Nokia 8 Randomly Restarts and Sound Problem



  • I bought Nokia 8 in September 2019. After using it for 7months it randomly restarted 4-8 times in row like this morning it restart 9 times the battery is in 20%. It is mostly restarting when I open camera app, when I open the camera the colored is vibrating and the sound is zzzzzzzzz and suddenly restart the phone. Although this doesn't happen when I am charging the phone. It only happens when I am not charging the phone. There's also a sound issue where the sound freezes or is not audible when the volume is full when I play music in a 20% battery life the music sound like unclear. Again, it doesn't happen when I am charging the phone. I tried factory reset once but still the same. Any help will be appreciated. Let me know if this issue is common in Nokia 8 and what should I do next to fix my phone. Thank you.pls help me to solve this issue.

  • Nokia 8 randomly goes into sleep with snoring noise. Is Nokia going to do something about it?

  • Can we replace the battery if there is a screen break?

  • same problem i facing after April 2020 software update, if everyone facing same problem then i don't thibk

  • The same problem with my phone. can anyone qualified from the company answer our questions? I even think that this is a common problem of nokia 8. and the motherboard costs more than a new phone with same or stronger hardware. :(

  • Please growth your internal storage

    heating problem the mobile

    battery backup life extend

  • The best thing to do is take your phone to the authorized service center, and they will do the job.

    The down side here is the parts needed. My phone is in the service center 3 months today and no parts yet.

    The quotation of the technician is battery replacement.

    So my advice to my fellow Nokia 8 users, take your phone immediately to the Service Center before all the parts are gone.

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    I'm encountering same problem after I updated sound lags on full volume and it randomly reboots and I don't think it is a motherboard issue as some suggested earlier Nokia should do something about it at the earliest it is really annoying I tried factory reset but no benifit

  • oh here we go....i thought it's battery issue...but most of nokia 8 users reporting same issue may not be considered as battery issue but latest software.

    Let's wait for next update.... I can't even talk to anyone while playing or doing some stuffs on my phone...may future update solve these issues

  • It's so so disappointing for Nokia not to respond to the call of these number of users of Nokia 8 complaining of the same issues. I think they must quickly sort out the issues else!!!!!!

  • Almost a year since I've replaced my battery that I got from a 3rd party seller. So far the phone still work well...the battery still good, can achieve up to 5 hours screen time. The rapid charge still work well. So far I'm satisfied.

    The SD 835 still fast and reliable enough to run all apps. I barely remember the last time any app crash while I'm using this phone. Playing pubg and COD is good on this phone. Only start to heat up after an hour gaming

    The only problem that I got is my camera sometimes can't focus on the object, especially with a third party apps...maybe I damaged it since my phone have gone through a lot.

    Most importantly I try my best to only use the original cable for charging and not to leave my phone charging exceed 100%.

  • Bought from some local online seller in shoppee. I live in Malaysia btw

  • Hello Nokia

    Having the same issue on my Nokia 8,which I imported it from Netherlands.

    Keeps going off more especially when I use the camera or even WhatsApps ,it really annoys me most when I want to show off the beauty of the Cal Zeiss lense

    Quick charge is gone sometimes I feel like I wasted my money on this unique gadget.

    I just hope Nokia will come up with solutions to our problems.

    I have tried a the necessary resets but the problem is the same.

  • Its worth to check this article from XDA about Nokia 8 genuine battery replacement.

    I hope this information useful.


  • Hiii iam Using From Nokia 8 please Update Android 10 Update version...

  • There will be no more Software Update for Nokia 8. 😞

    That is the sad truth. 😞

  • This issue has no solution. Battery is not the problem at all, the I´m quite sure is an update with a bug made to invest money in a new mobile phone.

  • Did anyone get this restarting problem fixed ??? If yes please tell me what was the actual problem. Was it the battery problem or motherboard or update issue ?

  • I have the same problem. I from Argentina. I bought my phone 2 years ago.

    I want to do a Downgrade to Oreo.

    Someone did It? So...When the phone Is conected with the charger there Is not problem...

    I do not know what to think....

    Cmon Nokia. you disappoint me

  • Thanks for sharing info.

    Really Nice.

  • thanks for sharing information

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    Same problem following the October update. Definitely a firmware problem. There hasn't been an update for a while and now we get one that renders the camera useless -almost seems like they're purposefully trying to make the phone obsolete. The camera firmware on my phone is V100.0098.01 V020.0072.01. Initially the phone crashed when it was on battery saver (<20%) and I opened the camera. Now the phone always crashes when I open the camera, no matter the battery %. Extremely disappointing for a phone which was heavily marketed for it's camera capabilities.

  • Found the solution!!!

    I also had the same auto-restart problem. I turned off adaptive brightness and the problem is gone.

  • Dear my Nokia 8 have same issues. Are you sure this is battery issue? Kindly reply so i would puchase a new battery on your recommendation. Thanks

  • unscrew and remove the battery's fuse.bypass the fuse %100

  • I bought Nokia 8 in Feb 2021. After using it for one year, it randomly restarted 4-5 times in row. It will restart maybe once, or 5-10 times in a day.

    I did factory reset but still, the problem is occurring

    We trusted Nokia since 2004 (first phone was Nokia 6030) but many devices having major problems now.

    previously I used Nokia 6.1 - Heating problem & hang problem.

    Now using Nokia 8

    Can you please resolve Nokia 8 problems?