• I have not update and i have not WhatsApp :( What is problem?
    From Turkey 
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    Version is out for my 8110 4G in Germany.

    <div>What do I have to do to get update as well? I bought it from it. I already have version 13 which is the current firmware.</div><div>
    </div><div>Many thanks in advance for your support.</div></div></blockquote>
  • ¡Comorl?! Well, it doesn't update. I have the V12 and whenever I try it tells me that my software is up to date. In fact, in the KaiOS store I have been able to download the Whatsapp but when opening it it tells me to update the software first. Of course, what a fever I have with Nokia, HDM or whatever it is called. Do you know if something special needs to be done to update what is happening to me? Thank you!

    ¡¿Cómorl?! Pues a mí no se actualiza. Tengo la V12 y siempre que lo intento me dice que mi software está actualizado. De hecho, en la KaiOS store me he podido descargar el Whatsapp pero al abrirlo me dice que primero actualice el software. Desde luego, vaya calentura que tengo con Nokia, HDM o como se llame. ¿Sabes si hay que hacer algo especial para actualizar que a mí se me esté pasando? ¡Gracias!

    > @chivas0808 said:
    > Today 17 whatsapp come to Spain. We now have the V16 and the was  B)
  • For anyone who still has problems downloading v16 device software so they can use Whats app...

    I'm from the UK, I bought this phone and downloaded WhatsApp, but when opening it, I was told I needed to update phone software, and when I tried to do that in settings it said I was up to date! It was stuck on v12 and whats app doesn't work on that. This went on for days trying many times.

    Then someone on reddit said restart your phone and as soon as it boots up, go to settings and try and update device software. For some reason this worked! I dont know why, but it did, and I just bought a second yellow one for a friend and it worked on this too, even though when I first turned it on it didn't work

    I hope this helps, good luck