Battery life

I have the nokia 7 plus for a month now and the phone has a lot of problems.
Most annoying one is the battery. How is it possible to get 4-5 hours screen on time with brightness all the way down and adaptive battery off?
I got the same hours on my old moto x that had only 2300mah battery.

Im not even gonna mention the slight constant whistling noise on phone calls or the bad touch response.

This is extremely disappointing. Why did i even bother buying this

Is there gonna be any fix for any of this or nobody cares? Curious also if anyone reads these posts


  • Hi, I think I found a temporary solution for the battery problem, assuming you upgraded to the new Andoid Pie. I turned off the notification and background activity for Facebook (which eats a lot of juice when I checked at the settings). Just head on to settings, go to the adaptive battery settings and add Facebook to the restricted App list. Next, go back to the main settings menu then search the word "app", scroll down then you will find "Apps & notifications" click on that then find Facebook then turn off the notification. After doing this I observed a significant improvement on the battery life. Hope this also works for you.  I also turned off the battery percentage, just so I won't see how much battery is being lost without any reason  :D