System folder oversized (7GB+ ???) and lagging :/

Hi How on earth can I clear out the system folder? I think there is a lot of "stuck" stuff in there that is eating up my free space. 

System folder oversized (7GB+ ???) and lagging :/

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How on earth can I clear out the system folder? I think there is a lot of "stuck" stuff in there that is eating up my free space. 

Also some of my insights:

-apps lag badly sometimes

-fingerprint wake-up is slow :(

-the camera works....yes....slow! its like it is having a good thing if it should take the photo even in bright daylight. Might be a good option to remove the Nokia app and replace it with the "stock android camera app"? 

-that LOUD startup sound is annoying..... How can I turn it off? Are we back in the early Macbook times? un-mutable startup sound? try it next to someone sleeping after midnight!

-"SD card removed" errors: I have purchased EU maps for Scout navigation but after the initial screen it does not allow me to use the app stating the sd card was removed??? to make it worst I installed iGo navigation and the same issue. cant get past the starting screen like it can see where to download the map files :/  

Otherwise, this would be a great phone, has almost the same power as the Nexus 5X I had before BUT for some reason, it is just running after the hardware specs :(

Any official help would be amazing! Thanks :)


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    Unofficial help here!


    If you are referring to -

    Settings > Storage Settings > Internal Shared Storage > System

    This is the Android OS Files !!

    You get only 8GB as a usable storage in the inbuilt 16GB Storage Memory on the Nokia 5.

    You could try and reset your phone if you strongly believe there are 'stuck stuff'. But it won't likely remove the System folder.

    Nokia 5 being a budget phone, I'm happy with its performance. It is very good for normal usage and multitasking. 

  • Actually, the new oreo 8.0 is just 5,2GB.

    I understand it is a budget phone BUT let's be honest being budget phone does not mean it has to perform poor while it should be much better based on it's hardware.   Or the nokia startup sound is a premium feature to be able to turn it off? hope you understand what I mean :)

    SD card issue is Nokia only issue. there is something really wrong in the system as all these navigation apps work properly on other phones. even my play music library stated an issue not finding the downloaded files ! that is a serious issue.

  • Then shouldn't the package we receive the phone in say"9 gb storage" instead of 16 gb storage? I just moved a simple file which consisted of storage in mbs from my laptop to my phone and when i did so the system **** decided on its on that it will take 11 gb of storage. Now 93 percent of the storage is taken for no **** valid reason.

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