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Maybe a problem with a certain model of the Nokia 8? I have model TA-1012, but don't use it daily because i bought the 8.1. But never had this issue.

Nokia 8 Randomly Restarts and Sound Problem


  • dray78 dray78
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    Maybe a problem with a certain model of the Nokia 8?

    I have model TA-1012, but don't use it daily because i bought the 8.1.

    But never had this issue.

  • user1528093518066 user1528093518066
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    I live in Malaysia and bought it online (shopee) with price of MYR35 (about 8$ i guess)...I did the replacement on my own...

    Bought it here

  • Sukesh Soman Sukesh Soman
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    I have suddenly started having this problem from last 1 month. It was sporadic initially till it reached a stage where i couldn't use my camera. At times the phone restarts when I open any app.

    Went through a lot of forums and noticed a few things

    1. Fast charging was not working

    2. Phone is getting heated up quickly

    3. The restart happens whenever the phone is heated and there is a message in battery setting saying that the battery is draining fast

    Went by gut feel and changed the battery. Been 48 hrs now and no issues so far. Can also see that the fast charge is back

    Would suggest that you try changing the battery. Costed me INR 1540 on Amazon and 200 to get it replaced at a local shop. Taking the screen off was tough and there is a slight damage to the screen now but nothing that stops me from using the phone or touch screen.

    Overall I believe this is a battery issue.

  • Best solution I did whith those battery issues is using power bank everytime

  • uzair ahmed uzair ahmed
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    Today at 2:30 pm my Nokia 8 restarted again......

    I am done with it and I will change to other smartphone.......😰😰😟😥😔😔

    They didn't solved these major issues.....

  • Replace the battery, disable adaptive battery and follow steps from the post in the link below....hope you guys find it helpful

  • ವೀರ ವೀರ
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    All Nokia 8 users who is facing issue of auto reboot and speaker issue why can't we solve the same issue legally.

  • user389 user389
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    Because batteries wear out..:

    The manufacturer's limited warranty on batteries varies by location and local consumer rights.

    Or you pay for a battery replacement yourself, if you believe the phone is worth it.

    -- Hans

  • tejas1010 tejas1010
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    I'm yet another user from India who can confirm all these problems in the last 1 month.

    1. Extremely slow charging

    2. Random freezes with a beep and reboot. Initially it was rare but now it gives up randomly, 5-10 times a day.

    3. Camera causes instant reboot.

    4. Very distracted audio of notifications. Alarm and message tones especially.

    5. Definitely reboots when trying antutu benchmark meaning any process intensive task is causing reboots. Whenever the processor needs high power, it reboots.

    6. Again, like other users mentioned. No issues when charger is plugged in.

  • Danishjadoun Danishjadoun
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    Hello Nokia friends

    Same issue camera error and sudden restart during game play

    I tried to several times factory reset and hard reset as well but no factor can solve this issue

    Is anyone any solution and Nokia bro as well. Keep me update plz

  • Hello.....from shanth

    I see many of us have the same problem with this nokia 8 please try calling up this number

  • Dazvi Dazvi

    Having the same problem with my Nokia 8. Shutting down and restart automatically even the battery was still in 45%. So disappointed, i was expecting BIG from Nokia, but they FAILED. Maybe they having problem with the battery... Hopefully nxt time Nokia you should fix this one.

  • Same problem for me too after update. Facing restart at least 10-15 times a day really annoying! Been facing this issue for so long. Any help to fix this issue?

  • Hello everyone i too habe the same problem with my nokia 8 restarts when i open camera and i came accross opening the camera app in play store and i was surprised

    Please you also contact the devoloper and we may get solution for this problem all of us have to send the mail.

  • user389 user389
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    @Santhakumar John ,

    The HMD camera app in Nokia 8 phones comes with the Android OS version, it is 'baked into' the firmware, and the app cannot be downloaded or updated through the Play Store. The error you see in Play Store is normal and as expected.

    The restart issue you and others are facing is either caused by a worn out battery, or possibly other hardware failure.

    There are several reports that a battery replacement resolved the restarting issue, so that is the best suggestion this forum can provide.

    If you want a second opinion please consult the official support via the options in the 'My Phone' app on the phone.

    The manufacturer's limited warranty vary by location and local consumer rights, or you pay for inspection and repair yourself.

    -- Hans

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  • everything will be alright. Just get the battery replaced.

  • ameen ullah ameen ullah
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    Where did you get the battery replaced?

    Is nokia 8 battery still available in store? they are asking me to wait for 20 days and have to submit the device inorder to order it

  • I'm facing same issue

  • ul Haque ul Haque
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    Restart problem even after pie update.

    Phone only works properly whole plugged in charger else its getting restated.


  • I changed my battery in December at an authorised service centre. The same issue (phone restarting, camera issue at first but now any app, many times even after entering the PIN, sound issues) has now rendered my phone unusable... Factory reset last night only made it worse

  • I promise to give up Nokia handsets for ever but exploit the end drop of my Nokia 8 (purchased January, 2018). This is why I have purchased a power bank experimentally and set that always together with when my handset is on and finally I am successful to stop the restart problem of my Nokia 8. You can follow me. Thanks.

  • This problem is started after last update hmd can fix it by another software update.

  • Does Any one know How to Flash A nokia 8 TA 1004

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