please add VOLTE to nokia 5


please add VOLTE to nokia 5


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Nokia 5 does support VoLTE. However, all carriers/operators won't be compatible with the device. For example, Jio VoLTE services will work, but maybe the Airtel won't.
    You can check with your operator for device compatibility.
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  • user1525374621008 user1525374621008
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    Im Very Tired of android, plagued with more and more bugs in every version, android fragmentation......why isnt the chipmaker (qualcomm) or the phone maker (nokia) certify VoLTE with operator, so, the phone have VoLTE but you cant use VoLTE....In my case with Vodafone Portugal, call drops around 15 min...and HD Voice in 3g dont work too, In Oreo this problem didnt exist (HD Voice), only the VoLTE dropping calls.
    It seem we, cant have a phone without bugs.....when its more or less ok, enter a new version and introduce more bugs than fixes....very tired....and im talking about all the Android world, we are testers all the time..... not only about Nokia but all other makers too.
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    I’m in the U.K. and EE support VoLTE and VoWiFi on the Nokia 5, but not o2.

    I live in hope they’ll follow suit at some point.... Mind, I do have Visual Voicemail now!
  • HMD really should add support for allall europ providers fast! I live in germany and HMD does not support any provider here for VoLTE.. It's a shame! And instead of releasing a new Firmware which integrates the profiles for all Thema providers they are blaming them.. at least here in germany no provider is blocking VoLTE..
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