Network Problem

After Upgrading to Android 9, everything was fine,but back one week, suddenly it started showing- Emergency Calls Only,No Sim card -

Network Problem

After Upgrading to Android 9, everything was fine,but back one week, suddenly it started showing- Emergency Calls Only,No Sim card -

I wondered what maybe wrong with my device, tried Factory reset, no solution, I Use Airtel and Vodafone(India), 

I reinserted sim caeds,changed its slots, only Vodafone network was available,but that's in 2G mode only, sometimes 3G,but useless as i was not able to even do anything from my 2nd sim too,any call or sms,no way,i failed to Do any of these things,call/sms, nothing,

 And  airtel,which is my primary sim, none of those 2G,3G,4G network mode was working, manually when i tried to register network,it failed to register, Put that both sim on another device,both was working properly,

But in my device,no network,even one is available,but i can't do anything,just the network showing up,when calling or texting,net network is gone,

This is what happened to my Nokia 6,

I know it is boarinng to write this long story, but it is the situation right nin for me, i am helpless,

No solution ,can anyone of you please ??


  • neonx89 neonx89
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    Well you do know that the 2nd sim will always run at 3g/2g right? But yeah i hear similar complaints of the 4g/Volte not functioning on the 1st sim after the update on some users. Definitely something to mention to Nokia Support. 
  • yes,i know,but i use Sim1 in 4G network mode, it's a long 18 day,i haven't got it solved,and i am really dissatisfied with this you know,

    i really need help,nokia is not solving my problem and they aren't even listening to me !! 
  • jordi77 jordi77
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    I have the sim card on the outside slot and SD card on the inside slot of the tray and I am getting a 4G signal no problem unless I am under ground and I have to use 2G but apart from that I had to try a new SIM card and that done the trick for me and that is probably what's the problem for you the SIM card just buy a cheap one a payg and see if that works for you
  • i have replaced Both My sim cards !! Still facing the same problem !! There is no problem with WiFi ,but with Sim card,it not working !! Even if network is visible, neither can i make any call nor sms !! And when someone is calling, it's out Of Network area what's being said by Network Operator, 

    Seriously this is what happening to my Nokia 6 Device from last 28 days !! Totally disappointed ! 
  • My 2nd sim slot is not working at all since I bought the Nokia 7plus 
  • I have heard that from others too !! And Man,you know what, My Nokia 6 Device is Out Of Network Service Since April !!! It's craziest thing i have ever seen !! For No reason i am not getting network, Neither i dropped my phone,nor anything else, it happened by its own !!
  • Hotsnow Hotsnow
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    Same thing here. Made update and my phone started with giving 'No Signals', then it stopped seeing 4G LTE, and now even when I search for network, NO SERVICE is all I get. It can not even search for network. Mobile network is gone.
  • Sagurit Sagurit
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    I have the same issue, since the update my Nokia 6 lost its signal and my phone seems to be useless since I cannot receive and send SMS. And I cannot use data service too.
  • NOK5 NOK5
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    Here also.No mibile network, nos calls, no SMS.
  • Amit_Mahaur Amit_Mahaur
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    I am facing the same issue after updating my 6.1 plus to Android 10

    I am facing No service after the update. I went to service center they reinstalled the software and I got the signals but after 3-4 days again I am facing this.

  • Hello sir my mobile network problem is no service problem

  • My mobile charging pcb problem nokia 6.1puls

  • Network issue in Nokia 7.1 plus..No network.

    Sim is working fine other Phones.

  • I m also facing the similar issue with my Nokia 6.1 plus from last 2 months.

    I have got my phone checked at the Nokia service centre but they say your phone is working perfectly fine.

    Please anyOne tell me what to do and where go !

  • Guys , please don't buy any nokia phone . I am facing this network problem since 1year 10 moths. Service centre guys changed the software same that also didn't solve my problem . Then they said to change the mother board. Totally disappointed with nokia . Will never purchase any item of nokia. Worst worst phone

  • I have nokia 8.1 , after upgrading to Android 11, it shows no network connectivity. Somehow if shows network it only shows 3G network no 2G network . I have BSNL Sims it works fine on other mobile but in my mobile no signal bar. Nokia team kindly arrange to fix this bug at the earliest before I switch to some other brand .

    Nokia phones ahh Heaps of ruins

  • Any one have any idea how to fix it kindly sharehere plz

  • I'm facing the same issue with my Nokia 6 and Nokia 3. All of a sudden, the network went off and never appeared. It's over a year now and I can't use both phones anymore. I won't patronise Nokia phones after this Nokia 8 I'm using.

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