Volte and WiFi calling - caught between hmd and provider

Hi Folks, I'm pretty frustrated with the current Situation. I got pretty used to Volte and WiFi calling.

Volte and WiFi calling - caught between hmd and provider

Hi Folks,
I'm pretty frustrated with the current Situation.
I got pretty used to Volte and WiFi calling. My old Phone gave Up its ghosts and so I ended up with my Nokia 8.1 which I'm pretty pleased with.
If there just weren't the issue with lack of Volte and WiFi calling.

HMD states the Phone must be specifically supported by my Provider but my provider stated that Volte ist generally enabled and hmd needs to Implement it in the Firmware. 

So me as a customer ist caught in between 2 Parties with no way of knowing which Party is right and how to push things forward.  

My provider is o2 Germany btw and Volte and WiFi calling worked like a charm with the old Phone .

Any ideas?


  • fyah-t fyah-t
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    Same here, provider support in official list Nokia 7 plus and says it shall work with most devices.
    Nokia 8.1 shows the toggles to enable VoLTE & VoWifi
    Both works, but I experience problems (the person cannot hear me for few seconds and then back to normal)

    experience as well a lot of wifi unstability with this phone, the wifi internet connectivity algorithm is screwed somehow (wifi icon showing a X and phone going to 4G)

    very disapointed with poor software quality

    needless to say that Oneplus 3 was working like a charm (VoLTE, Wifi), Google pixel 2 as well...
  • My Nokia unfortubately doesn't even show toggle for advanced LTE Mode. :(
  • My Nokia 2.1 in the UK works wifi calling perfectly on EE and BT mobile network. But they is no mention on their website that wifi calling is enabled on the Nokia 2.1, only on the Nokia 3,5 or 8.
    I don't know if it works on other networks as I've not been able to try their sims out yet as I've not got one.
    Hope this information will help someone out.
  • Webfeet Webfeet
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    Why doesn't someone at Nokia just pick up a phone and call the provider and work it out.

  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    Android phones have supported VoLTE and VoWiFi for some time now but unlike with Apple handsets there seems to be no actual standard way of doing it which is why a handset bought from a network with their customisations will work but the same handset bought SIM free may or may not.

    Every phone i have tried on BT Mobile (MVNO on EE in the UK) has worked flawlessly despite the network saying no chance, it wont work. If the network has the settings in place then there is no problem no matter what they say.

    I have noticed that Oneplus have included specific optimisations in a recent update for the some Indian networks after people moaned but lets be honest not every manufacturer panders to its users like that.

  • jma jma
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    Same here in NZ. Just one operator has Nokia 7.1 as VoLTE supported phone. I have 8.1 and don't see VoLTE option when I use on the VoLTE enabled networks. All HMD has to do is enable carrier specific VoLTE/IMS configs in the carrier config system app. It's an incomplete job. All new phones have VoLTE ability. Most of the markets are on 4G and use VoLTE. By default this should be enabled, instead it is made to work only if the carrier specific configs are present in the system app. An open market device should have all this enabled by default, which will stop end user frustrations. When it comes to Apple and Samsung devices, they are always on the top of any carriers list. They get all the carrier features enabled. It's upto HMD to make thier devices efficient and work on all networks.

  • Webfeet Webfeet
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    I would be helpful to say how you got it resolved. I called AT&T a year ago and they were unsuccessful in helping me. I thought maybe some progress had been made so I tried again several days ago and they were again unsuccessful. All they say is that call forwarding should work and that the problem must be with the phone. By the way, I can switch the SIM to another model phone and call forwarding works.

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