Nokia 9 Pureview unlocking bootloader

When will the Nokia 9 Pureview be able to be unlocked/Rooted? The HMD Bootloader apps just says: "Errpor Meeasges - Device not support."

Nokia 9 Pureview unlocking bootloader

When will the Nokia 9 Pureview be able to be unlocked/Rooted? The HMD Bootloader apps just says: "Errpor Meeasges - Device not support."


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    So far, HMD Global has only unlocked the bootloader of Nokia 8 (2017). In fact, even the support for 8 is broken since the Android 9 update. HMD has failed to update the app/server to make the unlock work on newbuild ID. HMD has not made any talks about unloking more phones ever since the Nokia 8 was unlocked, so I will not keep any hope from them. Honestly, the person(s) who were interested in unlocking and took some steps in that direction have already left HMD (for unknown reasons).
    As for the Nokia 9, HMD (or better FIH Mobile) has introduced new security in the new bootloaders (which makes the old unlocks which we have been using for all other Nokia Android phones impossible), primarily the fuse (which still doesn't allow flashing or booting even when bootloader is unlocked; I opened a question at StackExchange) and disabled certain commands. Adding to that, an unofficial (and paid) bootloader unlock for the Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 9 is technically possible, but it is currently experimental. I do have my 8.1 unlocked and rooted for now. The unlock drops the Widevine level to L3 and I/we are still evaluating what other issues we might have on an unlocked device.

  • Usha5788 Usha5788
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    My mobile plz unlock bootloader

  • Jinnu11 Jinnu11
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    Since HMD / Nokia said that they'd begin offering bootloader unlocks on a selection of their devices, very little has happened, and consequently, very little if any development or popularity on XDA or among other tinkerers or power users has followed.

    The 9 is potentially a very attractive device, and I've ordered one on the potential strength of the camera and general value proposition, even if I'd rather the screen weren't so small (6" 18:9 is tiny - given tall aspects' narrowness and poor usability).

    I'm hoping they'll do the right thing here, but if they don't, I can't see myself keeping it, and would struggle to recommend it or other Nokia devices to anyone.

  • user123 user123
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    HMD will not listen to us in this matter. its better we have to move for other brand . waiting for launch of Sony Xperia 10 ii

  • rakia cowboy rakia cowboy
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    its baffling. I just bought the Nokia 9. Getting error when trying to unlock the bootloader using fastboot. This is difficult to believe. A flagship phone with the Nokia brand, and on purpose HMD is preventing me to writing about this phone (writing a book on Android). There is not way I can proceed without getting that bootloader unlocked.

    What a joke! If there is really no way, I will never buy Nokia again, and most certainly not recommend it.

    Shame on Nokia for allowing this to go on.

  • rakia cowboy rakia cowboy
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    Last message is from March! I think this clearly shows that Nokia simply do not care.

    I can sell the phone, and use a different brand. But it makes me angry to have wasted time and money on this joke of a phone.

    well.. at least they are not deleting the postings here.

    Putting the phone up for sale.

    Nokia, if you care about your customers, please let us unlock that bootloader.

    It does not seem possible to sign in here:

    How will Q unlock 007s phone now?

  • rakia cowboy rakia cowboy
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    This reminds me of the Nokia beta tester program.

    Dear Nokia. Hire me, so we can clean up this mess.

  • Beautiful mobile device, very good work. Please allow bootloader to be unlocked.

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