Android One vs. FrankenDroid Chinese ROM 9.0

I've done some light investigating and have been researching the differences in user experience related to the title of this post.

Android One vs. FrankenDroid Chinese ROM 9.0

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I've done some light investigating and have been researching the differences in user experience related to the title of this post.

Now, keep in mind that I will be using this phone in the Mainland where I live and work.

I understand that by getting the Chinese version of Android Pie 9.0, I would have practically the same OS as others who have the international edition (which features Android One) Quick differences I found through investigation:
  • No Google Pay
  • No Google Assistant
  • No Google Play (but it can be side-loaded, and work fine [with a VPN])
If I were to have the international edition with Android One, I can honestly say that I would not use either Google Pay nor the Google Assistant. I would take advantage of Google Play for certain apps that I think I'd like to use.

Another caveat to getting the international edition and using it while working and living on the Mainland is the issue of warranty. In the city where I live, I found that there are three (3) 'Nokia Care certified' shops. If I were to buy a Hong Kong/Macau variant, and if something were to go wrong with my device, I would have to send it back to Hong Kong (which is no easy task, believe me), have it repaired, and then have it sent back to me. Having a Chinese ROM would allow me to have the phone serviced in this city.

According to testimonials online from people in the US who purchased a Chinese Nokia X7 (which is allegedly the Nokia 8.1 in the rest of the world), they claimed that setting up the Google Play store was effortless, Android 9.0 Pie was almost identical to others they knew who were running stock variants, and they were able to receive updates as usual. Their phone was also able to be booted in English.

So, with all of that being said, have I missed anything that would really inspire me to try getting an Android One variant over the Chinese FrankenDroid?

At first, the thought of getting a Chinese ROM sounded unappealing, but the more I dug, I found that there would not be as much of a disruption as I thought, and there could possibly be more of an inconvenience if I had the misfortune of needing to get the device repaired.

Any of your thoughts or further information would be gladly welcome!:smile:



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    Your summary is pretty good. AFAIK the other main differences are that the international version gets Google apps for many things whereas the Chinese version gets the AOSP apps or versions modified by Evenwell or NBC (whoever they are). Without Android One you are also not guaranteed the OS updates for two years or security updates for three years, but I don't know what the Chinese marketing stuff says about this.

    @singhnsk may be able to help confirm further because he has a Nokia 7 which was only available in China, he can say how easy or difficult it is to live with (albeit in India, not in China).

    Personally, after my past experience, I would only buy a phone from the local market because warranty issues are a total pain in the backside trying to deal with in another country.

    Cheers :)

    EDIT: I randomly came across this post whilst searching, so if it's now too late and you've bought an international one or have decided to wait for a Chinese one then please excuse me (or maybe you just decided not to buy a 9PV at all and get an X71?).
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    @madbilly He already did import a Nokia 9 from Hong Kong. So, he has the Android One version already 😁

    The CN ROM is liveable though. After all I loved with it. But it is not for die hard Google fans looking for OK Google and their tracking (location history) because both don't work and I've had many who say they need these 😂
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    @madbilly & @singhnsk

    Yes, I did get the HK version - two things:

    It was CHEAPER..! HK variant - 4688.00 RMB vs. CHN variant - 5499.00 RMB
    It was available MUCH sooner. The Chinese 9PV are still in pre-orders, but the official price is now up, so it's a 'real' pre-order.
    Mainlanders got the shaft this time.

    I wasn't much interested in the X71.

    I'm very content with the 9PV.
    Not. One. Regret.
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