Nokia Referral Program

Nokia/HMD Global should definitely start a referral marketing program. 

Nokia Referral Program

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Nokia/HMD Global should definitely start a referral marketing program. 

Many huge successful companies such as Tesla, Evernote OnePlus and many more use this and it is great as it works both ways.

I have recommended (and thus in a way "sold") over 10 Nokia phones to friends and family and I would love they would get something for that and that I would get a little back for that.

It would work so that I have a Nokia phone. I register the IMEI code to my Nokia account/Nokia Referral Account. Then I can send a link to my friends who have bought a Nokia phone and they do the same and by that they tell that I was their recommendator. They would get something maybe a free panzer glass, maybe a little off from Nokia headphones etc. Something small but worth it. And I as the recommendator would get something too and it would gradually grow for more and more recommendations. Lets say for 1 recommendation I would get a free panzer glass or cover for my phone, for 5 recommended phones I would get -15% from the next phone I personally buy and for 10 recommended phones I would get free Nokia headphones etc.

I think this would be a great way to market Nokia phones and grow the amount of buyers.

Also the potential of partners should be used too. A little bit off of your phone bill, some extra data or something like that could be possible. Not all has to be Nokia related!

What would you ladies and gentlemen think and like about this :)? Comments? More ideas? Something?


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