Ram improvement

We need 2gb & 3gb ram variant for Nokia 2.1

Ram improvement

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We need 2gb & 3gb ram variant for Nokia 2.1


  • I agree. For nokia 2/3gb ram is must with respective 16/32gb memory. This will break all records of budget phone at around ₹7,000. If you want to rebound as a leader in India. U must do this. Very few ppl will buy 2.1 with 1gb RAM especially for ₹7k. Either decrease the price or increase the quality with ram/internal memory
  • I was not waiting to see 2.1 with 1GB RAM TOO MUCH DISAPPOINTED with NOKIA. You really lost the pulse and people need in India. If you upgrade 2.1 to 2/3 Ram i Can still wait. PLEASE CONFIRM.
  • Buy a different Nokia phone or go with another brand. It's really that simple
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    I used to think the Nokia 2.1 needs more than 1GB of RAM. But after the recent maintenance update, I really feel like the Nokia 2.1 is good enough with 1GB of RAM.
  • Add on another SD, card with around 2 until 8 GB, then transfer some files to the memory card ( SD card).
    Close unwanted applications running, 
  • jeffy tush jeffy tush

    Please can someone direct me on how to increase ram in nokia 3.2

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