Fingerprint Reader on the Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia... Please... Please... Please with Finnish Sugar On Top... make the functionality of the in-display fingerprint reader better.... This phone is awesome besides that one problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  • Yes, how could have passed this to production?
  • I've tried 3 times, and I can't get mine to recognize my finger print at all, no matter how hard I push.
  • singhnsk
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    This is a really old issue for a device which has been in development since a long period.
    Juho did clarify on Twitter that some of it is the limitation of the in-display fingerprint technology and the remaining part which is in the software will be improved via a software update.

    Now it is yet to be seen how much of improvement they make and when. Also given the fact that he suggested face unlocking, do not expect a significant improvement thers. I'll still keep my fingers crossed :)
  • Not the end of the world for me!

    Im happy using the pin or pattern on my Nokia 9
  • It is false advertising. They print it right on the phone box that it comes in . They are using it in their marketing. They either need to do an immediate software fix, offer some kind of compensation to the people who bought it. if they cannot do that or if it is a hardware issue then they need to recall the phones and replace them with phones that work.
  • I have a hunch, and I may be wrong, that they knew the fingerprint sensor was broken when they released the phone. I mean surely they would.have tested it? The sensor was only.very briefly mentioned at the MWC presentation, like they wanted to say as little about it as possible
  • Yes, it could use a serious improvement. However, mine did work<b></b> ok even after<b></b> I applied my PanzerGlass screen protection, but only with the fingerprint I had registered before applying it. It will not register a new fingerprint with the protection on, but I got a hit on 1-2 attempts most of the time on the my first print, which I ofc deleted just before I tried registering a new one with the protector on 🤕 and for some reason when I try to jump around in this text to edit, I get sendt into add photos... So annoying 😣 however, the dot matrix on this protector is lighting up and shines all glitter like on bright background, so buyers beware...the fit is excellent though. 
  • I did another test, and managed to register a new print with the glass protector on, but so far it has not unlocked more than 1 time, so did not help anything. Best success was by the print registered before applying the protector. 
  • Yes, this is literally the only complaint I have so far… The fingerprint reader is terrible, no other way to put it. As it stands, it's not worth using.

    I tried registering my thumb 5 times and the phone would always require 1-10 HARD presses to unlock.
    I also registered my index finger, "verified" it and the phone thought I was using my thumb.

    This is hopefully something software related, would be ridiculous if this was hardware related.
  • I removed my screen protector as it had some issues with the dot matrix being illuminated by the screen, and find the fingerprint scanner to work pretty well now. If you hold the phone up to a light source, you can actually see the scanner in the screen. I think I found it to be 1cm wide X 0.7 mm high approx. So not as big as the fingerprint icon, and I would say it is positioned in the top half of this on screen icon. Could perhaps help in getting more accurate readings if you check where it is positioned I'll need relation to the on display fingerprint?  It definitely helped me a bit in finding the sweet spot.
  • will I get new phone when I break this one with my thumb? 
    still loving this phone ...
  • Strange, I don't know why. I rarely have any issues with the fingerprint reader on my Nokia 9 PureView. The only time I have issues is after working with water and my thumb isn't fully dry. I'm not sure if it's because when I set it up I was extremely crazy in how I positioned my thumb every time in an attempt to get every possible combination of angles and pressure or what. I have a friend who can almost never get the fingerprint reader to work on their Nokia 6.1
  • I've registered both of my thumbs and my index fingers OK. The fingerprint reader isn't great, but it isn't causing me too many problems to be honest. Any improvement would be most welcome, of course.
  • TimoF
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    I also registered the finger prints before i applied my glas screen protector.
    and i think this is the only way that you can get this to work with a protector on.

    With the applied protector i have to press more firmly but it works on the 3-4 try
    but tho be honest the sony z5 (previous phone) and the samsung a5 2016 have a better ration in fingerprint reading.
    Especially the z5 worked the best.
    BUT you can not really compare this, as they are integrated into a button.

    I furthermore think that this is the main problem
    we all compare the technology with the hardware fingerprint sensors build into the frames.

    With the fingerprint sensors inside the display there is not really a comparison

  • I got my Nokia 9 a week ago and the one thing that repeatedly gives me trouble if the fingerprint.  If a do verification a bunch of times it works better but then it seem like forgetting the finger print again... definitely needs improvement... I have 3 fingerprints non is working when needed.
  • Alejandro Villegas
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    I just bought a nokia pure wiew and the fingerprint sucks. I can open the phone with the fingerprint of my pal. THE FINCERPRINT SUCK
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    I have trying to record twice same finger. And it's really help. So bug fixing is needed.
  • I found it helps to make sure the fleshy part of your thumb or finger is over the scanner. I was using the tip of my thumb and it worked about 10% of the time. I deleted that print, scanned lower down my thumb and now it works most of the time. 
  • Have to agree, the fingerprint sensor is utterly unfit for purpose. I've tried pretty much everything mentioned here and it's still unpredictable and simply doesnt work. It's the main reason I will send my Nokia 9 back for a refund (combined with the crashing camera app, keyboard issues and multiple freezes/reboots). This phone could be great, but these issues kill it for me.
  • The fingerprint sensor is unreliable, unpredictable, and therefore frustrating. I can't believe they let this get to consumers this way. 
  • Very disappointed in the fingerprint reader. Face unlock help takes some of the pain; not as safe as fingerprint or pin. Hoping there is a fix soon for this!
  • is there a way to unlock with face - it still requires a swipe to get to the home screen. makes hands free difficult.
    And just sort out the fingerprint unlock too!
  • Indeed the fingerprint sensor only works on occasion, maybe one out 20 attempts. The face unlock is very unreliable too (my face andafingerprints seem to work on OnePlus and Samsung, without problem!)
  • neilk
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    There is an option with face unlock to have it go straight to the home screen.  I concur about the fingerprint reader.  I cannot even get it to setup on my thumb (right) but the other fingers setup but the readings are so unreliable it is just easier to use a PIN.
  • Got mine yesterday, also experiencing difficulties with fp-scanner time to time. Dry hands seem to have a great impact, for me scanner works best with slightly moist fingers. 
  • TimoF "With the fingerprint sensors inside the display there is not really a comparison"

    Yes there is - OnePlus 6T 100% hit rate, Huawei Mate 20 Pro approx 98%, Samsung Galaxy S10+ approx 98%. I have all of these so I'm speaking from experience.
    Nokia 9 0%. It is absolutely criminal to release a phone with an integral feature that is quite obviously broken. No way was this missed by quality control.

  • Tim9
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    It simply doesn't work for me.
  • enough said by others already, but I just wonder the wisdom in programming the phone to advise users to press harder. Also the guidance is unclear, I was first offering my fingers on the animated graphics above the sensor.