Video recording bugs

Hello, i have some major camera issues. bug 1 (major):

Video recording bugs

Hello, i have some major camera issues.

bug 1 (major):

I always uses 4k video recording(the 1080p looks very ugly on a 1080p monitor), but the recorded video always pixelated like a 240p video.

It's total useless now, I got this pixel effect in every 2nd sec.

Please check the video and these images from my 4k videos:

bug2 (major):

After I recorded the video, I tried to stabilize a 15 mins video.

The stabilization slow, but its works fine.

But I can't save it (I have more than 30gbyte free space), the original video size is 4.5gbyte, so it can be 15 gbyte.

It started to save, after few mins, it stops and steps back to the video player without any reason.

I tried 4 times to save the stabilized video, its always failed.

bug 3 (minor):

After I recorded the video, I tried to stabilize a 2 mins video.

The stabilization slow, but its works fine, but the stabilized video size is 3 times larger (ok, its acceptable, 

My model number: TA-1055

Build number: 00WW_2_22A_SP01

Android version: 8.1.0

Camera firmware:




  • marcolopes marcolopes
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    Don't you have the FOCUS problem described here?

  • Hi, no, my problem is the video encoder. The image looks well on mobile when I'm recording, But, the playback makes tons of pixels, and looks ugly like the shared pictures. Check these images in large. These are screenshots from a 4k video.In fhd, no errors appears. It happens in ALL camera programs (google, opencam, the default cam software). 




  • kas kas
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    I tried 4k recording with nokia cam and gcam mod.. didn't face the pixelated video  problem... didn't tried to stabilize a 10-15 min video yet so can't say for now if i got the same not saved problem or not.. but the small 1 min video i stabilized, i can say that the size of the video is way bigger than the normal one...

  • user389 user389
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    There is 4GB and 1 hour limits in Android, deep down. And Google Photos is broken in several ... interesting ways for months. Regarding the pixelation in the videos, your 1:55 sample downloads as a 1080p video and is only 65MB, so it could be yet another Google Photos 'bug'? - Maybe try share a sample video to YouTube instead, directly from the camera folder?
  • user389:

    no, the pixelwar is not the google's fault, its viewable in all platform (i tested in windows too with the base video file).

     It happens in all program, and all camera software.

  • You arr right, the stabilization bug can be the google photos.

  • user389 user389
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    The pixelation must not happen in the original videos.

    Are the videos recorded to a memory card that is maybe too slow?
    Is the phone busy with background activities, social apps etc?

    Try toggle the phone offline (airplane mode) while recording another sample?

    If the pixelation occurs without a memory card in the phone, and the phone is not busy with other tasks, then better claim the warranty for proper hands-on evaluation by a qualified technician.

    I can confirm Google Photos has a bug on my phone too, so 4K UHD videos grow to twice the original size when edited. Not only after stabilizing but also when only trimming the first second of a video.
    Same exercise with a few 1 minute samples, a 720p video shrinks to half the size or less and 1080p end up about the same size. - I don't know why?


  • user389:

    as i said, the pixelwar is in the original video.

    I tried play in windows, i tried play on my mobile, and i tried on the web via google photos.

    I didn't use memory card. I don't use any social madness, and it was a 2 days old phone.

    This bug always happens when 'too many different pixels' on the screen. So if you try to record a table with an apple, you possible wont see this bug. When I keep the phone stable, and wait, the pixels gone, and then if i moved the phone, the pixels came back. The photo function works fine without the problem, and when i recording, i didn't see any bug on the LCD.

    I understand now, google photos is a bugware, but its a software bug, so its not a problem, i can edit the video on my PC, but my main problem: the original video is very buggy on my device. An interesting thing: when i use the recorder first time, it has only some minor pixelwars, and when i record more, more pixels comes. At the end, i can't record a video without huge pixels. I did everything what the Nokia support asked (reset the camera app, clear cache, etc). I checked some 4k videos from YT, but i don't see this pixelwar problem.

    I already sent back this device (i was in the 14 days EU standards, and the support suggested the replace).

  • I got the new phone, but the bug still exists.

    If i record an asphalt, or leaves and move, the 4k videos are buggy.

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