My phone has suddenly crashed and showing it's in Qualcomm crash dump mode when trying turn on

If anyone has a solution please post it here



  • Kartik Gada
    Kartik Gada Super User
    @singhnsk maybe you can help? 
  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User
    Hi, if the device is in QDLoader 9008 mode, then we can probbaly flash the stock firmware using flash tool. In case of any other mode, then you most essentially need disassembly. So, better is to visit a Nokia support point. This will be solved as a mainboard replacement for 99% of the times.
  • madbilly
    madbilly Super User
    Hi @Gurunathgouda Patil how do you know it's in Qualcomm crash dump mode? Is this what it says on the screen or what another computer tells you when you connect via USB?
  • It's showing when I'm trying to switch it on
  • I have a similar problem. my 7.1 has gone into a download mode for the last three days. switching off and restarting has not changed it...please any help?
  • I had sent it to Nokia service center they put previous Android version in it, it worked for some time but when i inserted the sum and restarted it it again went into crash dump mode
  • madbilly
    madbilly Super User
    I think you should both take them back to the service centre for further tests. They may need a mainboard replacement.
  • Do we have to pay extra or it's covered under warranty?
  • madbilly
    madbilly Super User
    @Gurunathgouda Patil that depends on what caused this problem.
  • avatecc
    edited April 2019
    It's probably a software fault, I recommend you take it to Nokia's service centre or read through DIY tutorials online and flash it. you can download the phone software