrait HDR enhanced

[Contest] Master class with Avinash Gowariker - 'Colours of India' Edition


  • Chethan0210 Chethan0210
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    shot on Nokia 6.1+ 
    Title : colours of India
    Topic : indian colourful wedding
    Portrait HDR enhanced
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  • Theme: Colours of India
    Title: The all Colours of India
    f/2.0         1/17     3.57mm       ISO931
  • Rakesh Goyall Rakesh Goyall
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    Colours of happiness. 

    taken with Nokia Lumia 640xl
  • Rakesh Goyall Rakesh Goyall
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    colors of India. 
    Nokia Lumia 640xl
  • Theme: colours of India

    Title: campfire

    Shot on Nokia 6.1 plus

  • ranu ranu
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    Shot on NOKIA-3 (2018) Colours of Nature....
  • Theme: Colours of India
    Title: Go Green.
    Green as we know is the prime colour.
    Most of the life is in colour GREEN💚
    Shot on Nokia 8 
  • #ShotOnNokia
    Fragrance of season 'spring '.. 
    Mango flower  

  • #ShotOnNokia
    Welcome Spring season..
    Making Home Group work ." Ant Nest "
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  • #shotonNokia
  • praveenp praveenp
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    Holi, the festival of Colors, holds a special place in the Indian society.
    It is a festival to ward off all the personal grudges and celebrate without any hate feelings for others.
    Other than the Holi day itself, the Eve of Holi or as we say Dhulandi, the Holika Dahan also share an equal importance.

    Holika Dahan has both mythological as well as traditional beliefs.
    Mythological belief is that Holika was the aunt of Bhakt Prahalad, the devotee of lord Vishnu, who was destined to kill his uncle, an evil king, Hiranyakashyapu. To kill Prahlad, Hiranyakashyapu asked her sister Holika, who was having a blessing to suffer no burns in fire, to sit with Prahalad in a pyre and kill him. But God had his own plans. In this whole episode, Prahalad was saved, but Holika was burnt, and she died. This event signifies Victory of Good Over Evil
    Traditionally, the eve holds a greater significance in rural areas. Holi, preceded by the harvest season, gives farmers and their families reason for merriment. Fresh grain is offered to Agni, the Goddess, when the Holika bonfire is lit. Roasted grains are distributed as prasad. The next day, the cultivators enjoy and play holi.
    In the recent times, with the urbanization of society, the harvest offering aspect is losing its touch. Even then, people in cities, as a custom, offer fresh grains, called Holka, to the fire, and distribute among the friends and relatives.

    The below photograph is of a man trying to roast fresh grains in the fire of Holika. 
    (attaching both the colored as well as the BnW photograph)

    Holika Dahan is also a fun-filled moment for children as they play around in the area where the pyre is to be lit. They play with pichkari and gulal. They stand by with their parents and experience the warmth of the holy fire.
    Below is a photograph of curious kids around the pyre.

    Both photographs have been taken from my Nokia 7 Plus.
    Hope AvinashSir like these pics and I get selected, or even win the grand prize.
  • #ShotOnNokia..
    Evng super moon..
    By Nokia 7 plus. Pro mode. 
  • Theme :colour of India.
    The festival Holi .
    Different colours but we one
  • ravilakade ravilakade
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    Them : colours Of India
    Title   : holi 
    Shot on Nokia 6.1 plus
  • #ShotOnNokia..
    Theme - colours of India 
    Sub :colourful festival 'Holi'
    Colour are many but we are one. 
  • praful praful
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    Shot on Nokia 8 📱
  • #ShotOnNokia
    Theme :colour's of India. 
    Sub - The Colourful Festival "Holi'. 
    Nature is full of colors just as our mind has many moods & feelings. Without these colors & emotions, life would be very dull & boring. Rejoice, knowing you are not them. HappyHoli to all of you . 
  • #ShotOnNokia
    Theme :colour's of India 
    Colourful Festival 'Holi '.
    Fragrance of season spring.. 
  • #ShotOnNokia
    Theme :colour's of India
    Fragrance of love 'Holi' 

  • Shot on Nokia 8.1
    Theme: Colours of India
    Title: Nature's own Colour
    focal length: f/1.8 1/831 4.36mm ISO100
    The God's Own Kerala natural beauty reminds me that we can forget any colour but we forget this nature's own colour,our life will end. Save this nature beauty and hand it over to our next generation,make them to dream a greeny India with less pollution.🥰
  • nitinkachare nitinkachare
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  • thanoofnaina thanoofnaina
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    theme : Colours of India
    title : Indian Cultural fest
    Shot on Nokia 6.1
    f/2.0       1/33       3.57mm      ISO200

    SANSKRITI is  the annual cultural fest of Mar Athanasius college of Engineering, Kothamangalam, Kerala. Sanskriti'19 will be conducted on March 28,29,30, by GOD's grace. Its one of the most colourfull program out here. Invites all to join us there.     
  • #ShotOnNokia
    Theme - Colours of India
    Title - Festive vives
    Model - Nokia 6 2017
    f/2.0 1/177 3.57mm ISO100
  • #ShotOnNokia
    Theme - Colours of India
    Title - Vivrant Bride of India
    Model - Nokia 6 2017
    f/2.0 1/33 3.57mm ISO100
  • #ShotOnNokia
    Theme - Colours of India
    Title - Colour of Puja
    Model - Nokia 6 2017
    f/2.0 1/50 3.57mm ISO100
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