Lock Screen wake up automatically



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    The same issue is still there in my phone. I am using it without enabling the tap to wake up option. If you give your mobile in Nokia customer care they will ask you to change the display. So I thought not to change my display now and continue with the issue. You can either change the display (if it is in the warranty period) or use without enable the tap to wake up feature.
  • Thanks for the instant reply @Vishnupkb

    my mobile have warranty, but am not like to give service center, what is your opinion.
  • In my opinion , now phones are become cheaper and maximum 2 years I will be using the same phone . So am ready to use it like this , once the android updates getting stopped I will change the phone. It is my opinion , If you took the phone for long term , its better to change the display , why because gradually the issue is coming while using normally. some ghost touches comes while using normal application.(for example while using whatsapp, if you type 'y' its coming multiple letters) . so once i will off my screen and turn on again the issue goes off. So the decision is yours....
  • Same issue here on latest security patch (Oct '19) and Android 10. Switching off double tap to wake fixes the issue but at the cost of the feature. The lift to wake option doesn't seem to play any role in the problem.
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    Try Turning off "Lift to Check Phone" in Gesture Settings. This will stop the phone from unnecessarily waking up.

  • I got this problem after update. Screen keeps lighting up, but only when phone is charging. I tried other solutions mentioned here: disabling double tap, lift to check phone, notifications etc. but none of them helped. I noticed that Google app was always open on screen when I unlocked the phone, so I disabled Google app and that fixed the problem!
  • Facing the same issue from last month..

    I have just uninstall netflix... And this solved my problem...

  • For my part this issue appeared when I was charging my phone while locked. When it was just locked, the ambient display popped randomly for 0.5s

    What worked for me was to turn off "lift to check phone".

  • Turn off double tap to wake up

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    Not anything to do with swipe down on your fingerprint scanner to see notifications? I turned this of and had solved the problem for me...

    Edit- sorry just seen this is the 8.1 thread 🙈

  • Thank you everyone, I had the same issue and turning the tap to wake option worked and now I can use my device properly. Kudos to y'all.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I resolved my same problem successfully (My phone wake automatically even it's on lock/sleep mode)

    Solution :: It's OS software bug in recent update of nokia 8.1, Go to DISPLAY/ADVANCE

    Turn-Off Following things

    #1 Tap to wake --> OFF

    #2 Lock Screen display --> (Don't show notification at all)

    #3 Screen Saver --> OFF

  • Change nokia dont use this phone .... More complaints ... And no good customer service

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    I haven't an 8.1 but a 5.3 and have been experiencing the same difficulty.

    No "ambient" setting on it but I saw somewhere where it might be notifications-related.

    I've turned off the "sensitive notifications on lock screen" setting and so far, so good!

    Hope this has patched the problem and works for you... I feel your pain!

    Edit (just a few minutes, later): nope, the problem persists!


  • Please go to phone settings. Then there go to system. Then gestures. Then lift to check phone. Turn it off now.

  • You guys have been facing this problem since 2019 but I started facing this problem recent maybe a week ago. Did this problem get solved or you-all still facing this issue.

  • @VishnupkbI am using nokia 6. I don't have double tap to wake feature still the problem exists

  • Turn off tap screen on. Sure please try this

  • I have tried switching off all the display settings and gesture settings option. Its been more than 2 year now, all available options in the software I have tried. I have tried degrading the android version also, nothing work out. @T Babu I have tried the 'Lift to check phone' also. And still the issue exists and no resolution I have found. I was using the phone with the same issue and recently switched to OnePlus phone. Thanks for everyone's help and Support

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    Hi All, I have been facing this automatic lockscreen wake issue for a long time. I observed that the issue is caused after the upgrading to 11. I got it resolved after toggling "Tap to wake" to off. Instead use "Lift to check phone" to check lockscreen things. There seems a bug which is causing this issue. Hence, got no choice but to compromise Double tap to wake feature. Hope this issue gets fixed soon. I think, I helped a few of them here with my solution. Have a great day!

  • @udayk

    Forget it. Many people have received this bug. On my 8.1 it occurred sometime in June 2020. After updating to Android 11, it was gone for 1.5 weeks. After that it was back. It all looks like a software bug. After a certain amount of time, something fills up somewhere and the display turns on sporadically.

  • I came across similar issue, turning off "Lift to check" option solved mine

  • Thanks, Nitin. Disabling the "tap to wake" has helped resolve this issue for me.