Camera app and Bluetooth issues

I have two major issues with my Nokia 6.1. First, the camera app is basically unusable.

Camera app and Bluetooth issues

Superbikemike46 Superbikemike46
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I have two major issues with my Nokia 6.1. First, the camera app is basically unusable. It usually freezes upon opening or has a tremendous amount of shutter lag, meaning that I have missed many moments I would have liked a photo of. Any third party camera apps have also been crashing or freezing. 

Secondly, the bluetooth performance is completely unacceptable. The phone will not connect to both my smartwatch and my car audio. My LG G5 had no problem auto connecting to both at the same time. The 6.1 most of the time will not auto connect to either of them. If I get the car connected it will disconnect my watch and vice/versa. Most of the time I have to manually connect either of them to even get one connection. Again, these connections worked flawlessly on my G5 on Android 7. 

I have to say I am very disappointed with my purchase of this phone. I have never had such problems with basic functionality on any phones from other manufacturers in the past. I really hope Nokia will address these issues in the next update. 


  • I've got the same problems, its driving me insane. Hopefully JB HiFi will refund me, because if not, I'm going to the ACCC.

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    till now i didn't have any issues using Nokia6.1 4GB/64GB variant due to use of ccleaner and All In One Toolbox for Cache/RAM Cleaning and For Camera,Try Google Camera apk for good Portrait and Google Motion Features. googlecamera-pixel2mod-arnova8g2-v7-final.apk is very good as compared to old one.Its having portrait feature is very good(Keep HDR+Enhanced).Lens Blur not working but we got portrait mode very useful and google motion is fantastic.Try Everyone This Google Apk Very nice.I am fall in love.
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    Having same problem with the camera app
  • budgie14 budgie14
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    Having problems connecting to my new JVC kwr930bt car stereo.have bluetoothed connected in by audio.plays the track.well the title scrolls across the receivers screen.but no audio.tried usb cable no connection at works well on by audio.but not Nokia 6.1 with Oreo 8.1.any suggestions .anyone.thanks
  • Hi,after further testing ,have found my sony works well with jvc,and then tried my nokia with my wifes car,which has a new ish sony WX GT90 BT,car radio in it, nokia paired well and music played,title tracks and audio. I also went into bluetooth settings and clicked on the gear sign next to each paired device,and it gives you options of media,phone and contact sharing,so it pays to check the ones you want,ie phone to work when you pair with car audio etc
  • Also the google section in settings has a lot of settings like turning android auto on when pairing etc,surprizing how many refer to the car radio settings
  • Found the answer to my problem,go in to settings,system,build tap on that 7 times until developer option opens,it will then be in the list,go to bluetooth settings,and change the AVRCP to 1.5,or whatever the specs say on yr car radio,mine was set to 1.4 and car radio was 1.5,so changed it,and now everything works,whew
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