Feedback for the next update?

 Hi, Today i recieved my Nokia 8110 4G, but i have noticed a couple things that are not improved compare to the 3310 (2017 model). Bugs:

Feedback for the next update?

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Today i recieved my Nokia 8110 4G, but i have noticed a couple things that are not improved compare to the 3310 (2017 model).


- First of all at the startup (new out of the box). When i trying to select language the menu is highlighting two language.

- Google maps icon just disapeard (i was testing the maps and suddenly)

User interface:

- The scroll button is not shortcuts for sms, contact, led light, etc. It would be great if the scroll button can be customize.

- T9 dictionary could be better. In Dutch when i press 4 and 7 ill get something else but "is" is is a comment word in the Dutch. But the word "is" is no showing on the suggestion list.

- Grouping the apps together. like games for instance. I have 3 games that can be group in one category Games.


-Scrolling pages is very slow. Like in the 3310 you can scroll with numberpad 2 and 8 (it act like page down and up) very handy for the fast users.

Also sharing a link with friends true text message. (sms) would be a great feature.

These are my finding and opinion, after using one day with it. I will be reporting back after now and then. The longer i use the more feedback ill be posting.

I hope Nokia developer will take my feedback in consideration for the next update. I do appreciate the work you all have done.

Also i available for beta testing if you re looking for one. :D I have use and experience alot of phones and Nokia.

Best regards,



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    26-06-2018 Day 2 with the Nokia 8110 4g

    I have noticed the bluetooth is not working properly. I tried to connect with samsung galaxy s6 and Hauwei p8 lite but no succes. It shows the devices is paired but cant send any files to each other. 

    T9 dicationairy cant add my own words to it like in the 3310.

    There is no file manager to brows the file on my device. 

    Google maps icon suddenly missing. I have done a factory reset and it was back for a while.  And it went missing again. 

    Also the Bluetooth menu got stuck on pairing menu. What i did, like i mention before i treid to pair with samsung s6, but i cant send a file so i went to the settings bluetooth and paired devices  and i removed samsung s6 to try to repair the device. and is got stuck at the pair screen. back button is not working. nothing. So i need to reset the 8810. (shutdown).

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    I was just wondering whether a hard reset could clear whatever hiccup there is. You really start using the phone from scratch but may resolve the issues you've brought up. From what I've learnt, one should immediately update the OS upon purchase but if the problem still exist, chances then it's a hardware issue.

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    Updating the phone out of the box that is what i did. but still the bugs keeps coming back. The Bluetooth is working fomr time to time. From 4 transfer files 2 succesfull and the other stucks at 88% for some reason.

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     Day 4 with the Nokia 8110 4g


    Profile - setting profile for work and home or meeting customable profile by user

    Keyboard - Also the keyboard by long press it will change to a number. So we can type letters and number at a faster pace.

    Screenshot - Making screenshot would be a great extra feature.

    Also some apps is getting stuck on the back button. In my situation i cant back out of the webbrowser for some reason.

    Finding contacts - i would be nice if you just press the letters from the person you want to call. like i want to call John for example, i press 5, 6, 6, ,6 then the sugestionlist popup with John on the contactlist on the home screen. (like the smartphone from today), instead of finding the contact person by his cell phone number

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     Also my headphone jack doenst work with all of the aux cable, the thicker ones doesn't detect.

  • abbas abbas
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    Thank you for you informing your usage of the Nokia 8110 4G. I haven't bought one as it hasn't been launch yet in Malaysia so am reading with great interest from people like you.

    On screenshots, are you saying it is not possible to make screenshots or  you haven't found the technique yet specific to this phone?

  • Keith Keith
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    Thank you Islate for all your comments. Please keep them coming. I am hoping to get this phone soon. It will replace my 3310 3G.
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    Webbrowser - sometime the webbrowser is not showing the mouse pointer. When i switch from scroll mode (press 2 keypad) and then back. Its not showing any mouse pointer, dispite the scroll mode is off (no arrows on the screen).

    I hope Nokia and KaiOS is fixing the bugs very soon.


    Also on the box it stated the maximum capacity for mirco sd card is 32, but on the website it says 64 GB.
    But a quick chat with the nokia support lead me to this; according to the Nokia support its capable to support 128 gb. 

  • Josef Eckel Josef Eckel
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     My feedback from my own Thread:

    I am missing the volume keys to adjust the volume during a call.

    the most important issue is the up/down/left/right keypad. It is much
    too small, and I can tell you that I have very small fingers compared to
    others. It might fit kids fingers, but not fully grown humans.

    the up key is more or less impossible to be used. One reason is that it
    is very small, but the second point is that the display has a round
    shape and it gives you no room for your finger to be placed at the up
    portion of the key.

    It's really sad that it was designed much to small with not enough space on the top key.

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     The Twitter app is now available from the store (in The Netherlands). But has Arabic letter type underneath the twittername ??

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     The google maps icon is back for some reason (normal like it should)

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     Also if there is no file manager and i am downloading some enclosure from my mail how can i access my downloaded enclosures? And where will it be downloaded to?? (wich map)

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     The customization for agenda app. I cant set monday as my firstday of the week and also the the date is stated as month/day/year/ instead of day/month/year when adding a appointment.

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     So yesterday i recieved my update a 20mb +-

    i have notice a big improvement in speed and smoothness.

    I see that the mouse pointer disappear has been solved for now i guess. But bowsing the internet sometimes i get a freeze. Happend one time hopefully it stay that one time.

    The contactlist popup has change, the list has been compress (smaller) but not beautifull design (in my opinion) but does the job. Also finding the contactpersoon by name is still not possible, it can only search by phone number. 

    Contactlist app also cant list all the contact person starting with A i need to press a second letter to let it show the contact i have been looking for. For exmaple i am looking for Dianna. i press D dianna doesnt showed up, despite the first letter D. so i need to press DI for showing up Dianna. I think that the device is just showing 3 contact at max (to keep the speed for searching contacts).

    Also the the notification has improved. No i can see that some files has been send successful or failed. instead of file has been.........(out of screen).

    Also earlier i mention that i cant find my Downloads map when you download enclosure from mails or etc. But you can find them in settings - Device - Downloads

    Bluetooth is working much better. I can send files and cant find devices faster. Also the bluetooth bug for not going back to the main setting screen instead of stuck on the paired devices screen, has been solved i think. I didnt get that anymore (tried that once after the latest update).

    I think the OS has improved, but there is a long way ahead to make it perfect 8110 4G. Hopefully the next update will be user friendly. Especially the T9 suggestion could be much better, i mean at least let the user add more words to the dictionary like in the 3310 2g.

    But the bigger picture is that the OS has improved without sacrificing the speed.  So for that a big thanks to the developers from Nokia and KaiOS!! Keep up the good work.

    I am looking forward for the next update!

  • MrWolf MrWolf
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    My request is to be able to remove the game demos, for actual issues I have opened separate threats.

  • Islate Islate
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    After the update i notice that the GPS is not working properly. i cant get a gps lock. when i open the google maps and look for my location, it said locatie bepalen that is for dutch waiting for location i guess. But you get the idea.

    I have waited for 10 min for the gps, but no lock. i gonna  ask nokia support for this how to solve this problem.

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    like i said the gps didnt work anymore after the update 12v. but after a chat with the nokia support i need to do factory reset and after 5 min i get a gps postion fix. not the best solution for the fix, but it work. 

    Dont forget before the reset to backup your photo, contacts (export to your mirco sd) and for email you need to setup agian.


    and your apps need to reinstall. 

  • abbas abbas
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    I would recommend you copy and paste your latest finding to Nokia's Chat with us. I find them very receptive and take note of users' feedback to further improve the phone which is what I do.

  • fabianf fabianf

    I definitely agree with the T9 proposal. Since I will be using the phone for both Dutch and Norwegian I can confirm that the Dutch T9 is quite hopeless. The norwegian isn't that bad, but both were better on my 3310 2G.

    It is quite handy that you can quickly select a symbol using the * button and a number. But there are no emoticons....

    What I also would like to see is the same kind of controls for the music player as the 3310, where you can use the phone as normal and have the controls on the home screen.

    It would also be hugely efficient if we could choose our own shortcuts for the shortcut menu, I would love to place 4G internet sharing more available.

    As others have mentioned, we need the original shortcuts to the address book and calendar on the 4way key.

    Thats it for now, I hope we don't have to wait too long for an update, even though it will be quite some programming.

  • Does anyone from Nokia reads this? Put some shortcuts un the navigation pad. Put a little effort to improve this crapy OS. It is SLOOOOW. I have 500 contacts and I cant search with letters from dial pad. Make it a little smart. U can do better than this. Please don't kill yourself again. 

  • My 2 cents.

    I moved from a Nokia 301 Dual SIM, so I'll note some issues and differences.

    1. Home screen. 8110 home screen is kinda static and can't be customized in any way. 301, on the other hand, have a fully-customizable home screen with lot of useful features. Why show big clock, there is a clock in the corner. I have eyes! 301 have some kind of a screensaver, first you press a button you see a screensaver (big clock in my case), second you see a homescreen. 301 have some kind of a quick-launch ribbon, I've put my frequent apps in there (calendar in my case). Next, 301 had unread messages counter and missed calls. In 8110 it is in the notices. Finally, 301 have a timer displayed, very nice thing.

    2. Settings. Why there is a 3-second delay when I open the Settings? Okay... Now, abut the ergonomics. The ">" sign means (in my opinion and it was so on 301) that if you press "Right" you will go in this menu deeper. Not on 8110! You'll go to a different section of upper menu (Like, from "Network & Connectivity to a Personalization"). Why even have a ">" sign if there is only 2 options (like, "Airplane mode" or "Wi-Fi")?

    3. Calculator. Where is a good, scientific calculator? I'm kinda good with math, I can do some basic stuff in my head, no need for such handicapped calc. It doesn't even have a brackets!

    4. Clock and stuff. When I set an alarm or timer why do I have to "scroll" the numbers up and down? It is fine thing for touchscreens. But 8110 have a numeric keypad! I can enter the number directly! More thing about timer. On 301 I could type 000230 from a home screen and from options I could set a timer for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. On 8110 it is impossible.

    5. Contacts. I had a real issue moving my contacts from 301 to a 8110. Why can't I send them all via BT? It is possible to send a single contact, but not all and not a marked group. Second thing. There is some issue with sorting and display. If you enter the contact details manually, it will be always shown as "First Name" "Last name", no matter the sorting (which already is a bad thing). And If the contact was imported, It will be shown either "First Name" "Last name" or "Last name" "First Name" and will swap "First Name" and "Last name" sometimes, if you choose a different sorting (and I have no idea why).

    6. Missed calls in Notices. Why can't I press the "dial" button and dial a number directly from notices? Why have I first go to a "Call log" and from where I can finally dial it?

    7. Start-up tone. It can't be switched off or cancelled with a press of a button.

  • Bluetooth is NOT working properly. When i connect my nokia 8110 4g to mu brand new skoda octavia my phone "hangs". I can not use it any more or dail any number.

    For testing i also connected my nokia 8 sirocco , nokia 7 plus , nodia 6 without any problems.

    I allready factory default my phone not no changes.

    can you make it happen that also my contacts & agenda from my exchange server could be imported. Now its not possible

    Thanks M

  • Nothing like the good old Series40, e.g. the 301.
  • juhokusti juhokusti
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    - More functions to center key (etc. down -> contacts, left -> messages, right -> calendar, up -> camera)
    - Closing slider should take you to "home screen" quitting active app (choosable funtion)
    - Deleting apps, like preinstalled games
    - Ability to change camera angle to sideview
    - Ability to customize menu with folders
    - T9 text input
    - Ability to get phone totally silenced, it can be done now, but somehow the vibration alarm kicks in when using #-button
    - Improve web browser (Opera mini)
  • Ich glaube das beste ist sich ein vernünftiges Handy zu kaufen, es passiert ja doch keine Verbesserung!
  • Foggy Foggy
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    1...Add Custom tones for messages, email, alarm and calendar etc.

    2...Predictive text that works, i.e Capitals & user dictionary

    3.. "Zoom" on email (like on browser) as cannot see some email details

    4..Copy / paste

  • XavierD XavierD
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    I'm a french user of the 8110. Il like it, but it need some improvements.

    I hope people from Nokia will read all these threads, this phone can be much better with all your ideas.

    Things that are important to me :

    • option to switch off the start up tone, it's really annoying
    • possibility to manage the shortcuts, add wifi hotspot activation at last
    • Dual SIM : only active SIM appears on homescreen instead of unuseful "no SIM card inside" (aucune carte SIM in french)

    Thank you 😉

  • Allessilo Allessilo
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    Si le téléphone est en mode vibreur, il n’y aura pas de son au démarrage 😉. Tu peux aussi régler les sons du système dans les paramètres.

  • Mueller68 Mueller68
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    Ich liebe es auch, aber die Tastatur ist super klein deshalb gebe ich es jetzt doch weg!

  • Allessilo Allessilo
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    Deswegen WhatsApp Web wäre nicht schlecht 😉, denn kann man direkt vom Computer für lange Nachrichten schreiben...

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