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Testé plusieurs fois (mon tél est presque tout le temps en mode vibreur) :

Feedback for the next update?


  • XavierD XavierD
    ✭✭  /  edited January 2020

    Testé plusieurs fois (mon tél est presque tout le temps en mode vibreur) : le son se réactive à chaque redémarrage, et le telephone n'est plus en mode silencieux 🤔.

    Et pas d'option pour couper le son de démarrage dans les paramètres...

  • Allessilo Allessilo
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    je viens d’essayer. Pas de son au démarrage. J’ai activé le mode vibreur avec la touche # (appui long) puis éteint le téléphone. Pas de son au démarrage...

  • English please :(

  • Allessilo Allessilo
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    He asked how to turn off the “Nokia” sound when the phone starts. On vibrate mode (by long pressing #), there’s no sound then.

  • XavierD XavierD
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    I do the same since I have the phone, but it doesn't work :(

    Thanks Allessilo

  • simplesimon simplesimon
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    Ability to delete apps, e.g preinstalled games

    T9 text input

    Dictionary to save words (even after reboot)

    Faster web browsing - at the moment it's unusable, it's that slow

    There are probably more, but these changes are needed FAST for the 8110. At the moment, it's barely usable without proper T9 style messaging. There are no full stops, word prediction is awful and doesn't have many words. Please patch it Nokia.

  • DDay DDay

    1. Podcasts! Even a rudimentary app would be a start. Is it technically possible on this phone?

    2. Bookmarks. the ability to bookmark the last played spot on a song or other audio if you close the audio app or then off the phone.

    3. Rewind/fastforward. Include this as well as skipping ahead to different spots.

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